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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Heaven_Sent_713
Owner: shoyru_lover713
Breed: Bori

About Heaven_Sent_713:
'A trip to Sakhmet should not take this long,' you find yourself thinking as you struggle over another sand dune. 'And it isn't usually this hot...' Beginning to feel that you might be lost, you frown up at the sun. 'Why can't I find Sakhmet..?'

You are about to give up on ever finding the desert city when a yellow Bori appears, cresting the top of a nearby dune. It spots you and hurries over. "You're lost, aren't you? Trying to find your way to Sakhmet?" You reply with a nod. "I thought so. You're going the wrong way... But don't worry about it. Getting lost in the desert, while potentially dangerous, is a fairly common occurrence. It IS called the Lost Desert for a reason, you know," the Bori says with a laugh. "It's a good thing I was headed this direction, or who knows who or what would have found you! I'm Ven, by the way." She offers a sandy yellow paw for you to shake. "My full name is Heaven_Sent_713, but everyone calls me Ven. It's easier to say, after all." With a smile, Ven starts walking, looking over her shoulder at you. "You wanted to get to Sakhmet, right? I'm headed that way myself. Follow me."

As you scramble to catch up, Ven starts talking again. "I suppose you're wondering what a Bori is doing out here in the desert, huh? It seems to confuse a lot of people..." she sighs. "I am originally from Terror Mountain, like most Bori. I just never found the cold to be enjoyable. So when I was given the opportunity to leave, I leapt at the chance. As for how I ended up in the desert..?" She glances back at you, orange eyes sparkling. "I came here to dig."

You pause, perplexed. Ven laughs. "Oh come on now. You know that Bori love to dig! But in truth, I don't do much physical digging... I work on archeological digs, translating the hieroglyphics and wall carvings that we find. It's a bunch of fun, and it actually has saved the lives of my fellow dig members on several occasions. That's how I got my job, you know," she adds with a smile. "I was interning on a dig near Qasala and I corrected the dig director's translation of a warning. If I had not said anything the entire dig team would have set off an elaborate magical trap and would probably be stuck in that tomb to this day. Now I work for the Sakhmet Museum and help on any dig they are sponsoring. I was actually heading back from a dig when I ran into you."

"We're almost there," she adds, pointing. Your eyes follow the line of her paw and indeed, the walls of Sakhmet are now visible on the horizon. "I'm actually glad I ran into you," Ven says as she leads the way down another sand dune. "Heading back from a dig can be rather boring without any company."

When you reach the gates of Sakhmet, Ven pauses and offers her paw again. "It was nice to meet you," she says politely. "I have to get to my office and report our findings for today, but I enjoyed talking with you. Hopefully the next time we meet you won't be so lost." The smile she flashes you is a bit closer to a smirk, but before you can retort, the Bori is gone, darting off through the busy streets of Sakhmet. With a shake of your head and a sigh, you head into the desert city as well. 'A trip to Sakhmet should not take this long, but I do suppose it was interesting.'

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