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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

No more vacations!

Pet Name: Queen_Roo_
Owner: kacheekluvver
Breed: Blumaroo

About Queen_Roo_:

My Yellow Blumaroo is a very interesting neopet. She is _Queen_Roo_, wife to the well, you know, King Roo! Yes, the one that plays Dice-a-roo. She wears the pants in the family, as Blumaroo wives usually do, and she always makes the important decisions that kings usually do. It looks like King Roo makes the decisions because she tells him what to say with big cue cards behind the camera, spelt in a way that he could read them easily without making mistakes or chewing on his pencil.

When she has her day off, she spends time with her cute sister ___Keehcak___ the Red Kacheek and her owner kacheekluvver. She always eats in the Neopian Diner under disguise, because of course, Queens can't go out in public without trying to get murdered or getting there pictures taken for hours at a time. So, she dresses as an Aisha by sticking a false set of ears on her head. She looked rather funny, but no one complained. Then, one day, after a rather stressful day at the palace, she decided she needed a week vacation and she couldn't stand it any longer. So, she packed her bags, put on her ears, told the King not to make any decisions until she came back, and then left.

She didn't know where to go at first, so she did the only thing a Blumaroo does when they are confused. She took to her tail, and then bounced till she was tired. It so happened that she went in a northern direction, so she ended up in spooky woods, where the Esophagor lurked and the brain tree, not to mention other things..... So, she was stopped next to a rather large, blue-ish hill. She sat down on it, and then was about to take out some food when..... The hill trembled and moved, _Queen_Roo_ bounced off VERY quickly for one so tired, and turned just in time to see a huge face form on the hill saying "FFEEEEDDDDD MMMEEEE!" So, she said, "Ok, Ok, stop scaring people out of their wits and tell me what you want, but it better be good!" So, the Esophager said "PPPUUUMMMMPPKKIIIINNN COOOKKKIIIIESSSS! YYYOOOOUUU HHHAAAVVVEEE OOONNNNEEE HHHOOOUURRR!"

So, she bounced off in a huff to get away from the huge scary monster. She was looking around franticly, looking for some sort of shop, when suddenly out of the shadows a cloaked form ran in front of her. "I heard you want pumpkin cookies. 2000 NP and they're yours." The Queen was so startled that she gave the amount to him, and then he handed her a bag bulged with cookies. Then, without warning, it disappeared. The Queen was so afraid that she fainted right on the spot.

She woke up approximately 45 minutes later. She opened up her eye, and looked at her watch. She jumped up. She only had about 5 minutes left, and the Esophager was 5 minutes away! She then bounced faster then she has ever been before, and just as her time almost ran out, she threw the cookies at the Esophager, and panting for breath, said "There, now what do I get?" The Esophager said, through mouthful of cookies, "Too late, Mmphrmf Scrmch, You lose." That was when the Blumaroo had enough. "You mean to treat the Queen that way! I spent approximately 2000 NP on those cookies, and you go cramming them down your throat and not even giving me anything! Not even a Level UP! You are a crazy mixed up rock if that is what you think! I demand you to give me something, or I will report to the Neopian Police Guild on you and you will never eat, or even see for that matter, your last pumpkin cookie for the whole of eternity! Got it?"

The Esophager was lost for words. He merely nodded his head at the Aisha Eared Blumaroo. He said "Benjamin the Chia died January second at Neopia Central." Then he disappeared into a hill again, and the Blumaroo could do nothing but stand and talk to a hill. So, instead of doing that, she decided to remember the information in case she needed it and then walked over the hill that was once the Esophager. There was a huge tree, with a brain growing out of it. The Blumaroo wasn't a scared type, not to mention the fact that she was still bursting with anger. She stepped boldly up and said "What do you want, oh brainy roots?" The Tree looked at her down his woody stump of his nose to her, and said "When did Benjamin the Chia die, and where?" Then it hit her. That was what the Esophager was telling her, the answer to his question. She blew up her narrow chest and said "At the Neopia Central at January Second." The Brain tree looked at her. Then shrugged. "Here" he said, and threw her a little rat that was gummy, an almost gummy rat (grape). Then the Queen said "That's it! I'm going home!" Then she bounced home (though she only had about two days of her week vacation) and then sat right in her throne next to her husband, and said "Ok, remind me this: NEVER TAKE A VACATION."

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