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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: sea_wing92
Owner: mooboo22372
Breed: Korbat

About sea_wing92:
"Dear Diary,
Today was just okay. As usual. Nothing out of the ordinary really happened, except Quegg. He is STILL making hipster jokes at me just because I dress like a hipster. I think he's just making them up now, because the one he told me today wasn't even that funny. It was another 'how many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?' I don't even remember the punch line it was so bad- "

"Sea? It's Quegg. Are you in there? I know you didn't laugh at my joke earlier. You're right, it was pretty awful. So I've given up on making up my own jokes. Instead, I looked some up. These jokes are funny! You ready?"
"Do I have a choice?"
"Ok, why doesn't the hipster like the river?"
"Because you were in it?"
"What? No. Not even close. No no, because it was too mainstream! Get it? Mainstream? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
"Sea? You there?"
"Will you go away now?"
"Aw, come on, it's funny!"
"Yeah, I'm dying with laughter. Will you go now?"
"Fine, whatever."

Sea returns to writing in his diary, "He won't stop with the jokes. I just don't understand it. He can really be super annoying. You'd think he would figure out that – "
"Sea! It's Quegg again."
"I really don't want to hear another joke!"
"No. I need in my room. I gotta grab a coat."
"Fine. And it's our room!"
"Actually, could you just bring it downstairs? Thanks."

Unwillingly, Sea gets up from the desk and grabs the first coat of Quegg's he sees. As he reaches the bottom of the stairs, the front door closes. Sandrilene, who is lounging on a nearby couch, notices that Sea has come down from the bedroom which he has been in for a greater part of the day. "What do you need, sweetie?"
"Where's Quegg? I have his coat."
"Oh, sweetie, he just left."
"I can't believe him…" Now even more upset than before, Sea turns to head back upstairs.
"Wait, Sea! Come here for a moment," Sandra calls after him. Sandra is the self-appointed matron of the household, and therefore takes it upon herself to help the others when she can. Usually, Sea and Quegg keep her fairly busy. Sea comes over and sits down on the coach next to her. "What's wrong, Sea?"
"It's Quegg! He won't leave me alone with the jokes! He's been telling his stupid jokes for, like, a week now! I can't take it anymore! I just wanna be alone."
"You know that he loves you like a brother."
"Really? I would've never guessed with the way he annoys me!"
"He teases you because he doesn't know any other way to express himself. He is younger than you, and therefore not quite as mature as you are."
"Well, he needs to grow up!"
"I know he annoys you, just try to be patient with him. He'll stop with the jokes sooner or later."
"Yeah, probably later. It's just–whatever–I'm going back to my room…"

With that, Sea gets up and trudges back up the stairs and into the bedroom. About an hour or so later, Quegg returns home carrying a paper bag. "Hey, where's Sea?" he asks, barely able to stand still and not addressing anyone in particular. "He's in his room still," replies Linxton, who was now resting on the couch. Quickly, Quegg rushes upstairs and nearly runs past the bedroom.
"Sea? It's Quegg. Can I come in?"
"I suppose…"
Quegg, now barely able to contain himself, rushes into room and runs up right behind Sea who was sitting down at the desk. With a few deep breaths, Quegg composes himself. "Hey, I got something for you," Quegg says calmly. Sea turns around, "What is it? If it's another joke you can just leave now."
"No, it's not a joke. Close your eyes and hold out your hands."

Sea does as he is told, too tired of Quegg's antics to question what he is up to now. Suddenly, Sea feels something warm and soggy placed in his hands. "Okay! Open your eyes!" Quegg says excitedly. Sea, almost afraid to, forces himself to do it. Sea is now looking at what appears to be brown paper bag, except the bottom of the bag has gotten wet. "Open it up!" Quegg nearly shouts. Sea reaches into the bag and pulls out an uncovered coffee mug with only few drops of coffee left. Quegg looks confused. "Huh? Where'd all the coffee go? It was all in there when I left the café."
"Didn't you think to cover the mug? And where did you get a mug anyway? Why not just get the coffee in those cups they give you at the café? Those come with lids! And why on Neopia would you put coffee in a bag?! Why – " but then Sea stops and remembers his talk with Sandra earlier. He sets the mug down on the desk, gets up, and hugs Quegg. "Thanks, bro. I love it."

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