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Pet Name: mbunnie101
Owner: journeys
Breed: Bori

About mbunnie101:
"ARG! That EVIL Edna! The things I do for avatars!" I mused in frustration as I wandered deeper and deeper into the Haunted Woods, searching for the final ingredient for the quest Edna gave me. "Why did she have to have a Bogie Berry for her silly spell? If it were any other berry I could have gone to Merry Acres and talked that Gelert into giving me one but NOOOOOOO, it HAD to be a Bogie Berry! No one's even SEEN one in months." The more I grumbled to myself, the less I paid attention to where I was going and the more lost I became until I looked up and all I saw around me were spooky trees. Edna's Tower was no longer in view and my surroundings were completely unfamiliar to me. I was totally lost!

It was at that time that I heard a low growl and a rustle of the bushes behind me. My heart began to race as I strained my ears and eyes to try and catch a clue as to what might be following me. Then I heard the growl again, but this time it was closer, clearer. It was a low rumbling sound that seemed to shake the very ground I stood upon, striking fear into my very core. Slowly I turn towards the source of the growl and saw two yellow eyes glowing in the darkness. Well, that was all I needed to convince my legs to run frantically in the opposite direction in a mad dash for escape!

It was strange, I had no idea where I was going or what kind of creature those frightening yellow eyes belong to, but I ran all the same. I probably would have continued running forever and ever if it were not for a precariously placed tail that tripped me and landed me right in the dirt. It took a few moments for me to snap out of my daze after my fall, but when I did, I realized that the tail belonged to a rather large, rather menacing Darigan Bori. Nursing his crushed tail in his sharp claws, he glared at me as he lumbered over to where I was sitting.

My brain's first impulse was to flee as fast and as far as I could but my legs were still in la la land from all that previous running and the fall. So I sat there, trembling at the thought of what thing vicious Neopet would do to me.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." The Bori let out a long groan as he approached me. I cowered below him, throwing up my arms to ward off the impending attack, but to my surprise, that attack never came. Instead the Bori sniffed the bag that held the other ingredients for Edna, then snatched the bag and bound away.

"HEY! Those are mine!" I shouted after him. The thought of losing a chance at that avatar was much scarier than anything in the Haunted Woods! So I got up and chased after that ingredient thief! I chased him to an enormous gate that enclosed an even more enormous house. I marveled at the detailed design and wondered why I had not seen this place before. Surely such a large abode could be seen from the main town. A high pitched creaking noise from the gate reminded me that I still had a thief to catch. And I pursued the Bori through the grounds of this melancholy manor until we reached what seemed to be a garden. It must have had every type of spooky fruit and vegetable imaginable there! There were Apple Lanterns growing on trees to the east and Carnivorous Pumpkins sprouting in the west. The Bori slowed just a few steps and gingerly placed my bag on the ground next to one of the plants.

"Mmmm?" He gave a questioning groan as he sat down right in the middle of the path. Cautiously I studied him. It seemed as if he were going to give back my ingredients, but what surprised me even more was what he was sitting beside. It was an entire army of Bogie Berry Bushes! And they had TONS of Bogie Berries! With these I could finish my quest for Edna and I just might have a shot at the avatar!!

Forgetting my caution, I ran up to the Bori and in my excitement a barrage of questions flowed from my mouth. "How did you know that I needed a Bogie Berry?!? Can I have one of them? Who are you? Where are we? Do you know how to get back to Edna's Tower?"

The Bori just looked at me and let out a long "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" before plucking a berry and placing it gently in my pouch of ingredients and handing the pouch to me.

"Mmmmmmmm..." He nudged me towards the gate and as it opened I could see the top of Edna's Tower in the distance. I turned around to thank the Bori.
"Thank you, thank you so much for helping me! But I don't even know your name...can I at least call you M?" I asked as I threw my arms around his thick neck in a hug.

"Mmmmmhmmmm." He groaned and nodded as he once again nudged me towards the gate. As I stepped through I heard the bell toll. I only had a few more minutes to complete my quest! I began to sprint toward the tower. As I bolted down the path, I half turned back to shout another thank you but when I turned around the gate, the mansion, and the Bori were gone...

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