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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Fentway
Owner: combatteroyale
Breed: Kyrii

About Fentway:
I remember the story as if it happened only yesterday; Neopia was at its usual hustle-and-bustle, and even though it was the busiest day of the week for Neopia Central, I was determined to cross everything off my shopping list immediately. You can only procrastinate for so long before your stomach gets all rumbly.

As soon as I set foot inside the bakery, I was greeted with a friendly smile from the Breadmaster.

"Hey there, it's my most valued customer!" he laughed heartily. "What can I get for you today?"

Taking my chin in my hand, I pondered for a brief moment.

Just then, I heard a piercing shriek from outside.

"STOP! Thief!"

I sprinted outside to spot a local vendor in tears, as well as two Neopian police officers pursuing the suspected criminal. The thief was swift and nimble, as if his feet had wings. With his loot secured tightly within his tiny paws, he made a quick sprint into the thick of the Haunted Woods, vanishing almost instantly in the hazy evening air. The officers' chase came to a sudden halt. No one dared to venture into the Haunted Woods.

Curious, I made my way over to the crime scene.

"Evenin', officers." They paid me no mind. I huffed and placed a hand on my hip, occasionally glancing over my shoulder at the entrance to the Woods. Only a complete fool would enter those woods alone. It must have been cold, damp, and dark in there... and scary... What if that little Neopet had gotten hurt?

I made a bounding leap over the fence and landed on my feet inside the Woods, unnoticed. I wasn't scared in the slightest... at least, that's what I kept telling myself. The air was brisk and sent shivers down my spine. I carefully made my way through thorn bushes and stray tree branches before spotting the lone scoundrel. As soon as his eyes met mine, he took off, heading deeper into the forest.

I called after him, "Wait! I just want to talk!" I chased the rogue deeper and deeper into the forest before stopping to catch my breath. "I can't... keep up..."

I then heard a scream of terror, which made me stand straight up. I followed the source of the sound before finding the thieving rascal in the clutches of the Esophagor's jowls, fighting tooth and nail to keep from being gobbled up like a tasty morsel.

"Sssssso... hungry..." The Esophagor grumbled from the back of his throat. "Sssstarving... need... ssssustenance...!"

Hurrying over to the scene, I cried out, "Stop! Don't eat him, please!"

The enormous glutton directed his attention to me. He let out a loud grunt and growled, "Need... nourishment. Find me... food."

Panicked, I reached into my pocket, fished out a box of Assorted Gummy Dice, and tossed them into the Esophagor's mouth, freeing the pet he tried to make a meal out of. Seizing the tiny rogue's arm, I rushed toward the exit with the thief in tow. "Come on, let's get out of here!"

"No!" he cried. "I can't go back! They'll put me in the pound!"

Upon hearing his plea, I stopped in my tracks. I turned toward him with blatant concern on my face. Softly, I asked, "Is that what you're afraid of? Getting caught?" He nodded and turned his gaze toward the ground. I smiled a little. He didn't look much like a criminal at all. He looked like a normal Kyrii, but with a nicked ear, a messy mane, and a criminal record. Sighing, I put my hand on his head.

"Listen," I said with a wry smile, "if you return those things you stole, I'll take care of you."

His eyes widened. "You mean... like a pet? You'll... adopt me?"

I nodded. "If that's what you want... but you have to stay out of trouble. Deal?"

He hastily shook my hand and sealed our agreement. "I'm Fentway. I'm really excited to go home with you!"

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