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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Amurei
Owner: caitdango
Breed: Draik

About Amurei:
"You know what's awesome about being a thief?" a rather obnoxious sounding Gold Draik asks you, completely out of the blue. You pause hesitantly, wondering exactly what kind of thief publicly announces their profession. A quick glance up and down the neopet seems to imply that at the very least he's not very good at the 'stealth' part of his job. He's customized in quite a lot of red-- sure, it looks nice, but you're not quite sure how that would help him steal anything.

He paces around you, a grin plastered on his scaly snout. You clutch your bag tightly, frowning as he circles you. It's obvious he's checking you out-- probably trying to determine if you've got anything of worth on you. Joke's on him though-- you just finished your dailies. Your bag is full of junk (and, of course, that one Nerkmid you won from the Wheel of Extravagance, but it's settled safely at the bottom, underneath everything else-- hidden from any wandering claws).

After a few long moments of silence, filled with him grinning at you and you hoping he doesn't rush you, steal your bag, and run, you grow a little irritated. Obviously he's not going to answer his own question, so you speak up.

"What is so great about being a thief?" you ask, really hoping to cut this encounter short. He looks delighted that you've decided to play along, and you can't help but roll your eyes. He puts an arm over your shoulders as if the two of you have been the best of friends since you were small, pulling you close. You can feel the hilt of the sword sheathed at his side, and it makes you vaguely nervous-- although so far, he doesn't seem like he's planning on hurting you.

"The freedom," he says, and you roll your eyes again. It's a cliched answer; you aren't surprised. He continues, "I can go wherever I want whenever I want. Like this morning? Hopped over to Faerieland for a few hours, no problem."

You let out a slight laugh, wondering if he's really bragging about something like that. You shake your bag slightly and tell him, "Big deal. Everyone goes to Faerieland on almost a daily basis-- I've been there twice today. It's nothing special."

His grin widens (you weren't aware that was even possible), and he squeezes your shoulder slightly, laughing. "Right, but have you ever been inside Fyora's castle?"

"Of course I have. I do Faerie Quests every day."

"No, but I mean really inside it. Past the reception hall and those annoying, demanding faeries; down the staircase and into the meat of the castle. There's a courtyard in there somewhere-- trees and rocks and fountains and all of that junk. But the real prize is finding the back entrance to the Hidden Tower. It's a piece of cake to sneak in there and grab something while that queen is busy with customers."

You try shrugging him off of you, and it doesn't work. He's still holding you close, reminiscing about breaking and entering to you. You frown at him and mutter, "Doesn't seem like a good idea, messing with Fyora like that."

"I've been inside dozens of places most Neopians can only gawk at from the outside," he continues, seemingly lost in his narrative. "I've been inside the vaults of Meridell Castle-- both the gold and food vaults. Brightvale castle too, though the place is super boring. I've watched the Altador Cup from the dug outs and freely walked the halls of the Qasala Palace. I can do whatever I want, as long as I don't get caught--"

"Look, I hate to interrupt," you finally say, pulling his arm off of your shoulder and moving away, "but I have to finish my dailies now. Excuse me."

He backs off, that stupid grin still plastered all over his face. As a parting gift, he tosses you a wink and concludes, "And I never get caught."

You sigh to yourself and walk away, grumbling about lost time. He turns and saunters in the opposite direction after you've gone, slipping his newly acquired Nerkmid into his pocket and chuckling to himself.

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