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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Explore Neopia

Summer is here...

Which means a lot of people are starting to travel. Even here at Neopets Headquarters, more people are taking time off and traveling around the world and the country. Your task for the upcoming weeks is to create a travel poster for someplace in Neopia. This should be a vintage looking poster like these (link will take you from Neopets.com).

First Place

Twenty winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

a sighting at Krawk Island
by _kiplala_
This poster is in honour of a great island called 'Krawk Island' in the middle of the Neopian ocean. With its great lagoons, warm climate and booming city centre (where ships arrive from around the Neopian Globe) it certainly is a great place to stay for a while.
The poster gives a preview of the sea sightings at Krawk Island. It's a great sight when staying on vacation. The vintage and simplistic look should make the viewer curious about the destiny of their vacation: Krawk Island.

by alexmajor9
My vintage poster for the wonderful floating--er, newly land-based land of Faerieland.

Visit Geraptiku!
by ardour
Come visit Geraptiku, the wild and mysterious half of Mystery Island. But beware the eyes that may be watching in the deep...

Visit the ice caves this summer!
by banana_lynny
I chose the Ice Caves because, if I were to travel during the scorching summertime, I'd rather be somewhere cool! I drew the Snowager and made him the main attraction because he's one of the reasons most people visit the Ice Caves. ;)

by burchelly
Where everything is perfect!

Travel in Kiko Lake
by chak_chak
I choose Kiko Lake if I traveled in Neopia. Kiko Lake is the most relaxed because it near Nature, their house is the most cutest in Neopia, also the food like Rock Slices was special and cute too. That's why I choose Kiko Lake. :)

Visit Sakhmet!
by chibifarore
Who wouldn't want to visit this jewel of a city? From the vendors and game stalls in the plaza to the radiant Palace, Sakhmet is truly a treasure.
My desert Aisha, Kuyno, especially likes a visit to his hometown every now and then. He always hopes for a glimpse of the lovely Princess Amira while he's there!

Visit Shenkuu
by essexweirdo
After the unexpected discovery of Shenkuu in Y8, it has become a haven for Neopians wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of life in busier worlds such as Faerieland and Neopia Central. One word of warning: it may not be quite so suitable for those with a fear of heights!

Visit Lonely Kreludor
by flurryofflames
Tired of your hum-drum life in Neopia Central? Seen the lands of Neopia and looking for something new? Then Kreludor is for you! Just remember - don't let gravity bring you down when adventure is only a lightyear away!

Lair of the Snowager
by guermela
I wanted to make a poster advertising an unusual place that caters to adventurous travelers. The Snowager's Lair was perfect because although it's risky visiting it, you could escape safely with some treasure, if lucky. The Snowager's form in the poster is hazy to make it look like a legendary creature that stirs any traveler's curiosity, thus making it desirable to see the creature itself in real life.

Travel Mystery Island
by irephile
Summer sun got you down? Come and relax, tropics style, on Mystery Island!

Brave Terror Mountain
by knd2345
My entry is a poster advertising Terror Mountain. It's based loosely off the vector style of WPA posters. When I thought of exploring Neopia, I thought, what better place than Terror Mountain? There's a lot to explore there, like the ice caves, as long as you have the courage to brave the mountain. The poster is meant to awaken the inner explorer in any Neopian and get them to come visit!

Visit Lutari Island!
by leaflunch
This summer, add a splash of adventure to your vacation! From lagoons and lakes, to the lush foliage, to the trill of a hundred different species of tropical petpets, Lutari Island has it all, and more!
Be the first to discover all that this mysterious and colourful floating island has to offer! Visit Lutari Island today (quick, before it floats away again)!

Welcome to Altador
by lightshadejack
The Neopian Tourism Bureau presents Altador, the land that time forgot. Scenic, sunny Altador is known for its glory-filled history, stunning architecture and of course, the yearly Altador Cup! I based this poster off the 'Altador Shores' background from the NC Mall :)

Visit the Tyrannian Plateau
by socks198915
Enter the Lair of the Beast if you dare...

Neopia's Favourite Adventure
by toffeedatepudding
Come and discover Neopia's most vibrant kingdom - the underwater paradise that is Maraqua! Maractite and coral, shells, bubbles and delectable delights... all these and more await you. Everyday can be a holiday, only here in Maraqua!

Title: Adventures in Space
by tungster
Visit the great moon Kreludor. There's no adventure like a space adventure. Also, they have grundos. Lots and lots of grundos. What more do you want!?

Vintage Deserted Fairgrounds Poster
by tweetybird104
Circa Year 4. This poster showcases the grand opening of the Haunted Woods Fairgrounds, before things took a decidedly dark turn. While the venues are less... lively... nowadays, tourists still flock to the grounds to experience the spooky atmosphere and perhaps take a tour of Castle Nox.

by vampie_cat
I love the style of those vintage posters, so there was no way I could pass this up. :) Shenkuu is one of my favorite areas and the scenery seemed perfectly suited!

Kreludor needs tourists, too!
by xhriis
Explore Kreludor, the gray moon of Neopia! Just be careful where you step. Hot lava craters are waiting for you - Visit today! One-way tickets are free for Grundos.

Second Place

Fourty-five lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Warm Wishes
by 0range
A tribute to arguably the best neopian land there is - Moltara. Who can resist steam power and factories? And who needs sunlight when you have the soothing glow from the magma pools?

Vacation Nox!
by aftertaste
Who knew that the best thing to make you realize that working 11 and a half months out of 12 isn't so bad is a good scaring? Castle Nox is the perfect place for an exotic and different vacation getaway, best for all of you thrill seeking neopians out there.

See Mystery Island
by amyerita5
Spend your summer at Mystery Island! Relax on pristine beaches, enjoy scenic sunsets, or if you're the adventurous type, hike the trails of Techo Mountain and explore the ruins of Geraptiku. This poster was painted in Photoshop CS5.

Visit The Haunted Woods
by antipopulace
Because of the theme and subject matter, I thought that it would be fitting to not just make it look like a vintage travel poster, but also a vintage horror movie flair too, like "The Blob", quite fitting of the Haunted Woods - and giving it a more international flavour too, since we didn't really have those sorts of travel posters in the UK, but we did get all of those crazy Hollywood horror movies from the fifties and sixties!
The poster is, perhaps, slightly misleading, but the Haunted Woods truly is a great travel destination. After all, all of the facts listed in the poster *are* wholly true... we wouldn't lie to our precious visitors, or want them to get into any trouble. ;)

Faerie Caverns
by birdie214
I chose the Faerie Caverns because it is a daily that many go to and it is (in my opinion) one of the prettiest places in Neopia. Plus, it has a sparkling waterfall.

Moltara - Enter If You Dare
by blauer_stern
Vectorized image of Moltara's entrance, layout inspired by the look of the 1930s posters.

Smugglers Cove
by blizra
This is a poster advertising "A Smugglers Cove" retreat. This is the sun setting along the Smugglers Cove cave with Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy sitting upon the rocky shore. Relax, train and get a great deal on the items of your dreams. Smugglers Cove is the place to be! Find us on Krawk Island

Ruins of a Lost City
by boiledrice
I chose to make a poster to advertise Geraptiku because I think that it is quite a beautiful city(ruins of a city?) and I felt that it is seldom visited and needed advertising for everyone to see! Visit Geraptiku Today!

Visit Terror Mountain
by buttercup1140
Why not cool off this hot Neopian summer and take a trip to Terror Mountain? This poster features Happy Valley, the Ice Caves, and the Top of the Mountain, as the lovely Taelia blows a refreshing (well, more like chilling) breeze. Cool! Took me about 5 hours in Photoshop. Enjoy your vacation! :)

Explore Mystery Island
by chihibiki
I decided to make a poster for Mystery Island, which would be a great place to visit during the summer holidays. Tools used: Inkscape, Gimp.

A Whole New World
by claude12_12
I chose Lost Desert for my poster because I think that only a few people in Neopia get to see its beauty. I also think that making a poster for a desert is fun, because I like the idea of pyramids and ruins. This poster is made with Adobe Illustrator CS5. I drew the pyramid, the castle and the silhouette of the aisha using the Pen tool and the I made the eventide background using the Gradient Tool, combining different shades of orange, blue and violet. I added an overlay texture for the stars and for the vintage effect of the poster.

Citrus Afternoon
by colorlessclockwork
Because I missed out on Neopets Mobile, I've always been fascinated by Lutari Island and the Lutari. While a lot of the inhabitants are bright and colorful, I think the island herself is more modest. Obviously, I wanted to capture Lutari Island before the storm hit!

Out of This World
by cuppatee
Literally. I chose to create a travel poster for Kreludor because not only do I think it is an integral part of Neopia-- *cough* causing cute bubbles in Maraqua-- but it`s also a place where a neopet can experience something totally different altogether. Less gravity yet having air that is 89% normal quality? Winning. I designed the poster this way to show an Orange Grundo-- the inhabitants of this supermegaawesome moon.

Find your fortune in Shenkuu.
by cutienandz2
I used GIMP to make this Shenkuu inspired, vintage style poster. I used the silhouette of Shenkuu mountains from different images. The clouds in the sky were cropped from a screenshot of the game, Revel Roundup. Grain texture were used for the sun and paper texture for the background/sky. The Cyodrake's Gaze silhouette was also included in the poster, just in case you're wondering what's that floating thing in the sky. :))

Greetings from the Citadel
by darthvirginia
Who wouldn't want to vacation to this (albeit slightly sinister) paradise?

End of the rainbow
by daydreamerkat
I chose to do my poster for Neopia - cause lets face it, what can't you get in Neopia? I used good old Photoshop and images from around Neopets.

Carpentry-Kiko Lake Poster
by e_z_mac
This is a poster I made. It's a poster of the carpentry. I made it to try to look like the national park posters. I think the all look cool. I used gradients and sturf. I had o use about 30 layers. I think it looks pretty nifty. :3

Historic Moment
by fireragingdragon
The Monoceraptor is featured on the poster to represent the past of Tyrannia. The Tyrannian Altador Cup team logo is also featured to represent the preset. Through all the turmoil that Tyrannia has been through, they are still going.

Visit Shenkuu this summer!
by forts_till
Shenkuu has always been a land which delighted me because of its great landscapes and peculiarities. So, I drew this poster so that neopians would be encouraged to travel through this wonderful land. Bon Voyage (have a nice trip).

NBOT - Terror Mountain
by greelon
I have nothing to add! Probably.

Visit Mystery Island!
by ilovejonulrich
Come see what Mystery Island has to offer! While youre here, you can enjoy eating fine island-style cuisine, train with the iconic Techo Master, and have a visit with the mysterious Heads of Mystery Island. Receive your fortune from the Island Mystic, try your hand at the Cooking Pot, and dont forget to take a tour of the Island before you leave!!

The Lost Desert
by incandescenced
Look out from behind the majestic silhouette of King Coltzan to the breathtaking Lost Desert! See the sights - the Pyramids, Coltzan's Shrine, and more!
This poster was based on the geography of the Lost Desert, as per the map. It was created and vectored fully by me in Photoshop CS5.
Hope you enjoy your stay in the Lost Desert!

Exploring Neopia: The Lost Desert
by justinscribbled
Come one, come all! Visit the Lost Desert; a wondrous place filled with treasures untold!
Trek through the endless dunes of sand and have a stay in the age-old cities of Qasala or Sahkmet! There you can visit the marketplace, filled with shops of great grandeur. Or take a tour of the public sections of the royal palaces!

Discover Altador
by kawaiisharks
In this piece I wanted to make a callback to the Altador plot, and in doing so draw attention to Altador's amazing sky! I spent a lot longer than I expected on this piece, but had a tonne of fun doing so.

Don't tell the tourists
by keepbleedin
Made using the gimp 2.0. Picture of the deserted tomb in Geraptiku, Mystery Island.

Lost Desert Pyramids
by kierron10
I simply edited a preexisting neopets image, trying to stick to the style of the vintage posters in the process, although I did deviate a bit.

Ice Caves
by lizzbear_
Visit the Ice Caves and the Snowager! Get blasted and possibly (highly unlikely) receive an avatar!
Your adventure awaits you!

Greetings From the Forgotten Shore
by mscreepy
I created a travel poster for the Forgotten Shores because I saw this contest as a way to bring attention to a place in Neopia very rarely ever thought about. I encourage all Neopians to take a second and remember the Forgotten Shore. It offers such activities as treasure hunting, underwater exploration, sand structure creation, sun bathing, swimming, and most importantly a quite environment for relaxation. Need some time alone? Then the Forgotten Shore is the place for you!

Haunted ?
by optimystique
I decided to create a travel poster for the Haunted woods ! I guess this place is not that frightening in summer. It was very interesting to get inspired by vintage posters.

See Shenkuu
by panguinous
If you're looking for a mystical world that takes you back to the good old traditional way of life, you have come to the right place...
This took a few hours on and off working on it. I used Paint Tool Sai for the actual picture. Then, used Photoshop CS3 to add text. I think I spent the most time finding a font that closely matched the original WPA print.

Don't Try Visiting Jelly World
by panthersoup
Jelly World would be a great place to visit if it did exist, so it's quite unfortunate that it doesn't. Made from scratch in Photoshop.

Take A Trip To Terror Mountain!
by partonsvite
"Can I move now?" Frosty grumbles. "My feet are freezing. Oh, and listen, it's not Frosty. It's Dave. Besides, 'take a trip to Terror Mountain' sounds like something you'd say to your worst enemy, not a potential tourist. You guys need better PR reps." This was created using a Neopets wallpaper (I could've submitted something hand-drawn but nobody would have a clue what it was), which I edited in a graphics program so old, it could arguably be described as vintage itself.

Meri Acres's Pride
by pikasan2
Come to visit the land of Meridell to see the most amazing ... Uh... thing...Yeah! Thing!...

Coltzan's Shrine
by polkadopolis
This is my attempt at a vintage travel poster for Coltzan's Shrine. I chose this location because it is one of my favourite dailies, mainly due to the ancient Egyptian theme. Everything in this poster, with the exceptions of the Lost Desert symbols taken from the map of Neopia and a free to use font that I used for the Egyptian text, were created by me.

Please visit,we need your neopoints
by retu9999
A BEAUTIFUL poster for highlighting the EYEMELTING nature of our DIVINE citadel for tourist-attracting purposes. Meridellians are especially WELCOMED!

Visit Terror Mountain
by skyekittie
I used an image from Neopets and edited it in Adobe Photoshop CS3. I used the pen tool to create vectors in order to mimic the style of shading used by the artists who made the WPA posters. :)

Geraptiku: The Lost City
by sonazi
Hidden in the dense jungles on the north shore of Mystery Island is a forgotten city and the ruins of a neglected tomb. This is, without a doubt, the part of Neopia that I would visit if I could. I love the exotic feel of the place, as well as the idea that there used to be an ancient civilization on the Island. My poster invites Neopians to come and experince the beauty of Mystery Island for themselves.

The Haunted Woods
by springflingqueen
I used Photoshop CS5 to base my poster off of the great national forest poster advertisements~ Haunted Woods is the best land ever in Neopets.com, and I thought it should be the national forest of Neopets.com, and so does NeoCola, sponsor of the 2012 Haunted Woods for Neopia's National Forrest campaign!~*~*~*~

Always Happy in Kiko Lake
by stillhensoy
A friend of mine suggested that I do a poster for Kiko Lake, so this poster started out on paper and ink and then traced and colored on Adobe Illustrator. This was my first time experimenting with a limited color palette and I think it worked out well for this piece. :D
Total time to from sketch to final polish: around 5 hours. This is for Kiko Lake, which has really won me over as a vacation spot... and my friends over at PN. You guys rock.

No Danger at Neopia Central!
by thisboywonder
Neopia Central gets passed up a lot of times for more exotic locations like the Lost Desert or Mystery Island. But the natives can get restless and the desert's heat can get to you, which is why you're being urged to spend your vacation at Neopia Central. It's the safest place in Neopia, guaranteed!

The Three Lands of Terror Mountain
by valharu
VISIT TERROR MOUNTAIN! The only place in Neopia where there are three lands in one! Get away from the hot summer and ski Ice Mountain all the way down to Happy Valley! Go on an adventure and visit the Ice Caves to see the one and only Snowager! With so much to do, it's impossible to get bored!

Greetings from Kiko Lake!
by zayaichan
Taste tasty treats,
See amazing carpentry sights,
Discover underwater poblations,
Get delight with the sea breeze,
Enjoy a glass bottom boat tour,
And much more!
You can't miss this opportunity!
Come to Kiko Lake!

A Wondrous Underwater Experience!
by zemutt
I was very excited to see the theme for this contest when it was announced! I've been planning to enter the Random Contest for sometime and I put everything I could into this entry and hope you all love it! Maybe not one of the most visited places in Neopia but one of the most amazing and breathtaking so make sure to visit Maraqua often!

The Rainbow Fountain
by 112811
Possibly the most desirable (unhidden) location in Faerieland, the Rainbow Fountain is an inviting tourist attraction with its vividly colorful waters and welcoming host, the Fountain Faerie.

Tyrannian Plateau
by 5966001
The beautiful sunrise is sure to draw in many visitors to the Tyrannian Plateau. In the distance you can see two of the best attractions: the Concert Hall and Giant Omelette! Completely drawn out in Photoshop Elements.

Third Place

Lastly there were 173 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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