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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: BakkieChan
Owner: seraphicbrie
Breed: Cybunny

About BakkieChan:
Walking along in the palace gardens, you stop to admire the red roses, the buzzers merrily darting to and fro, the palace guards shouting in the distance… The palace guards shouting?!? Although their voices are faint, you recognize the urgency in their tone and you are even able to make out a few words… the word 'Mortog' being one of the more prominent ones.

This is your first day as the royal librarian and you didn't want to get tangled in some fiasco quite so soon. So you decide to calmly walk in the other direction. That plan lasts about five seconds.

From the hedges in the garden springs a young Cybunny. He is dressed in garbs that bears the royal seal, with its distinct red, blue and gold colors. Along with the matching hat, he would have looked quite well put together; the only thing is that everything he wears is in disarray. His shirt is on inside out and his robes are on sideways. Around his neck is a tattered collection of pan pipes that seems to be missing one of its pieces. Coupled with his terrible case of bed head, he looks like he just wrestled with Turmaculus.

You wonder how you managed to see all of this detail as the little fellow collides with you in a blur of red, white, blue and gold. The speed and the force of the collision knocks you clear onto the grass, breathless. Just then, the Cybunny bounces over to you and politely helps you up.

"Terribly sorry about that, I didn't see you there. You see, I was running away from the palace guar-"

He stops mid-sentence, realizing that he's said a bit too much. Suddenly his entire demeanor changes as he grabs your hand.

"It seems I've said too much! Are you friend or foe? No matter, the endpoint is the same for you either way. Now come on!"

Without a second to answer, or to even process what was happening to you, you find yourself bounding through the royal garden and deep into the nearby woods. After some time, the two of you arrive at a small stream where the Cybunny finally stops, letting go of your hand. You slump against a nearby tree trunk, sighing with exhaustion. Even after resting, you can't seem to slow your speeding heart or take your mind off of the Cybunny's previous words. Finally you muster up the courage to ask a few questions.

"Who are you? Why were you running from the guards? What happened to your clothes?"

After breaking off a short reed near the stream, the Cybunny hops over and plops down next to you. As he fiddles with fixing his pan pipes, he replies:

"My name is BakkieChan, but everyone calls me Bakkie. My dad is in charge of the palace guards here… I'm not really supposed to wander the palace alone but I just love visiting the garden and the aviary. There are so many stuffy petpets in there, you wouldn't believe it. Haha, that's why I thought it would be interesting to show those petpets how to have fun. But you bring a couple of Mortogs into the palace and everyone goes bananas… Please don't tell my dad; I only wanted to liven things up a little -- ah, it's fixed!"

Bakkie holds up his repaired pan pipes and begins to play a soothing melody. The song is sweet and slow with a twinge of heartache to it. "Could he be feeling remorse for his earlier actions," you wonder.

Bakkie then stops to take a good look at you. "Judging from your robes, it looks like you will be the new librarian. That means you and I will be seeing each other very soon! I start taking lessons at the palace in a few days. I can tell that we are going to have lots of fun together!"
Bakkie jumps up, fixes his robes, and then he extends his paw out to you.

"We better get back, I'm sure you have library duties and I have a couple of Mortogs to catch before my dad finds me."

As you allow him to help you up, you can't shake the feeling that this mischievous little Cybunny does indeed have some good in him. Now if only you could find enough good in you to tell him that his hair is still a mess…

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