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Pet Name: Ominous_Bane
Owner: minkpink
Breed: Kacheek

About Ominous_Bane:
Ominous isn't your typical Neopet. While many Neopets are focused on more earthy aspects, Ominous's head is in the clouds. Or, as Ominous herself prefers, in the stars.

We met a long time ago. Back when Dr. Sloth was trying to take over Neopia, to be precise. Everything had been in chaos, and everyone had been focused on defeating Dr. Sloth – especially the Resistance squads. Ominous had been a part of the squad. She was a frontal combatant, but still had a very long way to go.

Of course, our little family before Ominous had stood against Dr. Sloth's plot as well. We had contributed by being scouts. Each grueling day, Yurble, Jubby, Jet and I would risk ourselves for the good of Neopia. We had to know the enemy in order to go against them. By scouting, we were able to gain intelligence for cracking Dr.
Sloth's codes. By cracking the codes, we were that much closer to defeating him.

One day during a scouting mission, our little family had come about an injured Kacheek. The Kacheek had stood on the moon rock alone, and without any protection behind the boulders. The Kacheek was breathing heavily and was clutching her right arm. Upon closer inspection, we had concluded that the Kacheek was part of the Resistance squad as well. She was mostly likely a frontal combatant who had gotten injured by one of Dr. Sloth's blasters.

Without words and without question, we had gone up to the Kacheek and had helped with her injury using a medical kit courtesy of the Neopian Pharmacy.

For the rest of the mission, we had all formed a makeshift group of scouts and a combatant. Having a frontal combatant in a team of scouts had proved to be very useful. It was very innovative as well, as the enemy had underestimated our power,
and we had excellent backup.

It had been such a successful mission that after we had sent in our reports, a frontal combatant had become a requirement in a team of scouts.

Needless to say, Ominous had soon somehow become part of our little family. She had shared her aspirations with us, and we had done the same. Ominous had told us that she aspired to be like Gorix and Cylara, who both did their best
every waking moment in order to restore the good in the galaxy.

She had told us about her fear of not being good enough as well, and had referred back to the day we had met: she had gotten injured because she was careless. It wasn't an enemy's blaster that hurt her, but her own inexperience of handling one in a dire situation.

In return, we had supported her and urged her to train with the scouts in speed and stealth. Being more well-rounded did have its advantages, after all.

As time passed, our bond had grown closer. Yet our missions had grown even more dangerous. A team that lasted forever had been ideal, but illogical during that time of chaos.

Therefore, on our few days off, which had been necessary because a tired body meant a tired mind, we had spent it together. During that time, we had discovered that Ominous enjoyed games like Advert Attack, Blastoids, and Evil Fuzzles. We had faced off against each other, and Ominous would always be the victor. Ominous also had a peculiar attachment to Dark Villain Usuki Dolls, as we had found out about her collection of, so far, 42 of them.

Those few days off had been uplifting, and had made us all even more eager to go against Dr. Sloth's evil doings.

Perhaps it had been those few days off that gave the Resistance squads an extra boost in both internal and external strength.

Regardless, it had been that strength which had contributed to Dr. Sloth's downfall.

We had liberated prisoners, battled against our enemies, and won.

Victory had been great, but what had been truly great were the Neopians who had contributed the Resistance. It had not mattered if one was a scout, a combatant, or even from a little Pharmacy down in Neopia.

All was good, and all was better with Ominous' decision to come with us and be part of our little family.

We now know each other very well. We know our strengths and weaknesses, hopes and dreams.

Ominous wishes to become as strong as Gorix and Cylara one day. As a family, it is without question that we help her work towards that goal.

Ominous isn't your typical Neopet. While many Neopets are focused on more earthy aspects, Ominous's head is in the clouds. Or, as Ominous herself prefers, literally in the stars.

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