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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Lawyerbot Public Service Announcement

Many thanks to all of those users who put their acting skills to the test. * Please take your bows! *

WARNING! Some entries may be louder than others. Please protect your ears. ;)

First Place

Ten winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item.

» ajizzlehaze Simply 'icons'
We interrupt your browsing with this special announcement:
Hello. This is lawyer-bot. Due to me having too much time on my hands, I have found something in neopia that must be changed. TNT hopes this change will not inconvenience you and if it does, please don't send in any complaints, we just throw them away. From this point forward, buddy icons will now be referred to as simply 'icons' in order to keep from insulting those who have no buddies but wish to use the icons. That is all.
This has been a public service announcement from your local 'Lawyer-bot for equal treatment of everything' group.
» favhp Techo Mountain
Visits to Mystery Island are not recommended, as Techo Mountain has been showing a great deal of volcanic activity. Residents in close proximately to the mountain are encouraged to evacuate. Possessions or body parts not insured cannot be reimbursed, should an eruption take place. This has been a Lawyerbot Public Service Announcement made possible by Tiki Tours.
» fizzyfruitdrops neo flu
i have flu so i decided to make it that lawyerbot has flu too
» mysticbynd SlothBot
Hi, this is Sloth's Minion, OWW, I mean, this is Lawyerbot! Your new best friend! Today at 3:55pm Neoptian time, several mutant grundos will visit Neopian Central. They are not here to overthrow anyone, nope! Nobody! They are starting a new.... AGENCY! Yah, an agency. So if you give them money and um....power then you will get a brand new.... AVATAR! Yup! A brand new avatar! This has been a Lawyerbot public announcement, bye-bye!
» psychedupgirl The Wishing Well Thief
Dr. Sloth is up to no good!!!
» rose_rox UFO Sightings
'Recently, sighings of a giant space craft have been reported looming over eastern Tyrannia, Central Neopia Central and northwest of Mystery Island. Rumours suggest a possible threat to---- HELLO NEOPIA, ENJOYING YOUR SHORT HOURS OF PEACE? THE CLOCK IS TICKING AND SOON YOU WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF DR. SLOTH AND HIS LOYAL MINIONS! MY LATEST AND GREATEST PLAN OF ACTION WILL COMMENCE AT EXACTLY 7:15 NEOPIAN STANDARD TIME, RIGHT AFTER MY ZURROBALL LESSONS. LOVE SLOTH... AHHAHA, HAHAHA---- um, as I was saying, rumours suggest a possible threat to the well-being of Neopia but of course this is false. This has been a Lawyer Bot Public Servie Announcement.'
» smallyellie DUNG IS FALLING!!!
DUNG IS FALLING!.......DUNG IS FALLING! **gets squished by one....uuuugh**
» toast1138748208571 Slorg Warning
Today, millions of neopians reported that Plushie Slorgs were in their cereal boxes. Some people liked it, others did not. Who would want a slimy Slorg? Warning! If you eat one of these, bad things will happen. This has been a Lawyerbot Public Service Announcement.
» twilight927 Merry-Go-Round Nightmare
The Roo Island Merry-Go-Round has gone haywire and has been spinning out of control for the past 5 hours. Passengers were tossed off and are stuck on treetops. The ride is unstable and may roll off into the ocean. Officials advise residents to evacuate because being squished by a rolling Merry-Go-Round is just not fun. This has been a public announcement from LAWYERBOT and the Coalition For The Development of Fun Things To Do In Roo Island.
» zebraxas PDA: Meepit Attack!
Today's Public Service Announcement is to remind you to lock all doors and windows, and do NOT under ANY circumstances go outside.

Second Place

Twenty lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item.

» bhamv8 Do not bowl with Jubjubs
Lawyerbot warns Neopians against using Jubjubs as bowling balls.
» billabong_babeey Mutant Hotdogs
There have been sightings of mutant hotdogs wandering around Neopia. Recent interviews with Hubert say that he denies having anything to do with it. Experts say we should stay indoors and eat vegetables. You're listening to an official lawyerbot annnouncement.
» cc_pizza101 Please Report to Faerie Land.
'Will all Neopians please report to Faerie Land for an all out cat fight (figure of speech) between, Dark Faerie, Jhudora, and Earth Fareie, Illusen. Thank you, also please do not try to use the Rainbow Fountain, it is out of order, and another note will the owner of a Dung Meepit, please remove him from the Fountain ,Thank you this Was Lawyer Bot's Announcements. Good Day and Goodbye'
» cdnqtpie Neopians For A Cleaner Meridell!
Neopians For A Cleaner Meridell Public Service Announcement :
This is an important announcement from the Meridell Rubbish Dump. Due to overwelming complaints from the neopians in Meridell. The Rubbish Dump will be moving out of Meridell because of the atrocious odor, the junky appearance and the astonishing number of visitors. It will now be located in Lord Darigan's Chambers. (just don't tell him) This has been a message from the NFACM-Neopians For A Cleaner Meridell.
» chris72rogers Sloth Caught Swimming
Please Dont Laugh To Hard At Me!!! lol
» dawnmomoffour 'Scorching News Flash'
Here is my entry for the Random Contest. The beginning and ending voice (which are also mine) are the announcer announcing the ad to come. My lawyerbot voice is also my own.
» doggylover286 Lawyerbot Public Service
Warning: please do not go outdoors today, as there happen to be several mortogs falling straight out of the atmosphere. Do not let your neopets outside as they may fall in love with these frog-like petpets and try to kiss them for some strange, demented reason. If your pets get a disease, you cannot sue because I'm the only lawyer on this website. This has been a Lawyerbot Public Service Announcement. Over.
» funneokid7 Hide Your Asparagus!
Make sure Adam doesn't get to your asparagus....
» geneames1 Meepit EWS
Vital Public Svc Announcement
» horselover62341 Unstable Faerieland cloud
Your attention please. A part of the Faerieland cloud has become unstable. several Poogles fell through the cloud and got stuck in the Giant Jelly. Please be careful passing through the Faerieland area. This announcement has been brought to you by the We Think Faerieland is Unsafe Lawyerbot Committee (WTFISLC). Thank you, Goodbye.
» incheesuswetrust Neoschool Closings
'The following Neoschools in the Neopia Unified School District will be closed today due to their lack of creation: Faerieland High, Faerieland Continuation, Mystery Island High, Tyrannia Secondary, West Terror Mountain High, East Terror Mountain High, Krawk Island High, Meridell Secondary, Maraqua Southwest, Maraqua Northwest, and Neopia Central. This has been a public service announcement by Lawyerbot and the Board of Trustees of the Neopia Unified School District.'
» inuyashas_mistress Dear Altodorians
Message 4-*scratchy noises* 04...
» invisibleassassin Run Tyrannia
This is a Public Audio BroadCast this is not a test I repeat this is not a test Run Tyrannia the volcan has overcooked the giant egg and now the yoke is running all over mountain so unless you have a giagantic piece of toast Run! Again this is not a test!
» leechypeach Lawyerbot Code Five
Listen to this newscast before going outside, or taking your asparagus out of the freezer.
» letter110 Avoid: Yellow Snowpuffs
[Mika and Carassa, of the Igloo Garage sale, were found guilty this morning of selling faulty stores. Judge Hog would like to warn all Neopian citizens to avoid the yellow snowpuffs- they may not be lemon flavoured.]
» picklepunk189 Staff Arguement
The Staff room is exploding with conflicts.Adam is throwing Meepits at the dartboard and Donna is Breaking the Asparagus sticks in half.Most have gone on strike.Will they ever become associates again?
» qbureau Random Tutu Attacks
Rumor has it that Lawyerbot escaped, but it's just a rumor...
Many of you are aware of the random Tutu attacks on some members of TNT. An unknown Neopian has been sneaking up on unsuspecting individuals and wrapping them in pink frilly Tutus. Recently we have had an increase in random Tutu attacks on citizens of Neopia, the latest being Dr. Sloth and Brucey B. All Neopians are urged to be vigilant and take cover should they hear any rustling noises. The Tutu material can chafe and cause nasty scrapes. Neopets, Inc. cannot be held liable for the cost of treating injuries or humiliation resulting from a random Tutuing.
This has been another friendly Lawyerbot announcement made to ensure the safety of Neopians ...ahhhh! Hey, what are you doing! Get that pink frilly thing away from me or else...*RUSTLE RUSTLE*
» roethelisberger7 Farmers Collecting Garbage?
(Music) And welcome to the neopets public announcement center, the merry acres farm will be closed today because of the sickening of the farmers by eating rotten dung (cough) yes rotten dung. They are being treated by the faeries but no garbage collection will be taking place today. Thank You and this has been a Neopets Public Announcement
» sonny_iz_cute Asparagus Attacks???
Today neopians all over neopia were attacked by falling asparagus... It come from the sky...
» xxpngxx pant devil!
To all the new neopians, please remember that we have a pant devil. You may be wondering what this is, a pant devil is a creature that steals your pants. This pant devil is blue and looks like a wannabe-ghost. Please protect your pants all the time. Do not be alarmed. If you don't protect your pants, he eats them, and later comes back for more. This has been a lawyerbot public service annoucement.

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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