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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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A Tune for Hannah

This contest proved to be a little tricky. After much deliberation we have decide the winners and here there are :

First Place

There are five first place winners who will each receive 10,000 NP, the random contest avatar and a rare item. Well done!

Hannah the Brave by the_graphix_maker

Hannah, Oh Hannah they cry aloud!
For, you are our hero tonight!
You've been to places no one has been!
You conquer the wrong for the right!

You search through the caves up high.
You crawl through the ice below!
The beasts are no match at all for you!
You can fight through the pirates and snow!

Oh hannah, oh hannah they cry aloud!
For you are the hero tonight.
You're adventures and brave and there's no doubt no other could live throught the fright!

Oh, hannah!

The pirate caves were the start!
You conqured it right away.
Everyone knew a hero you were.
That very day.

Another task awaited you.
You set out on another quest.
Armin and you defeated the theives,
with the help of a gelert you beat the rest.

OH, OH, OH, Haaaaaanah!

Hannh is I by Zionlion103

Venturing into the unknown,
with a heart to stop an evil sloth clone.
Through the lands I make my journey,
plundering and pilfering those thieves loot a plenty.
Putting an end to the ones filled with greed.
Justice to those who don't want, but who need.
Hannah is I!
Make me mad, and I'll make you cry!
Remember the name, for if you cross me, you'll be sorry!
Hannah is I!
Make me mad, and I'll make you cry!

Hannah's Beat Box Rap by Zelda2222

My name is Hannah
And I'm here to say
I love hunting for treasure
And saving the day

Most usuls are vain and pretty
But that's not me
I'm smart and witty

I'm not afraid of icy caves
In fact that's why
I'm Hannah the Brave

Many have tried to beat me
But pirates, monsters and thieves
Couldn't defeat me

So here I am
And that's my story
I may be small
But don't you worry

Oh, What A Day by Pink_guitar_freak

There are many pets out there,
With great abilities to share.
But none can compete
With Hannah, and her daring feats.

She's climbed mountains, big and tall,
Fought pirates, one and all!
She's gone north, south, east and west,
Unlocked crypts and codes, what a test!
Oh how we love our Hannah, the best!

She's gone through cold, heat and rain,
Had her joys, along with pain.
Hannah's had little time for rest,
Yet she goes on, to save the day.

Oh how we love our Hannah, the best!

Adventurer by _Jamie_san_

With all that I've been through,
This song must be sung.
Want a gal for adventures?
*giggle* Well, then I am the one!
I beat monsters and ice-beasts,
And help boris fight theives.
I take gold, jewels and treasures,
As quick as you please!
Where there's deep hidden treasure,
Or a species to save,
You know I can help you,
That I'll take to my grave!
I've looted the looters,
And fought those who fight.
But adventures take energy-
So I'll bid you good night!

Second Place

Twenty Five lucky winners will be receiving 5,000 NP, the special avatar and a rare item

  • iced_draconian
  • terry8846
  • lisasdaisies
  • white_hand
  • _master_of_yoda
  • ilikecheese314
  • o0icy_cool0o
  • ziklag0312
  • heroswrd
  • candyblossom
  • y22kw
  • lupe_princesss12
  • chocolate_lab8
  • jbgirls
  • alexxake
  • inkheart123
  • zhortac
  • zuziafruzia
  • anime_cybunny
  • pindia
  • clarinetman1
  • johnandadam
  • daydreamingquill
  • aquiesta
  • tinkerbell48154

Third Place

Last but not least, 100 people have the random contest avatar and 2,000 NP heading their way.

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