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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Valencis
Owner: kittyko92
Breed: Draik

About Valencis:
As a young Draik, Valencis had an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Spending hours in his room, knee-deep in tomes he had had bought from the local Brightvale Books--he always spent more than he'd like to admit--he knew all the big name adventurers, and of every crack and crevice in the world, without ever actually seeing them for himself.

This was not merely in his waking hours, mind you--in his sleep, his dreams were of the world outside of Brightvale. Sure, Brightvale was luscious and green and... well, bright, but to him, it was only such a small fraction of Neopia.

He wanted to see the arid sands of the Lost Desert.
The howling wind and snow of Terror Mountain.
The palm trees and beaches and natives of Mystery Island..
The mountainous Shenkuu..
Most of all, he wanted to see Faerieland. He was a faerie himself, after all--though he had never once been there. He had always admired it in books, and to him, it was like an unreachable paradise in the clouds.

For the meantime, it would remain that way.
For the meantime, the only thing he would reach for were the books on his shelves.

You see, Valencis was frail and sickly when he had hatched from his egg. Fearing he would not make the long journey from Meridell to Faerieland's Healing Springs, he was rushed over to Illusen and Kayla for treatment until he was well enough to be taken to Brightvale, for their more refined potionery. It was there he stayed as his fragile body seldom improved over the years.

Before he knew it, Valencis was nearing adulthood, having spent nearly all his life reading and wondering. It was only until the fall of Faerieland occurred that Valencis realized his life was wasting away. The world was changing without him, and he was tired of only reading of it in books and newspapers. He wanted to be there. He wanted to help. Now, Faerieland was closer than ever. If he could just reach the Healing Springs, maybe, just maybe, he could become strong enough to not only help, but to realize his dreams..

For once in his life, everything didn't quite feel so... unreachable.


Days passed. Valencis would frantically roam about town, asking anyone to take him by caravan or boat or what have you--anything, to the newly placed Faerieland.
Ask and ask as he did, he was refused over and over, from people too busy with their own lives or worried for his poor health--which was frustrating, seeing as that was the reason he wanted to go there in the first place. It was right there, for goodness sake!

He had packed light, with only a small pouch to sling around his shoulder. A small compass, an updated map of Neopia, and some small bottles of ointment and Tangella Tonic, just in case. Despite it being much closer than before, and on land for that matter, the distance was still a bit too far for him to fly himself.

Though he was just about ready to! He huffed off from the bustling streets of Brightvale and began walking towards the direction he needed to go in. Perhaps it was the over-excitement that rushed him and caused him to think poorly. Dangers of travel? His health? All he had to do was reach Faerieland and it would be over. He would be free! He could travel all he wanted! Have his own adventures, and as much as he enjoyed his own books, he would no longer feel trapped in them. The mere thought was euphoric. It even made him feel better, physically.

There was no way anything could go wrong--

As he was about to take flight, a strange feeling overcame him. It had been a few minutes since the murmurs and chatter of the Brightvale streets had faded into the distance, but that's not what bothered him. He had found himself in a large open field, with dark, daunting trees in the distance, but that's not what bothered him, either.

It was not his health, he knew that for sure. There was an unnatural feeling in the air. A mixture of anxiety and foreboding and otherworldly-ness. His eyes darted around and--

Soon met with the eyes of a shadowy Gelert, in the distance, in front of the trees. It stood on four legs, merely staring at Valencis, unmoving.

The more Valencis focused on this Gelert, the greater the feeling became. His heart pounded in his chest. He could feel goosebumps on his skin. The world around him almost seemed to melt as the Gelert's brightly glowing, blank purple eyes seemed to grow larger and larger, swirling. It was as if another world lay behind those eyes... One of ruin and destruction.

Panic overcame him. This was not a shadow Gelert at all; no, it was something far more sinister. He found himself frozen in fear, legs refusing to budge, as if they were stuck in a pit of tar.

To his surprise, the Gelert did not attack, nor approach at all. It merely faded away, staring all the while, as if it had found something it were looking for and would be back.

The fear in Valencis lingered, unwavering, like tar in his very soul. It had finally dawned upon him then, that going out into the world is not always fun and games. It is not always exciting discovery, not always making new friends--and not everything is within the realm of sanity. Sometimes, it was sheer horror.

How could he have been so blind? All these years of reading, yet he had always subconsciously avoided those certain books-

Those of the Haunted Woods. Dark Faeries. Neovia. There was an entire Gallery of Evil that he had never read through, even though he knew it was always there.
His dreams, both during night and day, never once portrayed something dark and sinister. He had happily and naively left them out of his fantasies, like a child.

He had barely stepped out of Brightvale. He had heard of these "Wraiths", but never imagined that the first thing that he would see, stepping out his safety zone, would be such a horrific creature.

Another dark realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

It did not matter whether Valencis was sickly or not.
If he could not reach Faerieland,
if, for some reason, the Healing Springs just didn't work on him,

He may not find adventure.
"Adventure" may just find HIM instead...

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