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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Alexandrx
Owner: embyrs
Breed: Ruki

About Alexandrx:
Alexandrx was born curious.

He also was born rather impatient.

It took him all of ten minutes to start writing down a list of "demands" which included three books and something nice to wear. Within five he was sitting happily on a stack of books, adjusting a blue and yellow polka dotted bow tie. Within thirty minutes, he was given a starry paint job. His unpainted siblings fumed.

It wasn't his fault that he had soon become the favorite- the adorable baby of the family. But as soon as someone called him that, he would sarcastically sneer back. His brother was his main tormentor, and seemed to have a knack for saying hurtful things. But Rukis have a tough shell, and Oz's words fell on deaf ears.

Barely a day old and Alex was stumbling down to the Bookshop, eyes eager and clutching a thin paper to his chest.

He burst through the door unceremoniously, in a clash of four clumsy legs. "I-I'd like to apply for a job!" he declared to the nearest neopet- a rather startled Kougra.

"Uh, I don't own the shop... Maybe you should talk to this guy?" the Kougra said, waving a paw over to the Nimmo who stood behind the desk, absorbed in a red book.

"Oh, sorry," Alex said with a breathy, embarrassed laugh. He straightened his posture like his owner had reminded him to, and walked up to the desk.

"Um, hello," he said, clearing his throat. The Nimmo looked at him with kind eyes.


"I'm, er, here to apply for a job. I saw you had an opening-"

"-We do indeed. What skills do you have?" the Nimmo asked, glancing at the sheet of paper Alex was clinging to desperately.

"H-Here-" He shoved the paper at the Nimmo. "It's... my... resume," he stammered, hoping that he got the pronunciation right. "I know I'm not that old, but I'd really like a job here! I've already read 15 books, and done a few jobs at the Employment Agency- and I promise I'll be the hardest worker you have!"

The Nimmo laughed lightly. "Okay, okay. You know what, how about you start tomorrow?"

Alex's face lit up. "Really?"



Alexandrx showed up to work the next day with a faded and slightly worn "Attack of the Slorgs" lunchbox his brother had chucked at him when he first woke up. He wasn't sure what was inside it exactly, but he hoped it was edible. It was likely the only thing he was going to be eating for the rest of the day.

He straightened out his bow tie, making sure all four shoelaces were tied. The last thing he wanted was to trip into a shelf and cause a domino effect.

He was nervous. But it was understandable. His first day on the job, after all. In one shoe he had a crumpled up note- a list of books his sister had asked him to get. He wasn't so sure he was going to be able to afford them all until he worked a bit more. But all the same- his sister was the nicest to him, so he'd oblige.

Jacyan had promised to feed Columbus, his petpet, while he was gone. So at least there was one less thing to worry about.

He entered the door slowly and carefully, thinking about every step before he took it. "Hello?" he called out.

The Nimmo's head peaked up from behind a bookshelf. "Ah yes! Alexandrx! You're here a little early!"

"Yeah, sorry... My sister said I should always arrive a little bit early. I hope I didn't intrude- I mean the door was open-"

"-It's no problem. Really," the Nimmo said, walking forward. He had a stack of books in his hands. "We open in thirty minutes. Plenty of time to get things straightened."

"Okay," Alex said thoughtfully. "What do you need me to do?"

The Nimmo shook his head, looking at Alexandrx with what he could only assume was a pitying glance. "Get the stock ready. And after that... restock." The grim tone in the Nimmo's words made Alex shiver.

"Restock...? What's so bad about restocking...?" he asked.

"You'll see soon enough."


It was almost time to open. The shelves were dust-free, the books neatly organized alphabetically. Alex looked at his work with pride. He had done something well, and it looked fabulous. His brother would eat his words soon enough.

He flipped the sign to 'open' with a smile.

Almost immediately, he heard a rumbling noise on the horizon.

"GET BACK!" the Nimmo shouted. Alex barely had enough time to get out of range of the door as it violently swung open, and dozens of neopets ran in, frantically swiping at the books on the shelf, all shouting over one another. They practically threw themselves at the check out desk, waving their books in the air, all asking 'how much?' at the top of their lungs.

Alex pressed himself up against the wall, watching as his neatly stacked books were snatched up, or as they were dropped on the floor carelessly. His eyes widened as all the neopets left just as quickly as they had arrived.

The Nimmo was sitting next to the cash register contentedly. He glanced up at Alexandrx and smiled. "I think you'll do nicely here."

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