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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Eyrian_7829
Owner: aurelianmalfoy
Breed: Eyrie

About Eyrian_7829:
It might sound funny coming from an Eyrie... but... Eyrian's only dream has ever been to soar through the skies. Born with weak wings that would never be able to fly, Eyrian has always looked longingly upwards, at the clouds far above, at the stars late at night, wishing, wishing that he could be among them, even for a moment. He'd always hear stories from his fellow Eyries about the chill of rushing wind in their fur as they somersaulted through the air, how it felt to look at the world from so high above, to heights where even Terror Mountain looked small. He wanted nothing more than to be like them.

Not that he wasn't happy. No, he wasn't satisfied with living on the ground, but he was happy enough. He had a caring owner who fed and cared him,toys to play with, his fellow pets to talk to, and a lovely little Hydruplit he'd named Draco (although, Draco was usually in a bit of a temper). Draco was a funny little thing. Eyrian always imagined dragons as flying creatures, but his little three-headed pet sported no wings, unable to fly, just like him. He wondered if it ever wanted to fly like he did. Maybe that's why it always seemed so frustrated. Did petpets think that sort of thing?

He didn't like to drown in self-pity and dreams though, so he set about plans. So what if he couldn't fly? He would make it happen, no matter what it took! The first step was buying books and reading whatever he got his paws on. He was especially interested in books about the theories of flight. How lift worked, how drag worked, and what he would need to one day fly into the skies like a true Eyrie. But even as he learned, he was faced with another crucial problem. Where would he get wings?

It took a lot of window shopping. His owner, while wanting Eyrian to fly, was also hesitant to spend so many Neopoints on a set of charred, rusty wings that looked like they'd never work. But Eyrian didn't see in those wings what his owner did. He didn't notice the scratches, he didn't see the rust and the holes left in the fabric from stray embers. He saw only his dream, and knew it would only be a matter of time before it became true.

A few weeks of convincing and earning some Neopoints while he wasn't reading, he finally obtained the wings he so desperately desired. He worked on repairing them day and night, locking himself away from the other pets, forgetting to feed his petpet one night (but no need to worry, the petpet was fed in spite of his forgetfulness), not stopping until the work was done. He burned his paws a few times trying to weld broken pieces together, accidentally dropped a hammer or two on his feet, but his determination never wavered. He'd already come so far- if he were to stop just because of a few mild injuries, he would never forgive himself.

Eventually, the day came that he finished repairing the wings. They had a rustic charm to them, shining brass and silver, like a beautiful old machine. He easily strapped them to his back, almost shaking in excitement as he put on his flying goggles, a gift that his fellow pets had bought him in celebration for this moment. They all smiled and laughed as he stretched out the wings for the first time, gleaming in the early morning sunlight. Even little Draco seemed to be wearing smiles on all three of his heads.

But best of all, Eyrian thinks, as he takes off, is the feeling of the wind in his fur, touching the cool, wet clouds as he performs clumsy somersaults, and feeling like he was on top of the world, looking down and seeing his owner and fellow pets only as little dots, like grains of sand. It was amazing.

He didn't want to leave the air, but he quickly got tired, and landed before he tumbled down. His owner met him with a refreshing Large Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie, one of his favorites, and immediately, everyone started asking about how the flight felt. Was it as amazing as he thought it was?

He looked wistfully back up at the sky, and then back at them, still smiling. "It was... everything I thought it would be. But that's not the most amazing thing." He paused before continuing, a huge smile breaking on his face. "I couldn't have done it without all of you." He hugged them all in turn, even if his Magma Bori friend Armoraldo kind of hurt to hug.

Flying was his dream, yes, but he realized something more important. No matter how great the flight had felt, he would give up flying long before he would give up his friends- no, his family. Whatever dreams they had, no matter how impossible, he would always support them, just as they had done for him. Wind in his fur and clouds in his feathers were great, but they would never match up. So every time he leaves for a morning flight, even if everyone's asleep, he always turns back and whispers, "Thank you."

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