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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Mokunaia
Owner: jazzehness
Breed: Flotsam

About Mokunaia:
I might be used to the ocean, but I'm definitely not used to a sea of toys. I love playing all the time, and I love to get new toys, but one day I found it very hard to pick a toy to play with! I had plenty of balls, a few rubber duckies, some dolls and plushies, and so many other things laying around, and I just couldn't pick one. My little flippers couldn't rummage through my toys well enough, and I didn't want to risk popping anything with the horn on my head, so I just flailed around in my toys until I was about to go crazy.

"Moku, where are you?" I heard a small voice in the distance. I managed to poke my head out from my pile of toys long enough to see my little Faellie hovering around my toys. She nearly overlooked me, but she saw my head at the last second before I fell back into my toys. "There you are! What are you doing in there?"

"I can't decide what to play wiiith!" I whined pretty loudly, which wasn't like me at all. I was always so cheerful and happy, but today I just wasn't feeling that way. I could tell Lychee was shocked because I heard a tiny gasp coming from her.

Lychee dived into my toys and peeked at me from behind one of my Uni plushies. "We can always play a game together, right? We don't need toys!"

"Lychee, I just want to play with a toy today, alright?! If you aren't going to help me pick one, get out so I can get back to work!" Blinded by my own rage, I hardly noticed that my best friend had suddenly disappeared. I didn't even hear her anywhere around me, but I didn't care. I kept digging through my toys in hopes of finding one that would catch my interest.

However, no such luck came to me. I looked for almost an hour and found myself bored and unsatisfied. I dragged myself out of my pile of toys and collapsed instantly. I was so tired... so sleepy... I needed a nap...


"Ah... where am I?" My eyes fluttered open as I yawned dramatically and glanced around me. I spotted my giant pile of toys sitting behind me. "I must have fallen asleep! At least I feel refreshed now." I stretched my flippers out as far as they could go, yawned again, and decided to swim around for a while to get some exercise.

As I swam around Mystery Island, I noticed Lychee sitting under a palm tree. She looked pretty upset, so I decided to see what was wrong. "Hey Lychee! You okay?" She didn't reply to me. Instead, she took one look at me and crawled to the other side of the tree, where I couldn't see her at all from where I was. I pouted and wondered why she was ignoring me, and swam to the other side of the tree. Before she could disappear on me again, I shot out of the water and pinned her down. My little flippers started tickling her, just like I usually do when we play around. She started to laugh at first, but she quickly snapped out of it and yelled at me to back off. "What's wrong?!"

"You were so mean to me! Did you forget what you said to me earlier?" I had no idea what was going on. Lychee could see the confusion on my face because she sighed and rolled her eyes at me. "You told me to leave you alone when I asked you to play with me. You really hurt my feelings, Mokunaia." Whoa! Did I really do that? I guess I must have, because Lychee usually calls me Moku. Calling me by my full name must mean she's really upset with me. "So just leave me alone, alright? That's what you want anyways."

"That's not true at all, Lychee!" I crawled off of her and before she could get away from me, I crawled in front of her and stared her down. "I'm so sorry I said those mean things to you. I was just really frustrated because I wanted to play with something..."

"Yeah, but you had me to play with! Toys are boring anyways. You can buy plenty of them but you can't replace a lost friend." She was absolutely right. I had taken my best friend for granted and let some cheap toys come before her. In fact, I was much happier with just a few toys to choose from. Before I had so many, I was grateful for what I had and could still think of ideas of how to play with Lychee, but after a while I got so many that they became boring to me and I lost sight of what was really important to me. I felt my eyes swelling up and my cheeks turning red. "Moku... stop that. Don't cry here. It's embarrassing." Lychee batted my eyes with her tail and I tried to choke back my tears.

"Lychee... I'm so sorry! Can you forgive me?" I managed to whisper an apology without my voice cracking a lot, but by the time I snapped out of my guilt, Lychee was nowhere to be seen. I got sad again. Was she always going to be mad at me over this?

"TAG! YOU'RE IT!" I felt a hard smack on the back of my head, causing my floral crown to fall onto my face, and suddenly Lychee was flying in front of me with a mischievous smile on her face. "What are you waiting for? You gotta chase me! If you can catch me, maybe I'll consider forgiving you!" With a big grin, Lychee flew into the distance. I giggled and dove back into the water, eager to catch up to her on the other side of the island. I was crazy to think that toys could replace the fun of playing with my best friend! I'm even going to sell some of the toys I'm bored of when I'm not busy playing with Lychee!

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