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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Buj__Jub
Owner: evil_nightmare_kitty
Breed: Kyrii

About Buj__Jub:
Buj hasn't ever been the nicest of neopets, even if she was born in a friendly family. A family she doesn't speak of much. You see, Buj is a princess. As shocking as that maybe to you, it's true. Though when people ask her, she denies it in a heartbeat. She never wanted to be born in a royal family like many other young Neopians wish. She never fit the part, from her looks to the way she acts. She is grumpy, childish, and her looks don't help her with the whole princesses look either.

Buj isn't ALways grumpy, though it may seem like she is. She will wake up and just go throughout the castle looking from room to room to see if she can find anyone to bother. She takes things that are being brought to her older sister, say, trays of food or desserts. She messes up things in the castle just cleaned and will walk away smirking to herself about it. There are people she can't stand in the castle. Even if she doesn't want to be queen, she gets annoyed when people keep things from her. Want to make her REALLY mad? Just stop whispering about something as soon as you see her. This will set her off. All the workers have learned to go in other closed off rooms she normally doesn't go in to talk.

Childish is one of the best words that describes Buj. She likes to steal stuff from the kitchen. Cookies, ice cream, pies, pizza anything like that, really. She also likes to mess up rooms once they are cleaned, run around the castle and knock people over with her petpet September. Workers and guests have had to deal with this bit. Without any warning she will be running at you and shove you aside, running after her petpet. Her sister knows this side of her way too well, having to grow up with her. Buj will bother her sister throughout the day just to get under her skin. From "I should get to know what you know" to "Why do YOU get more ice cream than me?!" No matter how old she gets, she will always act this way.

Her sister is faerie, while Buj is a Darigan. Now, there is nothing wrong with a Darigan princess.... but Buj uses her looks for what most see it to be, scary. She doesn't like wearing the pretty outfits her parents told her to wear growing up. She doesn't like anything fancy, well, nothing fancy at all, really. Her claws are always sharpened and shined in the day. She herself does this since she would rather not have to get any help from the maids. Though this isn't anything she chooses to do, it still adds to her look: her drool. The way her teeth are causes her to drool a lot, and though it grosses people out, it doesn't bother her at all.

After a long day of bothering Neopians, she tends to like to end her day off sitting in her room by the window. Looking out at the night sky at all the stars, eating the stolen cookies she had taken from the kitchen, thinking to herself as she pets September. Who knows what she is thinking while looking out the window into that dark night sky? Maybe she is plotting something evil. Most of the maids that have spotted her believe so. Whatever it may be, I believe if you see her, stay clear of her. You may end up bitten or with your food stolen.

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