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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: peebopahmoneo
Owner: jennythegreat
Breed: Yurble

About peebopahmoneo:
When you arrive on the beach, the first thing you see is an island Yurble pulling a net full of crabletts out of the ocean, a beautiful disco tanizard curled snugly around his furry neck. As you approach, the tanizard looks up in alarm and darts beneath the Yurble's mane. The Yurble, on the other hand, turns to you and grins.

"Heyyy dude, welcome to Mystery Island! It is a completely rockin' place to get away from the winter isn't it? Oh, and don't mind LilySlip; she's just a little shy." He sticks out a paw, which you shake. "I'm Peebo Pahmoneo, perhaps you've heard of me!" You shake your head, no. "Beach partier extraordinaire?" He grins. "The best crablett fisherman in Neopia?" You shake your head again.

"No?" He pauses. "Seriously, dude?" The Yurble looks crestfallen for just a moment, then grins again, scratching an ear.

"Well, that's alright I guess, man—oh! Watch my net there—Nice to meet you anyway!" You smile politely and begin to head over to the tiki tours. Peebo sees you going and calls after you.

"Hey—uh—dude? No need to take a tiki tour. I mean, if you want, I'll take you around the island myself! I know it like the back of my paw. And I can take you to some of the more out of the way spots that are only for us natives." This sounds pretty good to you, so you nod, shrugging. Peebo slings his net up over his shoulder and starts up the beach. He turns back after a minute, gesturing for you to follow.

"First, we gotta stop by the training school and pick up my little brother PahmoPahmoneo," he says as you catch up to him. "I'm telling you, for a baby, he is one tough little dude! He even trains with the famous warrior, LoopyBellagio, the pirate Lupe! You know, that baby actually fought Oblivion in that last plot?" He grins proudly.

"Anyway, I've got to pick him up, and I totally know he'd want to come with us." He hoists the net higher on his shoulder as you pass the little boats that take you to the Island Mystic's hut.

"Let's skip the Island Mystic if you don't mind," Peebo says, grimacing. "I know the tourists usually dig it, and I mean, he's cool and all, but the dude lost at Beach Volleyball to me last week and I think he's still a little angry." He shrugs and chuckles, then turns and claps his paws.

"Instead, why don't we head over to the Lost City of Geraptiku and sneak into the deserted tomb! Oh dude, it's such a blast, and sometimes you can even find treasure there! But I better drop these crabletts off at the trading post first." He sighs, then gets excited again.

"After Geraptiku, we could hop on over to the Rock Pool. It's so gorgeous over there, you won't believe it—the way the water shimmers between the huge stone statues. And if you're looking, they have a ton of Maraquan refugee petpets there that would really love new homes. That's where I got LilySlip, you know."

Hearing her name, the pretty disco tanizard pokes her head out of Peebo's mane again and eyes you warily. Finally assuming that you're okay, she slides swiftly out from her hiding place and winds herself around his arm, her bright colors flashing in the sun. "Beautiful, isn't she?" Peebo says, "And you'll never find a petpet more loyal!" He sighs and smiles up into the blue sky.

"I've always loved the island. I got left in the pound, you know, after a—uh—particularly rambunctious beach party, and jennythegreat adopted me." He laughs as you stroll beneath some palm trees and past the tiki tack shop where tourists are lined up to purchase straw tiki hats and palm fans. You're glad you're with Peebo instead.

"Anyway, jennythegreat doesn't mind that I'm a beach bum, 'cause she's kinda one herself. Our guild, the Midnight Garden, is the best place on Mystery Island, dude, seriously. We have huge bonfires there and Rukitani, the desert Ruki is our resident chef, so you'd better believe we get the most amazing food ever. If you come by I'm sure she'll make you an MMOUS—that's a Maraquan Mocha of Unusual Size."

You reach the entrance to Training School just as a little blue ball of fur races down the steps. The baby Yurble jumps into Peebo's arms with a squeal of joy and Peebo turns and grins at you.

"It's going to be an awesome day, isn't it?"

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