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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Stellruna
Owner: nintendologist
Breed: Bori

About Stellruna:
"Hello there, and welcome to my humble glade, young one," Illusen said to the small figure still obscured by the shadow of the trees. Slowly, a little faerie Bori stumbled forward. Her long auburn locks and swishy tail flowed behind her, but her clawed feet were less graceful. "So what is it, then? Are you here for a quest? I'm afraid I'm in no need of assistance ri-"

"I-I'm sorry, miss Illusen! I'm not here for a quest!" the Bori stuttered, cutting Illusen off completely. Realizing what she had just done, she hung her head in embarrassment.

"M-my name is Stellruna. I'm a faerie Bori!" she exclaimed, clumsily flapping her wings to show that she was indeed painted faerie. "Ever since I was a little girl, faeries have inspired me. Faeries like Fyora, and Aethia, and... and you, too! So I told my brothers and sisters and owner that I wanted to be a faerie one day, and thanks to a Faerie Paint Brush, I did it!" Stellruna beamed ecstatically.

"There's just one problem, though. Faeries know magic. I'm a faerie, but I don't know magic! How am I going to be like all of the other helpful generous faeries if I can't use magic?"

"Hmm... I see your predicament here, child. Have you tried asking for assistance from others, though? I don't think you should be coming here if you're a beginner..."

"Please, miss Illusen? I've gone everywhere! B-but..." Stellruna trailed off for a moment. "I tried helping Kauvara in her magic shop a few months ago. She gave me lots of money to help buy my paint brush, but I kept messing up all of her spells and potions, no matter what I did. So I left that job! Then I went to... Jhudora..." she whispered, grimacing at the name, "but she told me that she wouldn't help me unless I helped her. And I don't wanna help someone scary like her," she gulped and went on. "So she said that if I wouldn't help her, then no one would help me. She said I'd never be just like a faerie..." The Bori began to sniffle and sob.

"Oh, dear. I suppose I could tutor you just a bit. Would you like that? You can show that wicked old Jhudora that she was wrong," Illusen said. While she genuinely meant to help Stellruna, she would really do anything to spite her nemesis.

Instantly, Stellruna perked up. "R-really? That would be great! Oh, thank you sososososo much, miss Illusen! I promise I won't let you down!" she squealed, jumping for joy. "When do we get started?"


"Okay, Stellruna. Here, I have positioned three targets," Illusen said, motioning to the targets that she was... borrowing from Ultimate Bullseye. "Your first lesson is beginner tier earth magic. Just concentrate and swish your hand..." Illusen said, charging a small blast, then sending it flying towards a target – a perfect shot. Looks like the Turtum wasn't getting that target back.

Stellruna nodded, and tried to imitate the earth faerie to the best of her ability. Concentrate, swish, and... the blast died out before she could even send it. She looked up at Illusen in confusion.

"Well... perhaps we should try something else," the faerie said, trying to rush Stellruna onto a new topic.

"I just don't get it! Why can't I do magic? I keep trying and trying and-" Stellruna stopped short. Behind Illusen, a fairly large, menacing-looking Drackonack was charging. What if it hurt Illusen? Stellruna was not going to let this happen. "Take cover, miss Illusen!" she yelled, focusing on her paw once more. "Come on, come on, work this time..." Stellruna couldn't take it anymore, and fired a fairly large blast at the oncoming Drackonack.

POOF! Both faerie and pet were blown back by the impact. A cloud of dust had flown up, and neither Illusen nor Stellruna could see. As the dust cleared, the Drackonack was no more, but in its place was a harmless Cooty.

"Did I... did I do that?" Stellruna looked on in disbelief. Had she successfully performed a spell without meaning to?

"Congratulations, Stellruna! I hadn't even taught you that. You just performed an intermediate level spell. How did you do that?" Illusen asked, astonished at the Bori's feat.

"You know, miss Illusen? I'm not sure how that happened. I guess the possibility of danger awakened my power. Or you're just a really good teacher!" Stellruna replied.

"Well, however you did it, I'm very proud of you. Our lessons aren't over just yet. Let's work more with that new ability you have." With that, Illusen rose off the ground and walked off to where the next lesson would take place. Stellruna sighed in relief, and slowly got up, dusting herself off. She was one step closer to being just like a faerie, and with her new powers, nothing could bring her down.

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