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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Laurali_Bovid
Owner: neuroticat42
Breed: Kau

About Laurali_Bovid:
Laurali's life began simply for a Kau; her family lived and worked on a farm outside of Neopia Central. While she helped on the farm, she was a true bookworm. She spent most of her afternoons with her snout in a book, preferring the fictional distant lands ant tale of heroes. It became apparent to both Laurali and her parents that she was not cut out to be a simple farm Kau. One winter, when most of the farm work was done and the whole Bovid family had some time on their hooves, they took a trip to Faerieland. Laurali's parents had heard tales of the Library Faerie and thought that at the least, their daughter would enjoy the size of the library. Laurali was astounded when she wandered into the building. She could almost feel the weight of all the stories collected. Exerting all of her self control, she walked carefully through the library, combing the shelves; the only visible sign of her delight was her tail flicking in joy. Eventually the Library Faerie came over to talk with Laurali. After a chat and learning about Laurali's interests, she suggested Laurali apply to Advanced Neoschool and spend her life studying books. Laurali returned home and worked on her application. Following recommendations from her Neoschool teachers and a special letter from the Library Faerie, Advanced Neoschool awarded Laurali a full scholarship. Her parents were very proud and happily sent her off to pursue her dream of becoming a librarian.

Laurali studied hard at Advanced Neoschool and quickly rose to the top of her class. She was liked by her classmates and her professors and finally found a place where she felt she could fit in. Suddenly it wasn't just okay to enjoy the company of books, but it was expected. Laurali truly came to love being surrounded by those who also loved stories. One day, while she was away, a strange object landed on her parents' farm near the well. It was an odd, unearthly color unlike anything seen in Neopia Central. Most assumed it was a piece of space debris, perhaps even something discarded by Dr. Sloth himself. It was a mild curiosity to the farmers living nearby and Allison's family left it where it landed and started charging 5 NP a piece to see it. Slowly the farmers lost interest in the strange object. Eventually a team of scientists came to study it, but by that time the strange color had started seeping into the well and surrounding area. The spread of the colors was slow, but it was pervasive. When it bleached or saturated (we'll never quite understand the correct word for it) the plant life in the area withered and died. This caused the Bovid family some concern, but they felt their options were limited.

News of the strange object had reached Laurali while at school, but as the tone of the letters didn't sound urgent, Laurali continued her studies. When the semester ended, Laurali returned home to her family farm. She barely recognized her family farm with the odd color and withered crops. It hadn't ever been the wealthiest farm, but her family took good care of their plants and were friendly with the neighbors. Laurali was amazed to find the barren farm and dilapidated buildings. She knocked timidly on the front door of her beloved home and was greeted with a gnarled sounding "Come in!" Laurali stepped carefully through the door onto floor boards that felt as though they might give under her hooves. The house was dark; curtains blocking all sunlight. She stepped into the kitchen she remembered so fondly and found her mother. Her mother was not the sweet brown Kau of her memory, but a twisted and broken mutant. Laurali almost screamed, but she kept her composure and sat with her mother. She learned of the slowly spreading sickness that seemed to twist everything it touched. Her mother implored her to return to school as fast as possible and save herself from the twisted fate. With a mournful sigh, Laurali hugged her mother. She went to visit her friends, but they were distrustful of her because of what had happened at her family farm. With a heavy heart, Laurali returned to Advanced Neoschool and vowed to learn as much as possible about the strange object that fell from the sky.

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