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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Aramaoi
Owner: agedbeauty
Breed: Kiko

About Aramaoi:
"I've put a lot of thought into this, and I've made up my mind. I'm going to be a Kiko," Ara announced, thunking a small green potion onto her dresser. Clothes were scattered in a whirlwind around her, toys and books and other bits and bobs everywhere in her normally pristine room.

Ioqa raised his eyebrow, glancing at the bottle. It was rounded in a rather distinctive fashion; one of Kauvara's Kiko potions, then. "I thought you wanted to be a Yooyuball player," he responded with a small smile.

The small Kacheek nodded. "Exactly!" she said, beaming at the golden Draik. Clothing was slowly falling into order in her suitcase.

He blinked back at his sister slowly. Clearly, he'd missed something. "And... ?"

"Duck!" she replied.

"Duck?" he asked, confused, but a moment later a well-worn tunic hit him in the face.

Ara shrugged. "I told you to duck!"

He rolled his eyes, tossing the tunic in the laundry basket behind him. "But... a Kiko?" he asked, changing the subject back.

She nodded enthusiastically. "Brilliant, right?" The clutter was disappearing in her wake, a neat, well organized suitcase reappearing in its place.

He shook his head with a snort. He was closer to Aramaoi than any other pet in Neopia, but even he had trouble understanding her leaps in logic sometimes. Wading into the maelstrom of the artifacts of daily life that were being rearranged as the Kacheek packed, he placed a hand on her shoulder, effectively stopped her blur of movement.

"Ara?" he asked.

She glanced at his hands resting on her shoulder, the golden scales shining in the lamplight, and stilled with a tiny moue of distaste. "Yes?" she replied, her voice mostly civil with just the barest hint of annoyance peeking through her façade.

"Kiko?" he asked again, squeezing her shoulder gently for emphasis.

"To play yooyuball," she answered, and on seeing his blank look. "For Kiko Lake, obviously. They're the team to play for – they're on the up and up."

Tilting his head, he processed her words as she shook his hand off her shoulder. She had grabbed the tiny bottle and was grinning at it in excitement. Her room was now neat and tidy again, the suitcase full but cleanly packed.

"You're going to morph yourself into a Kiko... because you want to play Yooyuball... for Kiko Lake?"

Her smile was wide as she uncorked the bottle. "Yep!"

"You know they have a Peophin on the team right now, right? You don't have to be a Kiko to play?" he asked, but he had a feeling he already knew her answer.

"One out of five," she replied, frowning. "Bad odds! Better as a Kiko." Ara nodded, more to herself than to him, and then, before he could say another word, she downed the potion.

There was a flash of light so bright Ioqa had to close his eyes; when the searing brightness ended, he cracked an eye open to peer in front of him. The petite Biscuit Kacheek he had known for years was gone; in her place was a round, bouncing Green Kiko.

Bouncing tentatively at first and then more confidently, the Kiko grinned at him. "It worked!" she shouted.

He laughed, wincing slightly at the same time. "Well, Kauvara isn't exactly known for duds... " he murmured, smiling. The Kacheek he had known wasn't gone. Just changed.

Well, at least sort of gone – at that moment, she was bouncing enthusiastically towards the door at a speed he wouldn't have believed if he hadn't seen it. "Ara!" he cried.

She skidded to a halt, glancing back at him quizzically. "What, Io?" she asked, joy colouring her voice as she clutched her suitcase.

"You know the Altador Cup just ended, right?"

She snorted. "AC ten, Io. AC ten!"

No, she definitely wasn't changed in any meaningful way. She was just a Kiko now, and in some ways, it suited her better than being a Kacheek had.

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