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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

We are SO cute!

Pet Name: Brightsp0t, Chaberine, Kaeko_pussifoot
Owner: Brightspot
Breed: Kacheek, Quiggle, Meerca

About Brightsp0t, Chaberine, Kaeko_pussifoot:

Brightspot sat on a park bench, watching brightie and Chaberine play in the sand box. Chaberine piled sand into the bucket, and brightie carefully turned it over for her, making tower after tower. Chaberine giggled happily, and brightie seemed thrilled to be so talented in her adopted sisters' eyes.

Brightspot thought back warmly to the day they adopted Chaberine...she had been browsing through shops, walking up and down the main avenue in Neopia Central, brightie tagging along behind. She had stopped at the Herez Petz Shop to look at some books that were on-sale, when some brightly colored posters caught her eye. "Dream Petz Adoption Agency", they said, with the slogan "Remember: Adopt, don't create!" written beneath. Below that was a bunch of pictures hung neatly in a row with names scribbled on them.

"Mommy, mommy!" brightie had called, "Let's go to that shop over there! They have toffee ice cream!!" but Brightspot had been captured by one picture - a little yellow Quiggle, with a smile as big as anything. "Just a minute, honey..." she said to brightie absently. Then she turned to the woman watching the shop.

"Excuse this pet up for adoption?" The woman turned and looked at the picture she was pointing to. "Chaberine? Oh, yes...she's still available, although we have had some inquiries about her. Are you interested in applying to adopt her?"

Brightspot thought to herself "Am I interested?" as she watched brightie playing with a basket of bells. She was only just learning how to take care of brightie, and another pet meant more responsiblity. Then she looked again at the picture of Chaberine, with that glowing smile.

Brightspot smiled brightly at the shopkeeper, and her eyes lit with excitement. She nodded surely, and took the application. "Yes, I'm very interested."

Things had gone much quicker than she had thought from there. The shopkeeper had reviewed and approved her application after a quick interview with brightie, and they had headed to the pound together. Brightie shivered when they got there, and had clung to Brightspot tightly. Petzbunny, the shopkeeper, told the pound that she had found a parent for Chaberine, and the scary attendant went into a back room for a while. When he reappeared, there was Chaberine. Brightspot had held her close and never wanted to let go.

And now here they were - the girls playing happily in the sand, and she watching them with love and joy filling her eyes. She was quite sure that her life in Neopia was quite as full and happy as it could ever possibly be, and she hoped it would go on forever and ever.

Just as she noticed Chaberine rubbing her eyes sleepily, she heard a sound in the bushes behind her. Was that an egg cracking? But...who would have left a neoegg out here uncared for??? Turning around, she saw what she thought was a flash of bright yellow fur through the leaves, and then a long, skinny tail peeked out through the branches. Was it a newborn Blumaroo, perchance? But the tail was too flat...wasn't a Korbat, either, because the tail was broad. What on earth...?

She reached into the bush, and a small, round fluff of light golden fur looked back up at her and blinked it's tiny black eyes. The long, lovely tail that Brightspot had seen snaking through the bushes coiled around her wrist tentatively. It mewed at her, and Brightspot caught her was like seeing brightie's hatching, all over again.

She called to the girls softly, "brightie, Chaberine, come here...see what mommy has!" The girls padded over, looking over her shoulder at the little bundle she held. brightie oooed and ahhed at it's small, perfect sweetness. Chaberine touched it's soft fur and said "Kay. Go home now?"

As Brightspot laughed, she tried to think of a way to keep this sweet moment of Chaberine's toddlerhood for ever..."Kay. Go..." "Kay. Go..." KAEKO, she thought! It would be a story for the girls to tell kaeko_pussifoot got her name. She tucked the tiny mysterious hatchling into the crook of her arm, put Chaberine into her stroller and let brightie help her push. "Kay, Chabby..." she said softly, "We go home now."

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