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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Picturesque Postcards from Paradise

First Place

Ten winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Uni Meadows by chipster33
To my mild acquaintance TNT,

To escape the hustle and bustle of Neopia Central I decided to retreat to a sweet peaceful refuge called Uni Meadows. Here, there are no slot machines, shops, restaurants, random wheels that give away prizes, or talking statues. Nope, just green fields as far as the eye can see and a serene cloudless sky. Which leads me onto another point.

THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE! I'm so bored, that I'm CRYING right now! I dearly hope that my tears didn't smudge the address, but if they did, I'm sorry. Not like that would affect you since you wouldn't receive my card, but still! There's nothing to do here, honestly! I keep on meeting random frolicking Unis who just say how "happy" they are and how "nice" the day is. It's sickening! How can they be so happy when it's so boring? I've walked through so many fields just to reach this postbox, all the same shade of horrendous green, might I add. This postbox is even green! The air is way too fresh out here, as well. Where's the smog? I know you might think I'm whining over nothing now, but when theres no smog, theres nothing to cover up the smell of the things that the Unis leave behind if you catch my drift.

Please, please, my pets aren't coming to fetch me for too weeks longer, but I can't take it. You have to loan me some money so that I can get out of here. I left all of my cash in the city since I wanted to "forsake materialism." Pah! Please help me, the Unis are coming back soon.

You know I'm really desperate,


Lost Desert Fiasco - It was Great! by cloudybliss
Dear TNT,

While you are all crammed into your stuffy cubicles, I have been having a wonderful time here in the Lost Desert. When I arrived, my suitcase had melted shut in the blazing summer sun. I smelled worse than the Meridell Rubbish Dump because I couldn't change my clothes for a few days, and on the third day I realized that I'd tried to open the suitcase on the wrong side. After that debacle, I decided to visit the Temple of 1000 Tombs, where I was promptly poisoned, squashed, drowned, and attacked in every doorway I encountered while trying to reach the exit. Strangely enough, whoever crafted those tombs seemed to have not been expecting many visitors. I spent three lovely days in the hospital. Their pudding is simply amazing, by the way, and room and board are completely free. Finally, I was healthy enough to leave the hospital. When I returned, I wanted to write you a postcard, but that old coot Jazan had zapped the city into oblivion, and I only had a stick to draw in the sand. I tried doing that for a day or two before I realized that you would never see it, so I ran down to the corner of the desert that had not been completely annihilated and started writing this postcard there.

I hope you're well,
Cloudybliss and Entransca


Bleh! by fuzzynavel12389
Dear TNT (but mostly Adam),

I'm writing to you from Asparagus World! I kinda got here by accident. I was on the very edge of the Lost Desert when I walked over the line between the hemispheres of Neopia, so now I'm in the part of the world that isn't shown on the explore page. I cleverly disguised myself with the "Bleh!" avatar so the locals wouldn't notice me. They were all asparagus colored, not just the Chias. Let me just say that the Chias were the best looking of the group. The temperature was pleasantly warm but the humidity was high. It felt like I was being steamed! I browsed through the market place and found so many uses for asparagus besides food. I'm not saying there weren't good asparagus recipes; I had an entire 4 course meal made just of asparagus that was to die for.

The games were different than the regular Neopian games. There was the Stalk Throw, which was a combination of Ultimate Bullseye and the javalin toss, and Butter Sliding, where you try to slide as far as you can on a floor that's been greased with butter. But my favorite was Asparagus Fencing. I beat everyone at that!

I think Neopia is missing a real treat by not being able to visit Asparagus World. Everyone should know that it's a real place, unlike Jelly World. All of you TNT guys need to bug Adam about it;) And so this little secret stays between us, this postcard will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

~Debbie aka fuzzynavel


My trip to Tyrannia by kiteekat74ny
Greetings from Tyrannia!

I am happy to report I am still in one piece, for now. First of all my pteradactlyl flight was very scary, I almost fell off his back a couple times and I started clinging to his neck for dear life, which he apparantly didn't like since he tried to nip me more then once. When we flew over Tyrannia I guess I got a little overexcited at the breathtaking view and squeezed a little too hard. He got really mad and unceremoniously tossed me off his back!! My life flashed before my eyes as I fell from way up in the sky. Luckily this giant omelette broke my fall. I had been too scared to eat on the flight, so I was famished. I made sure noone was looking and I swiped a piece of the omelette. It was a really tasty piece of sausage omelette. I wandered around and saw some people sitting in front of this giant wheel that seemed to spin FOREVER, meh, how monontonous! And I was lucky enough to see Chomby and the Fungus Balls live!!! I got you a jacket, a cd and a baseball cap, all signed, go me!! Anyway, I better get going, my hand is cramping from chizzeling this postcard out on stone. *sigh* Would be nice if I could find a piece of paper around here, the postage cost is gonna be killer!!! Well, I think I am gonna risk the hike back to Terror Mountain, so if you don't hear from me in a week send a search party, ok?

Wish you were here,
Dingleberry Flibbertyjibbet


Greetings from the Haunted Woods by nimras23
Dear TNT,

So far my stay in the Haunted Woods has been great! Of course, switching from a day-time schedule to a night-time one has been a little hard. Despite being sleepy, I've learned loads of stuff for my new book. The number of tombstones at the Game Graveyard is staggering; who knew the Orange Shirt Guy had so many deceased games?

I've met a very nice artist, a Halloween Aisha by the name of Matta, tomorrow we're going to the Deserted Fairground together. She promises that it's really not deserted, but adding the 'Deserted' to the name increased tourism by 35%. Tourism is the big business here, I find that a bit odd; but coming from Meridell it's hard for me to envision an economy based on anything but agriculture.

Matta grew up here in the Haunted Woods, so she's full of local lore and customs. She says the Brain Tree really isn't as smart as it leads everyone to believe, and that the Esophagor has only managed to get full once; when some questing hero dumped a whole wagonload of omeletts down its gullet. Matta was there when it happened, and gave me a sketch of it. It's really funny; the poor Esophagor's cheeks are all puffed up like a Zebie trying to eat two potatoes at a time.

Meepits run rampant here, you almost always see one watching you. It's almost enough to make you wonder if they have people watching shifts they all report to duty for. Speaking of Meepits, I hope the once in the office aren't giving you too much trouble.

Best wishes,
Nimras Nightpounce


Fun in the Ruins of Old Maraqua by o_apollo_o
Dear TNT,

My time in the Ruins of Old Maraqua sure has been spent great. I love to listen to the sloshing of the water as my limbs nimbly navigate me to the many destinations of this wonderful world.

Oh! I need to tell you this, you see, I came across a little stone figurine. Someone probably dropped it out of a collection or something in the surface world, and it must have casually floated down here. It's of a very pretty faerie; the craftsman must have spent forever on those eyes, for they're kind of captivating. Not to mention, I scored a pretty cool red medallion off of it. It was just draped around the neck, so I figured, Why not take it? It had a golden chain and looked expensive. I bet I could score at least one hundred thousand neopoints off of it. I'm wearing it right now.

Man, I'm getting pretty cold; I thought these were somewhat tropic waters. I need to get some excersise in to warm myself up, not to mention I'm feeling kind of stiff.

I also got in a fight with what looked like a humongous Slugawoo earlier today. He told me to go away. I was all like, Tell your mom to go away! Then I made him cry, at least I think he cried; it's hard to tell in water.

I'd better wrap this up; my hand is starting to turn grey and severely cold. It must be writers' cramp. It must be a serious case as well, since my whole body is grey too. I'm having trouble moving, so I'm signing off until later.

Hoping this isn't what it feels like to get frozen,



No more jelly! by pferde80
Dear Donna,

Hope all is well back at headquarters. We experienced some heavy turbulence on the flight and had to land early, but to tell the truth, I'm not sure where we are exactly. The locals keep offering us jelly food, but I'm not sure I can eat any more of it! A glowing green Chomby keeps running through during mealtimes and yelling 'Yippee! Jelly!' I guess they don't have jelly where he's from. He was pretty excited when I told him he could have my portion tonight.

The bed is a strange purple color, and it sways as we sleep. The Blumaroo maid has this strange spring in her step as she walks through the hall. I guess she just loves her job. It seems we always have this odd feeling that we should take a shower, but I think it's just the humidity around here.

The captain says the storm should blow over by tomorrow, so we can continue to Mystery Island. We'll write again after we arrive safely. Keep Adam in line while we're away! I'm sure we'll have some amusing photos for you when we get back! Remember to take good care of Ackries and Zaique while we're away.

Not wanting to see jelly again for a long time,

Falkeren (and Razith, too)


Haunted Woods by starshin2006
Dear TNT,

I hope you guys are doing great. I'm here in the sunny -- oh wait, scratch that...not so sunny Haunted Woods. I spent the better part of the day being sent out by that creepy monster to get food for him and then all he did was mumble somethings about people I've never heard of dates and places where they died. How morbid. Anyways, I got to go to the deserted fairgrounds too. I tried my hand at some of those fairground games...I've never been good at them, and I know the people say they're not rigged, but I have the lingering suspicion that they may only be out for my money. Who knows? I should be going now, that creepy monster is making such a fuss, honestly, I have never know a creature to eat as much JUNK as he does...just stuffing his face all day long. Can't he get up and get it himself instead of whining about how hungry he is and only paying me back with some useless information? But I've been enjoying myself. I wouldn't reccommend coming here though, unless you want to be turned into a gopher.

Yours nocturnally,



Greetings from Meridell! by vizerdrix

Wow! You wouldn't believe the sights here in Meridell! These people are *so* provincial! Would you believe that one of the passtimes is rolling overly-priced cheeses down a hill?!? And if you don't win, you have to give the cheese back! Not that I'd want a cheese that's been rolled around in the dirt...

Today, I went to one of the big farms here, and there was dung EVERYWHERE! When I tried to leave, the Bori who owned the place actually lifted up my feet to make sure I didn't steal any! I was careful, though, so he gave me a spiffy new avatar!

Tomorrow, I have an interview with the KING! Wow, how cool is that? There's only one catch, I have to tell him a joke... We both know that the only joke I know is the one about "Why did the Pteri cross the road". I hope he hasn't heard it before!

Gotta go! If I don't make it back next week, please send someone over to rescue me from the dungeon, okay?

Your world-travelling friend,



Greetings from Terror Mountain by wolf_myth
Dear Neopets Team,

I do hope this Postcard finds you. The Bori I gave it too seemed a little confused. But that's what you get when you travel to Terror Mountain. Golly Gee it sure is cold up here. I'll have you know that the Scratch Card Kiosk is a rip off. The Wocky told me himself, he only lets the people he likes win. And The Snowager nothing more then a computer animated robot! Gosh can you believe it? Apart from finding out those secrets my pets and I have been enjoying ourselves. We've stocked up on slushies, my pets looked wide eyed at the petpets and hoped they would get one for Christmas. We also had many snowball fights with the friendly Chias. Yes going to Happy Valley, The Ice Caves, and Terror Mountain turned out to be the perfect vacationing spot.

Wolf_myth, Shadow, Prince, Marley, and Veiltra


Second Place

Twenty lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

From Sloths Sock Drawer by _seina
Dear TNT,
Did you know that Sloth wears pink polka-dotted, purple striped and spotted socks?! Well if you didn't, now you do. How do I know this, you ask? Why of course, I'm hiding in his sock drawer. I was originally on a group tour through Sloth's house, but I stayed behind everyone and sneaked into his drawer without anyone looking. Spiffy, eh? xD And, besides his uber nifty socks, he has- you wouldn't believe this- a little linty(and stale smelling) Meepit that sorts his socks out by smell! (The smelliest ones from last Tuesday are on the far-right) Anyhow, I better go before he reaches in for a pair~ Wish you were here :)
P.S. Here enclosed is the ultimate souvenier-a sock from his drawer :D

From Seina


My Trip to Tyrannia by adamgreg
Dear TNT,

I must write quickly, as I'm currently in line to see Chomby and the Fungus Balls at the Concert Hall in Tyrannia! Boy have I been having fun here! Not only do they have an incredible TWO wheels here, but there's this all-you-can-eat egg buffet right in the middle of the plateau! I'd like to see Faerieland beat that! Not to mention entertainment... mini golf, keno, Kacheekers, GoGoGo... there's something for everyone here in Tyrannia! But if you ever decide to go there, be sure to stay out of the Lair of the Beast. I learned that the hard way. It's a good thing I had some pie when I found the beast. All I had to do was offer him some pie in return for his promise to keep me alive (He couldn't refuse! Everybody loves pie!). So, yes, it's been quite an adventure here. I just have to say, thank goodness for Rubix Cubes. Waiting for the Wheel of Monotony to stop spinning can be awful without something to bide the time. And don't eat anything from the Tyrannian Food store: most of their food is covered in spines and hurts more than it solves your hunger. And I'd reccomend not visiting the Giant Omelette between the hours of 12:00 and 5:00 PM: steaming egg can create quite a stench that even the best of laundry detergents can't neutralize. Well, I better get going. The concert's about to start, and the fans are starting to throw things in their excitement. Many of these things are hitting me square in the head, so I better go before I get knocked out and forget that I wrote this letter at all.

Wish You Were Here,


Just Another Day In Paradise by alyah77
Dear TNT,

Greetings from Kiko Lake! I'm so glad that I decided to vacation here! The sights are simply amazing. I've found that the best way to enjoy the view is to make a comfortable spot on the shore around sunset. It's such a happy and colorful village!

There are all kinds of delicious treats, my personal favorite being the Choco Mint Rock Slices. Yummy! I bought a lovely shell mirror for my neohome. You wouldn't believe the furniture that the talented Kiko carpenter makes! It's breathtaking! And most of the materials are simple shells and coral!

I've made friends with the Tour Guides, particularly the one that runs the Glass Bottom Boat Tours. I must have taken the tour 20 times! It's fun to watch the new tourists marvel at the sites under the lake. No matter how many times I go on the tour, I'm still amazed at the amount of work the Kikos put into making their homes spectacular.

I've seen a few Jetsam swimming in the lake (good thing the water is clear). Therefore, taking a dip in the lake is probably the safest near the shore. I don't swim where my feet can't touch the bottom.

Everyone has made me feel welcome, which is much appreciated. I'm supposed to leave in a few days, but I don't want to. Maybe I'll stay a bit longer. Once you visit Kiko Lake, it's very hard to convice yourself leave.

Bringing home souveniers,

Ubber Duncan the Baby Shoyru


Help! by anamya
When friends told me that Meridell was a nice place to go, I thought I would walk on plains and eat delicious fruits. But what is this place? There are pets trying to invade castles, a huge turm-something snoring as a locomotive, archers turtums and a completely crasy ixi shifting pictures all day long. Dear TNT, I wouldnt care to spend a few days here, but after being knocked down for a bunch of potatoes, I gave up. I couldnt even get an avatar before fainting! Someone please rescue me from this surreal place before those dark being decide to get out of the flying castle and things get worse.
Ana Mya
PS: Oh, and all that dung! That dung!


Haunted Holiday by celticspirt
Dear Friend,

Well what can I say about what has happened so far on this oh so lovely trip. I have met this guy named Sidney. Overall nice but he speaks oddly, almost like a snake. I have to keep dodging these clown chia's as they try to beat me up with cream pies. I am staying at the Haunted House which is not so bad except for the fact that before I could get there I had to make all of these decisions to just get into the place. Then there are all of these people asking me to get them things. A Witch keeps asking for things to make magical items and another wants food that is expensive. I mean couldn't he just be happy with a pumpkin pie or something? I did have a good time watching some faeries playing until this Lupe came out of nowhere and captured them in little jars. The worst thing is that I will probably have to return home early as I have wasted most of my money playing these games here trying to win something. I think that they might be rigged or something.

So overall, I think that I will have to have a long talk with the person that suggested that I vacation here in the Haunted Woods when I find my way back.

Sincerely Yours, Aleryna The Baby Uni


Lost Desert by crazy4jrt5
Dear TNT,

You know how you said vacationing in the Lost Desert would be a life changing experience? How about species changing! I can't even write you a letter, I had to hire an overly pricey scribe to dictate my message, seeing as how I have no hands! No hands, you say? Yeah, no hands! No feet! No nothing! I thought it would be fun to visit the Temple of 1,000 tombs, turns out not so much.

Your favorite Pile of Sand,



Terror Mountain Vacation? by digimon_calumon
Dear TNT,

I cannot believe I managed to find a mailbox here in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain and a pen that did not freeze before I could use it. It is quite cold and windy here, so I do not wish you were here, it is so cold I can't even remember why I came here for my vacation.

I have had some fun here, despite the miserable weather, and have some great ideas for a game with some of the stuff I have witnessed here. Like when I visited the Negg faerie, and got kicked out of her shop for drooling on a Super Negg.

By far the best part of my trip was the journey I took with some of the inhabitants of the Ice Caves to visit the Snowager. We waited until the massive worm was asleep to make our attack. We quietly crept towards the giant pile of treasure, and as I got closer, I spontaneously shouted in excitement as I leapt upon the Snowagers stash. I now realize that that was not the greatest of ideas, as the Snowager woke up and stared us right in the face. We were so scared we ran as fast as we could out of the cave, forgetting to take some treasure with us. Maybe I will try again next year.

Cold and Exhausted,



Deserted Fairgrounds by enjoi_gummis
Dear Neopets Team-

Hello to you up there in bright Neopia Central... I'm...er... stuck in the Deserted Fairgrounds. You see, the bagatelle Lupe, Sidney, and Arnold are holding me hostage after I tried to report them to the Neopolice for fraud. Honestly, I was only doing a good deed! I guess the people of the Deserted Fairgrounds aren't as willing to be liberated from thieves as the Lost Desert citizens were. Anyhow, I am only allowed one letter, and I'm writing to you, in hopes you can do something to help me! Please, I ask of you, send someone to rescue me!

Distressed and a Hostage,
Brucey B.


Roo Island Roundup by illianatgd
Dear TNT,

Do you miss me? Of course you do! I just wanted to tell you that I have arrived on Roo Island, and it looks like it could be a good time! They have a fabulous Merry-Go-Round that Phantasiia absolutely adores, and a few games that are intriguing. (You could say they are a little dicey here...hehehe!) Anyway, we have decided to stay a little longer due to the rather ludicrous rumor that there is some sort of blood sucking Blumaroo running rampant around here. We are hoping to camp out tonight and see if we can spot him. Joye says Hi! and Phantasiia is hollering something about being rescued, so I guess that's my cue. See you when we get back!

Hoping your petpet can be turned back,



It's not what I expected but... by ilovemypoogleisback
Dear TNT,

After you suggested I take a trip to the Lost Desert, I gave it some thought and decided 'Why not..I'll walk on the wild side'. WRONG! In fact, I didn't do much walking at all. Upon finding that is not only was missing but was also in the smack dab middle of a sandstorm, I found that the trap door of the petpet shop apparently stuck around to greet me. I spent five days trying to yell loud enough so that the construction guards at the end of the little trail would hear me but all they did was poke and prod at my arms. They also pointed and laughed, which I didn't expect. Eventually they were there so long that they couldn't shave so when they fell asleep finally, I climbed up one of the men's beard and ran into the distance. Did you know there is some sort of temple there? It's really strange, I went in and all of the sudden i was a pile of sand! Who knew?! Well...I have to go now because the Cobrall that has been attatched to my leg for the past day or so is causing me to go numb again and I have to take care of that (I think I'm allergic ^.^) Thanks for the suggestion, but next time, I'll just go to Kiko lake and get third degree sunburns as my way of fun! Hope to see you soon...if I will still be able to see when I return back to Neopia Central.

Always in pain because of you,
Sara (Ilovemypoogleisback)


Wish You Were Here...Seriously! by kako144555
Dear TNT,
I have no idea where I am, or how I got this paper in the middle of the ocean, so I figured I'd write to you. Last time I checked, I was in the Lost Desert when this very angry-looking Kyrri glared at me. The next thing I know, I'm floating around in the ocean with nothing but an inner tube and a toothbrush. So far, all I've seen is a lot of water. But it's very salty, so I don't suggest trying it. A pteri dropped a load of dung on my inner tube just now, so I'm very sorry for the smudge on this postcard. Yikes! I've got to cut this short, since a Jetsam just started grinning really big over there...

Wish you were here...seriously, get over here right now!


My evil pets by kool_kat_818
Greetings from Spooky Haunted Woods. My pets made me come here. Im freaked out. Your lucky your not here! Help me. The brain tree is tapping me. Edna is laughing at me also. TNT if my pets don't here me telling them about the new avatar I got for sending this postcard. Im never going to hear the end of the Test your Strength guy poking me with the mallet and me screaming on the top of my lungs. This wasn't the vacation I was hoping for. Haunted woods is a place were little neopets poke me and say. "Hey lady! Take off the mask and give us some candy!" It was kinda cute the first time. The lady from the cork gun gallery gave the little gun to my baby acara Aquawind. It was a very very bad idea.That vacation made me lose all my hard earned neopoints. I kept telling my pets neopoints dont grow on trees. All they could say was that how do you explain the money tree? Then we went for a quest at the brain tree. Aquawind asked him why does he ask neopets when and where other neopets died? He went speechless and then swung his branches. I ran away with her after my other pets went running. Later my Kacheek put a pumpkin on his head and scared the meepers out of me. And thats what I remember, Or want to remeber about our vacation to the Haunted Woods. And hopefully the last. Never drink the water. This creepy shoyru was laughing at us after we drank the water.
~Wish I was with you. Kool_kat_818


Maraquan Vacation by mommyspitfyre
Dear TNT:

Just dropping a line to tell you how my vacation is going. I arrived in Maraqua a couple days ago and so far, almost everything is going just swimmingly. A couple things could be better, like this one snobby maitre'd at a restaurant who keeps telling me to make a reservation but won't let me make one! Also, choices in cuisine are kinda limited here (don't come here if you don't like eating seaweed) and the drinks are pretty watered down. There are some pretty neat shops though, and I've already gone fishing several times but never seem to catch anything but rotten shoes (which is kinda funny cause no one here wears shoes!).

Anyway, gotta go now, something fishy seems to be happening outside my door, I gotta check it out.



Kiki Kiko visits Maraqua by mymymaineko
Dear TNT,

Although I mistrust the whirlpool posts and am not entirely sure the ink Isca gave me is waterproof, I send you my greeting from Maraqua. Although it is odd to be out of the fresh waters of Kiko Lake and submerged into chill salt waters, Maraqua is an excellent vacation point for any Kiko wishing to indulge and get a glimpse of some more exotic corals. Their corals are flashy and towering, which I'm sure some of my fellow Kikos would love to get a hold of in order to make some new furniture. Maraqua is lovely, adorned with gilded accents and Maractite; the city glistens with regality that one is hard pressed to find elsewhere in Neopia. I did manage to eat at the renowned Kelp, despite the protest of my wallet. The food was artfully presented in likenesses of various sea creatures and gilded monuments scattered city-wide. The service-ware was abalone accented with pearl, while the napkins were made of gilded Sulgawoo spinnings. I must say, Kelp certainly is worth the wait. After such a lavish meal, I walked along Maraqdeo Drive, ogling at the pricey but well known Maraquan designer goods. I did manage, however, to pick up some uniquely fanciful shells, which I plan to prominently display on my Amber Coral Coffee Table. If Maraqua were not so pricey, I would consider convincing more of my neighbors to visit for extended periods of time here. Maraqua has abundant coral, but I suppose Kiko Lake has its advantages of being such a tight knit community and having such pristine crystal clear waters! All in all, Maraqua is a fantastic and lavish destination for any vacation. Besides, if I didn't come back, who would run the glass-bottomed boat tours?

Kiki Amber Kiko


Jelly World? by penguin_girl500
Dear TNT,

I was on my way to my vacation in Jelly World when I realized there was no such place. So instead I have spent my vacation with the Lawyerbot. I had no idea where the little guy went when he wasn't making sandwiches and so helpfully advising us not to visit Kreludor. I painted myself and my pets with an Invisible Paint Brush and we've been stalking him all week. Surprisingly, he only wears his left sock. He eats all the right ones. But now I have the problem that I have no idea where my pets are. Anyway, hope you are well and that there is plenty of asparagus for all.

Much tintinnabulation to you,
The user-of-very-large-words


Postcard from Lost Desert by renyanii
Dear TNT,

It may be my last postcard. My trip to the Lost Desert is turning into an awful nightmare. I went to this place at least once a month for the last fifteen months. But this time...

When I arrived there, everything was as it's always been. Sun shining everywhere, heat all around, taning on the banks of the lake close to the Coltzan's Shrine, and shoping among Sakhmet City's shops. I even bought a little Geb for my Ixi. Hoped to bring some to my friends, but it was the only one left in the shop.

But some days ago, a strange traveler came to Sakhmet City, wanting to marry Princess Amira. Then everything messed up. The Princess refused to marry him once, then twice, so the stranger finally turned angry and called for incredible magical powers to make the entire city vanish!

I was outside of it at this time, so I was left on the sand, quite alone. The whole city have disappear now, as all the shops, and there may be no way to bring them back. There's only the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Coltzan's Shrine and the Swarm thing left. But I'm helping some of Amira's ministers to unveil a huge Pyramid buried in the sand called "Scroll Repository". They all hope that it could help bringing the city back.

I hope we'll be able to, or I'm not sure that I'll ever come back to my home...

Promise me you'll never come to the Lost Desert before I tell you that it's danger free.



The Space Station by riddicus
I took a trip to the Space Station, I'd like to say all is well, but, it could be better. I pulled a lever and got smacked in the face, I guess it did warn me. A fuzzle bit me, I didn't even know fuzzles could bite! Some angry grundos locked me in a safe and I had to spellspellspell just to get out! The food isn't so bad, the big scary chef that watches everyone eat makes it taste all the better.. Eep.. I got to smack sloth a few times with a newspaper, even though he was a sock puppet it was thrilling! Well, time to go, the gormball match is starting!

See you if I don't get kidnapped by grundos,
Rezuran (The changing pet)


***** World by ruuff
Dear tnt,
Hope all is well in LA. I'm here in ***** world. You wouldn't believe it! Everything here is made of orange *****! At night you can hear the town jiggling, a bit distracting at first, but it doesn't take long to fall asleep in your squishy lemon ***** bed and your orange ***** pillow. My pet Gallows got in big trouble when he took a bite out of one of the shops, and now we're banned from bouncy supreme... We were worried when Gallows's petpet Tiburn disappeared, but a little while later, he showed up with something green and sticky on his flippers and a contented look on his face. Anyhow, good luck with the Lost Desert plot. I'll send you a souvenir; I saw some Lemon and Thornberry ***** that I think you'll like! See you when I get back.
-ruuff and Gallows

--NOTE: This message may have been censored by the TheresNoSuch ThingAsJellyWorld commission--

--PS: There is no such thing as a world entirely made of jelly, so stop asking. --


To: TNT by toshia889
Dear TNT,

I'm staying at a small inn on Krawk Island. How are you? The people here are nice. (Just don't cross paths with anyone who looks like a pirate; if they look like a pirate they most likely are...) I am having lots of fun sampling the 'interesting' cuisine... It's pretty good food. Well, except that one dish that moved across my plate when I poked it with my fork... But other than that, I'm having a blast!

Wish you were here,


Jelly World... not that it exists... by wefix
(sent in a bottle)

Dear TNT,

Having tried the "other" Tiki Tour to save a few NP , I find myself in a strange land. It's colorful and a bit bouncy. The buildings look strange but are quite tasty. Dueced hard keeping your balance while site seeing!

There's this HUGE volcanoe that is constantly erupting. Fascinating to watch and it's delicious!

I've been told Chaffy Carl's Cruises will be back in 2 weeks, with any luck, so hopefully I can get home. There's no other way off the island. Everyone seems a bit confused if I ask how to get back to Neopia Central. When I try to explain the map of Neopia or historical people they get very irate.

If you ever get the chance to visit, don't mention Borovan. The Hungry Chomby insisted he doesn't exist and then chased me down the road. I tripped, so bounced, and ended up on some building.

I hope this note finds you. Tell my pets I miss them and hope they enjoy their visit in the Neolodge.



Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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