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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ardenial
Owner: johannabelle2009
Breed: Draik

About Ardenial:
Ardenial is a young mischievous Draik that came into our family not too long ago. She came in the most peculiar way, as she was first caught stealing from our shop. But there was just a likeable quality about her that made us entrust her with our home... It was an almost comical experience, the stealing, which went like this:

"What are you doing?"

An intricately crafted vase falls instantly falls from the startled Draik's claws and crashes to the hard ground, cracks splintering through it before the whole thing shatters to a million pieces, never to be repaired again.

The faerie Xweetok had just walked into her shop to manage the stocks when she saw the Draik. She knew it was her job to greet new customers, but this one didn't seem to care about nobody tending to their needs. So she watched. The young Xweetok simply stood in the doorway and watched the whole thing.

With a quick glance to the side, the Draik had touched the shining display case that held all the goodies to be sold. A dark maroon hood covered the Draik's head, but the observer noticed an earring attached to one of it's gray ears. The Draik was wearing a large charcoal colored jacket with tattered brown cuffs, golden buttons holding the whole coat together. Peeking out from underneath the jacket was a faded gray dress, with rugged leather boots covered her toes.

What intrigued the curious Xweetok the most though, was the small pack resting on the back of the Draik. It was old, presumably made of canvas, with a single rag as the flap on top. But just peeking its head out was a small sandan. Luckily, it was not looking the Xweetok's way, but was watching its carrier curiously.

The Draik had managed to silently remove the glass of the display case and had set it on the ground, before gently reaching her hand in and caressing a lone vase. It had many ornate designs stretching across its surface, each individual patch reaching to a point before changing to a different one. It would haul a nice price, the Xweetok mused in her head.

Apparently the Draik too had that thought as she wrapped her hands around the pottery and quickly pulled it from its home in the display case. The Xweetok could almost feel the smirk that the Draik most certainly had as she weighed it in her hands, even though she couldn't see her face.

This is when the Xweetok had finally come out of her trance of observation and startled the Draik, effectively ruining the vase.

With a flourish, the Draik whipped around and stared blankly at the Xweetok, the way a small child does when they are caught doing something they know they shouldn't be doing. Emotions flashed across her startled face, surprise, anger, guilt, and disappointment at the fact that she had just been caught.

"Sorry?" the Draik tried, the cringe on her face almost comical.

With a sigh, the Xweetok simply shook her head, a slight smile appearing. "I'm going to pretend that I didn't just catch you attempting to steal from me, and ask who you are. Who are you?"

An inaudible response came from the Draik's end, a tiny mumble.

"What was that?"

"My name is Ardenial." She sighed loudly, as if to prove her point of annoyance.
The Xweetok nodded and stuck out her paw. "Neo." Ardenial's eyes simply stared at her paw, not understanding.

Neo rolled her eyes. "You're supposed to shake it."

She did.

The two struck out a conversation, talking about the broken vase, who they were, and the sandan, whose name was apparently Kompis. Ardenial said that she was only doing her job at the thieves guild. She confessed that she preferred to be a lone thief so she could keep the loot and said that this was going to be her last heist before she left for the streets.

Neo shook her head. "We have room. You could stay with us."

Ardenial's eyebrows shot up. "Really?" she asked.

Neo nodded. "Yeah."

And with that, they shook on it and went to their home.

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