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Please give me my wings back!

Pet Name: __Swift_Wing__
Owner: sylverstarre
Breed: Peophin

About __Swift_Wing__:

You see those clouds, up there to the east? That was once my home. If you choose not to believe me I don't care, but it's true. You can't imagine how beautiful it is. There is no floor, only clouds, endless caccoons of white, blue, and purple. When the sun rises, rays of yellow-white light come streaming through the mists, making everything around you sparkle like a million gems. These jewels you see on my mask are dull in comparison.

Those of my kind can soar through the sky faster and smoother than anything else, even the fabled Uni's. We had races to see who could beat each other to the next cloud. One day I challenged our Champion and King, Breeze, to a race, to see which of us was able to fly across all of Neopia faster. He accepted and the race began; we both headed toward the rising sun.

Halfway through the race, it was clear that I was going to win: he was starting to get tired while I was no more winded than when we began. Now we were nearing the sky above the Haunted Woods, a place most of my kind avoided if possible. The winds there are unnaturally strong, sometimes enough to drive you down into the skeletal trees below. I should have known Breeze would try something there. He wouldn't risk losing his throne because I beat him in a race.

As we entered the violent currents over the Woods, I started feeling weaker. Not just because flying in this area was difficult; no, Breeze had summoned a Dark Faerie to attack me. I had no time to think: all I could do was try to keep myself aloft, as far away from the trees below as possible. The faerie flew in circles around me, draining me of what little energy remained. It was inevitable: I felt the first of the sharp branches scrape my hoof as I fell, and the moment I hit the damp earth, I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was cold, hurt, and alone. All about me were rotting dead trees, the first trees I had ever seen. Their many branches blocked the light from the sky. Frightened, I instinctively tried to fly away, pawing at the earth frantically. But nothing happened. If you've ever had your feet fall asleep and go numb, you know what I mean. It was the most horrifying feeling of my entire life, to realize I no longer had wings! To never again be able to soar through the clouds and race the others across the sky.

I crawled my way out of the woods. It took me the rest of the day and most of the night, since I had never needed to walk anywhere before. But I managed to reach a nearby river. Swimming was similar enough to flying and I felt somewhat less vulnerable underwater. I followed the river north, not knowing what else I could do. As I swam through the cold waters, I occasionaly saw people and creatures pass by the river bank overhead. A few of them made me glad to be where they couldn't see me.

But one of the creatures I saw through the wavy surface of the river made me pause. I had never seen anything like it before, a huge golden beast, covered with shining feathers and fur. After being stuck underwater for so long, it looked like the sun to me. He leaned down for a drink, and I tentatively poked my head over the surface and looked at him. With a loud sqwauk, he jumped back from the river in surprise and ruffled his feathers, staring back at me.

I told him my name and what had happened, and he promised to help me. His name was Gloden Klaw and he lived with and guarded a human called SylverStarre. You see, Sylver had saved him when he was just a hatchling, and he knew she would do her best to get my wings back. He told me to follow the river north until I reached the sea; there was a little forest by the shore there where she and her friends lived. I thanked him and did as he said.

I've spoken with Sylver, and I know she's trying to help. But she may never get my wings back. I realize it will be a very long time until I can fly again, if ever. For now all I can do is watch the clouds drift across the sky, and the stars sparkle in the moonlight, and hope that someday I can once again ride the winds with my fellows.

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