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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Bright Potions

What oh what to do?

One of the team seems to have a rather unusual rash. : / We believe they are in need of a potion, but there is no one around to make it! Well, it seems that will have to be your challenge over the next couple of weeks. Create a potion (an actual potion, not a drawing or a clay replica), it can be something you eat, or a topical treatment. (If the potion is something you eat please make sure it is edible/not poisonous, same goes for the topical ones... make sure they won't hurt anyone.) These should be Brightvale themed. Ask for help from an adult if needed. Please tell us what what your potion is, how it should be used, and what you used to make it in the description. We will judge entries on creativity, usefulness and how awesome they are. :)

LAWYERBOT says: The following potions and elixers are only viable in Neopia. They may not be effective where you live and you should not create, eat, apply or otherwise digest any of these concoctions without adult supervision.

First Place

Ten winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Leaded Light Vial Sunburn Treatment
by creamandcoffee
As it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I decided it would be fitting to make a topical treatment for sunburn! Like the neopets version, this Leaded Light Vial defends us from overexposure to light. This potion moisturizes and relieves sunburnt skin and helps repair damaged skin cells. Details of how to make and more are shown in the image. Hope you all enjoy it and it useful!

Flask of Liquid Fire
by fluffiehmedic
A lovely panacea is fire--so the ideal potion for me to create is one based on the Brightvale Potions' Flask of Liquid Fire!
Inside this painted flask (oil-jar-turned-flask) is a fiery potion with some fruit and sweetness to balance out the tongue-singeing flame. The culinary elements of fire such as ginger, cinnamon, peach, and marigold petals blend harmoniously in this (SPICY!!!) tea-like potion.
WARNING: Please do NOT throw this at anyone. It is not a battledome weapon but a drink.

Elixir of Intellect
by jazzehness
My mother (seeker_of_spirit) is an herbalist, and as soon as I saw this week's Random Contest I knew it would be perfect for both of us! We decided to come up with a recipe for the Elixir of Intellect. I used my artistic skills to decorate the bottle, and she used her knowledge on plants to help me come up with an elixir that's able to actually promote a healthier brain.
Our first step was to create a tea from peppermint and red clovers. We used a teabag filled with peppermint and some freshly picked red clover blossoms for this tea, using a tea strainer for the blossoms, and let it steep for twenty minutes. The longer you steep it, the stronger the tea becomes! Peppermint is well known for improving memory and focus. Just the aroma of peppermint can stimulate your mind, but drinking peppermint tea can do this too. Peppermint tea can also reduce stress and help settle stomach issues like poor digestion and nausea. Red clover is another plant that can help your body in a wide variety of ways, but for this elixir we're using it for its ability to promote calmness and a positive mood. After all, it would be hard to use your intelligence if you had an upset stomach or weren't in a good mood!
I tasted the tea after it had steeped, and it was indeed very strong! It had a nice taste to it and it left a minty and chilly aftertaste in my mouth, which was interesting (in a good way) compared to the temperature of the hot tea. However, since I like my tea sweet, I decided to add some of my mom's violet honey. Any kind of honey can be used to add a bit of flavor to and sweeten tea, but I love how violet honey tastes. (All you have to do to make it is fill a jar with violets, add plenty of honey into the jar with them, and let the jar sit for six weeks!) I didn't add it just for flavor, either. Violets are healthy plants and help your body in a number of ways! More specifically, the violet flower (which my mom used for the honey, as opposed to the root or the leaf of the violet plant) is great for all of your senses! Heightened senses are definitely good for the brain, allowing one to think clearly about their surroundings. Once I added the violet honey, the taste of the elixir improved greatly. None of the strength of the mixture was lost, there was still the minty aftertaste, and it was now sweeter and had a light floral taste to it. Delicious!
To finish the elixir off, I decided to add some optional ingredients: a little bit of blueberry juice and add a couple drops of lemon juice. This gave the elixir a fruitier taste, added to the sweetness without being TOO sweet, and made the flavor of the concoction less powerful. I would suggest this for anyone who isn't a fan of strong tea. Some alternatives my mom and I thought of were to let some berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.) steep with the tea in order to add the flavor and nutrients of the berries without completely diluding the mixture with juice. We chose blueberry juice because of the fruit's ability to improve brain function. Memory and motor skills can be improved with blueberries and other kinds of berries. We only added a couple drops of lemon juice -- not enough to help with the mind or body, but enough to improve the flavor a bit -- but the lemon is also a healthy fruit and can help with anxiety and fatigue when enough of it is involved. You could also add sugar to make it even sweeter, just in case the honey or any of the other things you add aren't sweet enough.
After drinking the elixir, I was pleased by how energized I felt and how clear I was thinking. Even if it doesn't make you magically and instantly smarter, this elixir is bound to lead you on the right path to learning more and soaking in plenty of information about the world around you!
IMPORTANT: While we created this elixir recipe based around edible ingredients that can improve brain function and stimulate the mind, please keep in mind that you should be very careful about what kind of herbs and plants you put in and on your body. Even the most innocent looking plant can be harmful to you, so do some research or ask an herbalist about what is best for you if you plan on diving deeper into the world of herbalism.

by monaspassi
Introducing the all new *Rash-Away. A Soothing potion for skin rash. Oats have been used for a long time as a home remedy cure for rash. Now you can get your hands on it, without having to make it yourself. Because of it's all natural Ingredients, you can enjoy the potion on your skin and if you get some on your fingers, you can lick it right off and enjoy the berry blast in your mouth.
-Water from The Rainbow Fountain. *to make it extra effective.
-The finest oats of Brightvale.
-Fresh berries from Brightvale Fruits.
*Raspberries, Redcurrants and Blackberries
*100% home grown.
How to use : Just squeeze a little amount of it into your palm and rub on skin. be careful not to get in eyes, it might sting a little. (Berries are not known to be nice for the eyes. ) You can on the other hand if you desire, simply enjoy the healthy and wholesome potion by drinking it. What ever you decide to do with it, you can trust that it is 100% Natural and Safe.

Soothing Grenanna Salve
by naminoon
Soothing Grenanna Salve has been developed with Brightvale's King Hagan in mind. Primarily a topical treatment for scales/skin, this salve acts as a luxurious and rehydrating cream. To use as a treatment, apply directly to any dry or uncomfortable area of the skin. Because King Hagan is a Skeith, and therefore likes to eat quite a lot, this salve was also made to be edible (it goes great on toast)!
Ingredients: Grenannas/Banannas, Avacados, Fresh Mint Leaves, Chilled Chamomile Tea
Preparation: Slice up the avacados and soak the slices in the cold chamomile tea for about an hour. Drain the avacados and puree them with the mint leaves. Mash up the banannas/grenannas. Layer or mix the two pastes.
Soothing Grenanna Salve: Refreshing to touch, refreshing to taste!

The Zen Balm
by nyllyn2
New from the Royal Potionery! "The Zen Balm" - with it's Mote-infused formula and special Jelly-activated abilities - heralds a ground-breaking collaboration between the scientists of Brightvale and the workers of Meridell. The Zen Balm is made from a base of Kau milk (skim milk) and Non-Asparagus Yogurt (plain non-fat yogurt), provided by Meri Acres Farm. It is then carefully combined with granulated Zen Motes (sugar), a watchful eye being kept on the balm's consistency. Because of the Zen Motes' natural propensity for balance, The Zen Balm it is guaranteed to neutralize any ailment - especially rashes! Simply apply a small amount of the balm to the affected area for the Zen Motes to work their magic. For an especially stubborn itch, The Zen Balm may be eaten along with the provided Jelly Letters (we're not really sure where they came from...). Make sure the letters you eat are your favorite color for the best results! We hope The Zen Mote rids you of your unfortunate rash, and helps your mind be centered with the Neo-verse. Enjoy! (commemorative Brightvale Castle Tower Spoon and Stained Glass Fire Mote Topper available for a limited time only!)

Dr. Bob's Greenana Cream
by souliam
What oh what to do? One of the team seems to have shared dressingrooms with a sock eating colleague and got a rather unusual rash. : / We believe they are in need of a potion, but there is no one around to make it! Well, it seems that will have to be your challenge. Docter Bob, what to do????
Step1 Store 2 greenana's in sweaty sock of the suspect until yellow.
Step 2 Pick fresh mint at Meridell's castle garden. Put in bowl and squeeze out sock to soak the mint in sweat.
Step 3 Cut greenana's in cubes and freeze.
Step 4 Return sock to owner. Best NOT stay to chat and do not hug!!!
Step 5 Cut up mint and blend the frozen greenana's until creamy.
Step 6 Mix mint in with the cream. The mint has a nice cooling effect.
Step 7 Test it out on a few innocent pet(pet)s and check for any missing pixels. If safe, apply a thick layer on wherever is rash. No pixels where modified for this entry *COUGH*

Balm of Brightvale
by squeak13
Balm of Brightvale is an aromatic concoction of soothing Aloe Vera and whole German Chamomile flowers. It is meant to be applied topically, directly to the rash site. Application can be repeated throughout the day until the rash subsides. The decorative potion bottle was created using a handmade polymer clay design, shaped around the bottle and baked in an oven. A tiny replica of King Hagan's crown, also made with poly clay, is glued to the cork. A golden wired ribbon is the finishing touch.

The Sisters
by whenthebeastsplay
Geneve and Edna are two sisters who live just outside of Brightvale. Geneve was beautiful, and fair, while Edna was knobby and old. They worked together to create concoctions that would help with medical issues, such as rashes. Geneve known for her lustrous kisses, named her sweet remedy "Geneve's Healing Kiss". Edna was not so fortunate. She was known for how horrible it was to even give her a hug! She named her's "Edna's Healing Embrace". Edna's potion was just boiled onions, lemon juice, sprinkles and ground garlic. Her magic drink is to be drunk before Geneve's in one dose. Geneve made her medicine, sweet and sugary, just like her kisses. She gently stirred cold milk, cinnamon, lots of sugar, cloves, and purple colored crystals. Her potion is to be drunk in small doses for it is WAY to sweet. Geneve's potion rids your skin of bumps, and Edna's drink rids your skin of the rash's color! Enjoy! Hope your rash goes away soon!

Brightvale Balm
by windyblink
Dry skin? Brightvale Balm will help you out!

Second Place

Nineteen lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Elixir of Awakening
by 101bratz10
The image on the left is what the potion looks like before it has been packaged to be sold at the Royal Potionery in Brightvale. On the right is the bottle that the potion is contained in, which is modeled after the towers of the Brightvale Castle. The container has a functional umbrella to keep the potion cool on a hot day, with a straw through the middle to drink through. To make the container, I used a soda glass, Elmer's glue, Scotch tape, markers, green spray paint, cardboard, and a coffee filter. To make the potion, I used pulverized Mexican Mint, 7-Up soda, honey, and lemon juice. This potion is used to wake you up when you are still half asleep in the morning.

King Hagan's Wisdom Potion
by agente_suino
Made of lemon, kale, spearmint, ice and water, the King Hagan's Wisdom Potion was created with the intention to cure the stupid people of Brightvale of their silliness, making the King Hagan's kingdom the wisest of neopia. It should be drunk to have the desired effect. Hagan's beard and mustache are made of cardboard and his nose is made of modeling clay.

Mangcage Skin Softening Potion
by anime_ash2006
To make this skin-softening potion, I gave a little twist to something I use at home all the time! I used a few spoonfuls of Mango flavored yogurt, and a squirt of honey (and a drop of yellow food coloring, to add some color) to make this skin softening topical potion. Apply to dry skin and let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and a washcloth, and you'll have the softest skin in Brightvale! It also makes a yummy treat, so you can eat the leftovers when you're done softening your skin. It's useful AND tasty!

Potion Healthintell
by bru_sanches
The healthintell is made for heal, leaving stronger and smarter. Because it will cure 60% of your health, increase your strength by 10% and as a bonus by 40% of the intelligence of King Hagan's for a given time.You should drink it to cure, otherwise it will make it worse. The potion is made of one mango, one kiwi, one orange and a sparkling water bottle. Put everything in a blender and voila! Your healthintell is ready to cure you.

King Hagan's Fizzy Greenanna Elixir
by corinna_awesome
King Hagan's Fizzy Greenanna Elixir is a simple potion that the King and scholars of Brightvale concocted to cure TNT rash.
2 Parts ginger ale
1 part sparkling lemonade
1 part natural lemonade
and 1 banana
are combined in a blender with ice, and the result is a deliciously fizzy potion that is also a cure for TNT rash! The Brightvale crest and the crown are inedible decorations.

Florange Elixir
by dna_1318
The Florange Elixir was created by mixing two scoops of cocoa powder, a cup of orange juice, and half a cup of water. These ingredients were poured into the flask and then mixed completely in order to brew a perfect and effective fast-healing potion.

Brightvale Wisdom Potion
by elynah
This is Brightvale Wisdom Potion. If you drink this potion you gain a vast knowledge of almost everything you ever wanted to know and wisdom which only King Hagan himself can surpass! The effect only lasts for five minutes, however. But it can be useful if you come down with a strange disease or something. Just drink the potion and you'll know the cure for it! :) I saw the nice-looking glass jar in a flea market and thought it would be perfect for this contest, so I bought it. I used pear soda, lemonade and orange juice for the potion. I also used green food coloring to make the color a bit more intense. And yay, I learned how to make layered drinks!

Potion of Wellness and Strength
by gypsychic420
King Hagan's personal breakfast of choice, this potion is made from the finest of Brightvale Fruits. Consisting of diced grenanna, tangella, fresh squeezed florange juice, and creamy cocorot yogurt mixed to perfection in a green kacheek blender. This delicious drink is an incredible source of vitamins, antioxidants, energy, beta-carotene, nutrients that aid organ health, and nutrients that help prevent a number of different diseases. (recipe: whole banana sliced, whole peach diced, 1/4 cup fresh carrot juice, 1/4 fresh orange juice, 2 cups of coconut yogurt. combine all ingredients in blender with 6 large ice cubes. blend for 60 seconds. serves 2. for a thicker consistency add more ice. *note: i added several drops of green and yellow food color for a festive color)

Scroll Potion
by ilovejonulrich
I used fruits and vegetables that boost intellect; like spinach and celery. This yummy potion can be used in the Battledome to steal intelligence, so be careful when battling against a pet that has had their daily dose of vegetables!

Berry Hairy Anti-Itch Balm
by jujipup
I used: 3 Dewy Seeds (Green bean seeds), Bubble Motes (which come naturally when you shake the bottle), Magenorb Juice (Calamine Lotion), and White Gallion hair (cat hair), as well as a Parchment Fruit (piece of paper discolored with coffee).

Echtooh Elixer of Soothing
by jyotika_13
This delicious tonic should be drunk in small sips every four hours. Any rash will disappear within a day. Avoid scratching the affected area as it can worsen the rash. The tincture contains:
Juicy echtooh melon for flavour,
Soothing aloe vera extract,
Cooling organic cucumber,
Healing olive oil,
Buttermilk (reduces inflammation),
Antibacterial honey,
Calming chamomile,
Orange juice rich in antioxidants to speed up recovery.

Pungent Potion
by kneogirl1012
This is a very sour berry mixtire meant to be inbibed as quickly as possible!
The ingredients are: one tangella (donut peach), one screlon (lemon), one florange (orange), one purblare (pear) and some lemon juice!
First, squeeze the screlon and the florange of all their juice. Then mince up the tangella and add it to the mixture and blend until the mixture gets thicker. Add enough lemon juice to double the mixture and blend again until frothy. Place a slice of purblare in the mixture and drink it down! Be careful--It's PUNGENT!

Bananaloe Lotion Potion
by rarrrhannah
This lotion will soothe away any unusual rash! Made from natural ingredients, it won't hurt you either. Bananaloe Lotion Potion also smells great and fresh. Apply it directly to your dry, cracked skin or rash and feel the relief!

Minty Healing Elixir
by soupdujour
Can't take the summer heat? Have a rash that won't go away? Feeling down in the dumps? This refreshing blend will instantly zap away any unpleasantness, leaving you cool and energized! The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret of the Royal Potionery, however I was able to discover some of the ingredients used! Made from: crushed ice, mint leaves, water, green tea, food coloring, lime juice and a secret ingredient that King Hagan just wouldn't reveal! ;)

Honey Potion
by stryclone
The Honey Potion is famed for its battledome strength, but when ingested it also attacks the disease just as fiercely. Only 5 minutes after drinking the honey potion, itchy rash symptoms have disappeared entirely! The Honey Potion cures rashes, headaches, and nausea. To make a batch of your own Honey Potion, simply blend 2 bananas, frozen mango, frozen peaches, and a can of pineapple. Add some fresh buzzer honey and a little orange juice to taste. Remember to seal your honey potion with a cork and keep it in a cool place until ready to drink.

Hagan's Panacea
by supertoria12
Just one drink and any and all aiments will vanish faster than you can say "Wheel of Knowlege!"
Made with:
-Grapefruit juice
-Cranberry-Razzberry juice
-Lemon Seltzer

-recycled glass bottle
-a cork
-printer paper

Leaded Earth Vial
by tenbroeke
Oh no? A rash? Luckily I have the solution for that! This very special Leaded Earth Vial is made with healthy cucumbers, lime, water, ice and honey, all mixed together to cure any rash! *cough* may attract Meepits *cough* Oh, the Vial is made with a plastic bottle, shiny paper en cork coasters.

Brightvale Energizer
by zerogrand
This potion is meant to satisfy and invigorate, providing a nutritious boost of fiber, potassium, protein, and other vitamins. It is layered with smooth blends of banana smoothie and green bean smoothie, a surprisingly tasty combination! After drinking this potion, your average neopian will be ready to tackle whatever the day throws at them!

Third Place

Lastly there were 28 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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