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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Dovm
Owner: ashleigheperry
Breed: Grundo

About Dovm:
As your eyes fluttered open, you realized immediately that something terrible had happened. You could remember standing at the edge of the small circular hole wondering what lay at the bottom but not how you'd fallen. Looking around you into the crushing blackness of the hole, your curiosity was finally satisfied. There was absolutely nothing down here. Nothing but darkness and dirt. Grumbling, your whole body aching and sore from the fall, you rose to your feet and looked up. You must have been out cold for several hours, for the small circle of sky visible above you was spangled with stars. You waited in vain for your eyes to adjust to the absence of light around you, but they did not. The blackness was pure and impenetrable. However, as you contemplated how you were going to reach the surface again, you heard a noise.

Whirling around, you became aware of a faint light, bobbing along slowly at the end of a tunnel branching off to the East. The light moved clumsily, as if the creature holding it was very tired and cranky. As it drew closer, it became obvious that the assessment had been accurate. A small, hunched Tyrannian Grundo shuffled into view. A wild mane of hair haloed its face, which was obscured by a red handkerchief. It had a pair of short horns on its head and one on its nose, and they were absolutely covered in soil, as if he'd been using them to help him excavate the hole. He grumbled grumpily in your direction as he laid his dark eyes on you, beckoning with a four-fingered hand. His other hand held his lantern up higher to get a better look. Satisfied that you weren't threatening, he lowered it and turned abruptly on his heel, stalking back into the tunnel from whence he came.

"You're the third one to fall down that blasted hole this week," he groaned, adjusting the respirator work mask that hung around his neck. His pace quickened and he threw a glance over his shoulder to make sure you were following. You followed cautiously, trying to keep up while stopping to avoid hitting the dirt ceiling. He led you into a wide chamber with a higher ceiling that was lit with torches. It seemed to be where he lived, as there was a dirty pile of blankets and pillows in one corner that seemed to serve as a bed and there were many sets of shelves, all covered with books, jars full of interesting things, piles of gold and jewels, and digging tools. You approached a shelf slowly as the Grundo pulled off his respirator and gloves and threw them onto an empty table.

"Careful with tha'!" he grunted as you wrapped your hand around a ruby the size of your fist. You wondered if he realized how fabulously wealthy he was, with all of the goods he had excavated. His patched clothes and broken tools suggested otherwise, but you said nothing as he led you onward towards what you hoped was the exit. "I'm Dovm by the way," he said as you filed down another narrow tunnel. You gave him your name and he nodded. "Don't get visitors often," he replied. "It's almost nice to meet you, though it gets a bit annoyin', having people droppin' in all the time." He chose another passageway, and you were relieved to find that you could see diffused light from the moon filtering through an opening ahead. You were almost out. As he stepped out onto the grass with you right behind, he took a deep breath and pulled back his handkerchief to reveal a dazzling smile.

You looked down at your hand and realized you still clutched the ruby in your fist. He shrugged. "Keep it," he insisted. "You're not far from town, I promise ye. Just head in that direction." He pointed a finger South. "Good luck!" And in the blink of an eye, the rogue was gone.

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