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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Grujer
Owner: lilypotter
Breed: Grundo

About Grujer:
Most young children who lived on Kreludor were always interested on the war that happened with Sloth. They would beg their mothers every night to tell them the story of the Grundo's revolution. They would reenact the battles of the brave soldiers with their siblings. I was different, because nothing on Neopia prepared me for that fateful day - the fateful day everything was taken from me.

It was a cold morning on Kreludor - the sun was rising on Neopia and the stars shone brightly over the Kreludor moon. A giant flame appeared in the dark sky and plummeted down into the suburbs of Kreludor.

A small faerie Grundo girl, around the age of ten, awoke from her sleep after hearing a crash. The heat in her house raised to a higher temperature. She shuffled out of her bed and landed on her two feet - her bright cyan hair wrapped in a ponytail bounced with her. Her name was Grujer. She stumbled over to the room next to her where she had felt vibrations earlier in the morning. Although quiet, Grujer was a brave and curious young girl.

"Mom?" She placed her hands onto the door to the bedroom and pushed it open. Her blue eyes widened as she saw a huge gash that was torn into the house, and hot wind was searing through her mother's bedroom.

Grujer jumped back in fright, her heart pounding at her chest. She could feel sweat begin to drip from her forehead. Confused and startled - Grujer took another look. She peeped her small head around the door and saw two giant Mutant Grundos sitting by her mother's dirty bed. Grujer yelped out a small gasp as she saw a blue frail Grundo in the clutches of the mutants - her mother. With her heart racing she squeezed her little plushie tightly as she watched the mutants forced a Grundo transmogrification potion down her mother's throat.

"Check the rest of the house." A sly sinister voice came from the shadows. Grujer opened one small eye and saw the disgusting, horrifying face of the evil Dr. Sloth.

Immediately, Grujer jolted from her spot and locked herself in her room. She stopped by the door and started gasping for breath. Fear lodged in her throat, making her unable to scream for her brother.. who was already gone. Grujer jumped out her window and took flight. She didn't look back and she flew to the nearest Kreludor Pound.

It was only the next morning when Grujer was awoken. A tall Faerie Aisha was hanging over Grujer's cage and gazing at her. Grujer rubbed her eyes and opened them slightly - as they were covered in dry tears.

"I'll keep you safe," the Aisha said in an angelic voice. "I'm Cassy."


It was eight years after the incident that took my family. The war with Dr. Sloth was over, and we had won.

Grujer closed her book and it poofed away into a cloud of pink smoke. She coughed and pushed the smoke away with her hands. She stood up and looked into the mirror. She looked at her long beautiful light cyan hair, her graceful wings, and big ocean blue eyes. Grujer closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She clenched her fists and tried to push away the feeling of anxiety in her stomach.

"Today you're going to tell Cassy," Grujer softly said to herself. "You're going to finally accomplish your dreams."

Grujer softly walked down the swirly staircase and over to Cassy, who was slouching onto the kitchen table. Her blonde hair was up in a messy bun, and she was starting to form wrinkles around her eyes.

Cassy stretched her arms and slouched backwards into her chair. "Mornin', Grujer," she yawned.

"I have to tell you something," Grujer said before she could stop herself. Cassy turned to face her and blinked a couple times - puzzled.

"Well, what do you wanna tell me?"

"I'm going to join the Kreludor Military," Grujer quickly said before Cassy could interrupt. "I'm going to be a soldier like my father."

"Grujer!" Cassy's voice had risen - Grujer jumped back, as Cassy was rarely angry, but she had seen it coming. "I've been telling you for FIVE YEARS you are not joining the Military while you're under my household!"


"Grujer, I adopted you as a young girl and I love you like my own child." Cassy's voice grew soft and weak - her eyes full of sorrow. "I promised to keep you safe... I don't want anything bad to happen to you."

Grujer lowered her antennae and tried to relax herself. "I know," she finally spoke up. "But you need to understand... I want to fight for Kreludor. The soldiers who saved our lives back during Sloth's reign... I want to give my part to thank the soldiers who saved our lives. I want to show my family, wherever they are now, that I love them and miss them. I want to do this for them."

Cassy opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it. "Grujer," she whispered while looking down at her feet. She then raised her head and looked the Grundo straight into her eyes.

Grujer nodded, biting her lip.

"You're my little girl." Tears streamed down Cassy's green eyes. "I trust you that you will show honor to our planet. I KNOW that you will be an amazing addition to the military. Thank you... Thank you for everything, my little Grujer."

Without any words - Grujer jumped and hugged Cassy tightly.

"I will not only fight for my planet and family," she said through her gritted teeth. "But for YOU, Cassy."

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