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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Phonesy
Owner: emaciate
Breed: Kiko

About Phonesy:
"Hi there, friend!" A squeaky little sponge Kiko greets you as you swim through Kiko Lake. "What's your name? Want to play together? The weather sure is nice for a swim! Why I remember one time two weeks ago when my friend and I were out on this dock next to Kiko Lake Treats fishing for Breadfish. Do you like Breadfish? Well, I sure do! They really are quite cute. Anyway, so we were trying to catch one when all of a sudden blah blah blah..."

You start to doze off. Why is this squeaky little Kiko talking so much? Gosh, he sure is peppy. You nod politely, waiting for a break in his chatter.

"...and then, we ate all the peaches from his shop stock! That shop owner was so angry!" The plucky sponge finishes his story with a squeaky series of giggles. "What did you say your name was again? I can just tell we're going to be great friends!"

You tell the Kiko your name and shake his flat little flipper.

"Pleased to meet you!" he exclaims. "My name is Phonesy. Would you like to play together today?"

You start to say no, thinking you have so many other things get done today, when you catch sight of his big, hopeful eyes. How can you disappoint the little guy? Thinking a nice distraction from your work could be fun, you agree to hang out.

"Hooray!!" Phonesy shouts, bouncing up and down. "I think we should have a nice picnic on the shores of Kiko Lake. Wouldn't that be nice? Unless we get sand in our food. Well, I suppose if we bring sandwiches and they get sand in them, we can just call them sand sandwiches! Tehehehehehe!~"

Sand in a sandwich sounds truly awful to you, but you laugh politely at his joke anyway.

"Follow me to my house! We'll just pick up my Maraquan Slorg on the way. He just looooves picnics!"

You swim closely behind Phonesy to his house. He lets you both inside, unlocking the door with a huge starfish-shaped key. "Let me just get the picnic supplies and find my petpet then we'll be on our way. Have a seat if you'd like," Phonesy says to you. You sit down on the couch as Phonesy clinks jars and pans in the kitchen. "Lunch is packed!" he exclaims. "Now where is that Slorg? Mew mew mewwww? Mew mewww? Mew!"

Is he... calling to his Slorg with Kadoatie noises? The mewing continues and you decide that he definitely is. This is a bit odd, but you still decide to wait patiently on the couch.

Phonesy races into the room in a panic. "Have you seen my Slorg!? He's purple and about this big with spots on his shell and oh no where could be be!? You have to help me find himmmm!" he finishes with a loud wail.

You help Phonesy search his house for an hour, when you hear a knock on the front door.

"Can you get that please? I'm a little... busy here..." Phonesy asks you while diving head first into a pile of plushies, tossing them aside as he tries to search the bottom of the box they are contained in.

You open the front door and are greeted by a very stylish looking Usul. You know you've seen her somewhere before... Hey, wait... isn't that the Usul who runs the Grooming Parlour?

"Well, hi there!" she says to you. "Is Phonesy home? I'm just bringing this adorable little guy home from his shell shining at the Grooming Parlour." As she says this, a Maraquan Slorg peeks his head out from behind her back. "Can you believe not all petpets like to be groomed? It's been a little stressful on some petpets since we started our new Petpet Grooming Services, but this little guy was very brave!"

Hearing this exchange, Phonesy heads towards the door. The slorg immediately runs to his side and starts crawling around on his head.

"Well, I must get back to the shop! It was a pleasure to see you, Phonesy! I hope you both have a great afternoon!" the Usul says to you both before leaving. You close the front door behind her.

"Oh, silly me! I completely forgot he got picked up this morning to get his shell shined! Don't you look fancy now? Yes, you do! Who's a fancy boy? Who's a fancy boyyy?" The Slorg purrs with excitement as Phonesy continues to compliment him.

Phonesy turns to you and giggles. "Tee heee!~ What a silly mistake. Let's go on our picnic now."

You can't help but laugh along with him. What a strange Kiko you think to yourself and head off to have a picnic with your new friend.

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