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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Princy625
Owner: peterpuffin1
Breed: Lupe

About Princy625:
The packed coffee shop smells of hot borovan and fresh brewed tea with sticky flavoring syrup overtones. As the sweet sounds of Jazzmosis filter in through the speaker system, you recline in your chair, exhale and bring the rim of your mug to your lips... when suddenly you're joined by a Starry Lupe. He sits down across the table, dressed in a white V-necked shirt, dark denim pants and brown shoes with a knit scarf wrapped around his neck. On his nose sits a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. He's clutching a caramel iced coffee and looks down his long Lupe nose at you.

"Hello," he says. He seems to have judged you worthy of conversation. In a swift motion the messenger bag he had hitched on his shoulder sinks to the floor. "I'm Princeton. Most people call me Princy. Personally, I find that nickname a little hokey, but... guess that's what folks tend to remember. And you're...?"

You begin to speak your name but he interrupts you. "I can tell by that soy chai latte you're drinking that you're someone of good taste. You know, coffee-brewing, tea-brewing -- it's an art. You really have to be an aficionado to truly appreciate flavor combos. Take that soy chai you're sipping." He takes the mug from your hands abruptly and takes a sip, smacking his lips together quietly. "Ah yes. The soy milk really elegantly neutralizes the harsh spices of the chai."

He sets your mug down in front of him, his hand still wrapped around it. "Chai's a timeless classic of course, but really it's nearly a cliché now. As for those of us in Year 15, they sell a flavor-changing coffee here that's something else. It's more like two coffees in one. Oh and a gourmet autumn herbal tea -- it's 200,000 neopoints, but really that price is a steal for the taste. Only the REAL experts can get their paws on this stuff. I mean, even I have only had it three times." He takes another sip of your chai.

"Tea and coffee aren't my only interests, though, of course. Mostly I'm interested in books. Do you like books? What's your favorite?" You stammer out the first title you can think of. "All About Air Faeries? Really? Tch, how mainstream... of course you'd pick one of Neopia Central's bestsellers. I, on the other hand, am more interested in rare, less-read books. Like the Grimoires from the hidden tower -- now those are some good books. So what if there isn't really a plot and I don't understand most of it? They're great titles."

He holds up his finger for you to wait a moment, then ducks down under the table to rifle through his messenger bag. When he returns he has the book Decorative Towel Folding clutched in his hands. "I'm reading this one now. Ever heard of it? Probably not. Got it at the money tree for, like, 93.5% off its original value. It's a must-read."

He drops it back into his bag. "Yeah, the book selection in Neopia Central is just so much nicer than it was when I lived in Meridell. I was born there -- not by choice of course. I had to get out as soon as I was old enough. My folks just didn't understand. Things in Meridell are just so old-fashioned. It's like they're trapped in another century or something. I'm much more of a Neopia Central kind of guy -- fast, exciting and always changing. Plus the music's much better. So now I'm holed up in an apartment downtown. It's sort of small, a studio-type deal. But it's enough for me, my books, a record player, my Miamouse and me. Oh -- and a bed. Sort of."

He glances over his shoulder and catches sight of the clock, which seems to give him a start. "Whoops. Lost track of the time. I've got to be off -- I'm due down at the book store in twenty. I work part time there stacking shelves." He gets to his feet, slinging the bag over his shoulder and grabbing both his iced coffee and your chai latte. "Thanks for the convo! Later."

As he scoots out of the coffee shop you're left companion-less, chai-less, and incredibly confused.

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