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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Cup of Snacks

Snack Food Needed!

One of the most difficult things is to make sure you have a good snack when you are going to be spending lots of time at the computer. So with the Altador Cup Tournament fast approaching we are asking you to create Altador Cup themed snacks that you can munch on while you play to keep you going! These should be Altador Cup themed, and something that is fairly easy to eat. Ask for help from an adult if needed. Please tell us what your snack is and how you made it in the description. We will judge entries on creativity, deliciousness and how awesome they are. :)

First Place

Fifteen winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Sweet Tooth Galore
by apogee
I decided to make a replica of the Altador Cup Stadium in which Yooyuball takes place every summer. I believe the food stadium is the best representation of the different teams that come together to support their Worlds ~ the dedication, the motivation, and the perseverance of individuals are all shown in this same stadium. In order to create this stadium, I used graham crackers as the base, twinkies as the wall, brownies as the seats, pretzels for the goal posts, frosting/sprinkles, and of course, assorted marshmallows (for our lovely fans!). KRAWK ISLAND FOR THE CUP!

Yooyuball Burgers
by berrymary58
My entry features the faerie and fire yooyuball as delicious burgers. I divided the hamburger bun ingredients into four portions to make sure that the food coloring mixed in properly. For the faerie yooyuball bun, I used the pink and blue dough and rolled it together into one rope. Cut it into several sections, rolled it out again, twisted piece by piece into a knot, and tucked each end into the center like you would a kaiser roll. After letting it rise again for 45 mins, then baked them for ~20 mins at 425F. To go along with the hamburger patties, I added a couple slices of pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayonnaise for the smoky flavor and pickled jalapenos to keep you alert and awake while supporting your team. Switch the jalapenos with habanero sauce to your fire yooyuball bun if you're up for it.

The Quick Pizza Krawk Team Altador
by chihiro00
The Quick Pizza Krawk Team Altador Cup is easier to eat than to pronounce! So what are you waiting? Eat it! :) I cook a pizza with white bread, tomatoes and black olives for the base of the flag, and mozzarella shaped in skull and bones! Yarr! Delicious!

Cake Lollys! and Purple Chips!
by crimsonnightdawn
When I first thought of snacks for the cup I was thinking cupcakes, cookies and chips. Those are awesome and all but then I thought about just how MESSY of an eater I am! icing and cookie crumbs all over the mouse and keyboard sounded like a disaster waiting to happen! The answer? Why put them on a stick of course! thus the Altador Cup cake lollies were born! They are easy to make, and fun to decorate! I just baked a cake, crumbled it up, mixed the crumbs with icing, roll them in to balls, chill, poke a lolly stick in them and dip in white chocolate, let dry and enjoy! (watch out the solid color ones have nuts!)
As for the chips... well any other color would just not be loyal enough to the Citadel, had to bake my own. Sliced potatoes thin and soaked them in a water, salt, and purple food coloring solution for a few hours before throwing the oven! They came out great!
Now we are all ready for that second GOLD!

Altador Cup Team Logo Cookies
by deiimos
This is my first year taking part in the Altador Cup, and I still haven't been able to decide what team to join since there are so many to choose from! I decided to make cookies of all the team logos, hoping that the process would help me pick. I have never done cake or cookie decorating before, but I have always wanted to learn, so I was really excited to try these out! I made sugar cookies, cutting the dough into shapes with a knife. Then I drew the outlines with chocolate icing and finally filled in the colours with 16 different colours of icing!

Altador Cup Trophy!
by layeredcrazy
I wanted to do something a little different for my entry. Instead of choosing a team to base my dessert off of, I wanted to make the cup itself! My Cup is a layered cake, complete with fondant for the base and textured frosting for the top.

Brightvale Fruit Triangles
by linsceb
Ingredients--- 1 flour tortilla, 1 mango, 1 kiwi, and cream cheese fruit dip. The first step is to cut the tortilla into triangles and toast them in the oven so they get firm and crunchy. While they are cooling off, peel the mango and kiwi. Cut each into small julienned pieces. When the tortilla chip is cooled off, spread the desired amount of cream cheese fruit dip on it. Then arrange the mango slices so the triangle shape of the chip is outlined and there is a star in the top center. Use the kiwi slices to fill in the bottom so it looks like a brightvale flag. Enjoy!

Fire and Snow
by mattysam
In spirit of the Altador Cup, based on the main game Yooyuball, why not have a snack in the Yooyuball's honour. These Chocolate Cakepops are just the treat. Being on a stick there is no mess and no distractions to keep you from participating in your favourite tournament!!! P.s. I'm sure all the Grarrls out there will be more happy if you shared with them!

Chocolate Yooyu Cookies
by neo111186
Cookies have always been my favorite game food, so I thought I'd make a RL version of the Chocolate Yooyu Cookie! I used butter, eggs, brown sugar (a lot), flour, shortening, baking soda and vanilla essence to create these lil' guys. Dark chocolate chips were melted in a bag to pipe the lines for the Yooyus' faces, arms and tails, and I used the remainder entirely on that last Yooyu in the back. Sugar rush!!!

Yooyu Altadorian Ambrosia
by purpleteenprincess22
Yooyu Altadorian Ambrosia

Yooyu cake pops
by shiru666
I made yooyu cake pops to celebrate the start of this year's Altador Cup. They're made mixing cake crumbs with frosting (I used chocolate cake and dulce de leche), and rolling the mix into little balls. The balls are then frozen for a while, stuck on a stick and dipped in chocolate or candy coating. To make them look like yooyus I attached chocolate pieces and chips before dipping, and afterwards I painted them with yellow candy coating. Finally I attached the eyes, which were made by coloring on white round sprinkles, and drew on some details with edible markers.

Cheering Yooyu Fruit Tart
by silver_azalea
When I think snack, normally sweet, salty, and greasy foods that can be purchased already prepared from a store and eaten out of a bag/can come to mind. This Altador Cup though, I wanted to make a snack that was a little more healthy (but still quite yummy ;) My snack I created is a fruit tart that has been shaped to resemble a Yooyu with pompoms in its hands. Why the pompoms? To cheer for joy that the Altador Cup Tournament is here once again of course!

Chokato Yooyu Veggie Volleys
by thegreenspark
Inspired by the eleventh player of the Altador Cup and the sport's Yooyuball slings, I give you the stealthily healthy Chokato Yooyu Veggie Volleys! I made them by covering celery sticks in a chocolate shell, adding a generous dollop of peanut butter, and garnishing the sides of the slings with pretzel sticks (stuck on using either a cake writing gel, additional peanut butter, or additional chocolate). To top it all off with some neopian flair, a tomato Yooyu decorated with drizzled chocolate was added to each sling (the "chokato" can be replaced with the bottom half of a strawberry for taste). Chokato Yooyu Veggie Volleys: The finger food of champions!

Altador Cup (Sugar Free) Cupcake!
by treatheartpig
I made my Altador Cup (Sugar Free) Cupcake with banana cake mix sugar free of course, vanilla whipped icing, and chocolate molding fudge. First I mixed my cake mix and sepreated it into a cupcake pan to put in the oven at 325 degrees for 19 minutes! During the time I waited for them to cool I dyed molded the chocolate fudge, boy did it dry fast! After getting the icing jussssttttt right I placed the molds on top and positioned them them lightly to make sure I didn't get the icing on my hands! Luckily I took a picture before I ate it because I almost couldn't resist! I am sure every neopian will want my sugar free cupcakes so that their neopets won't get too fat to play in the Altador Cup!

AC Snack Mix
by tweetybird104
Homemade Yooyuball pretzels and Yooyu sweet potato crisps. Made with lots of determination!

Second Place

Twenty lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Yooyuball Cookies
by acf7
These cookies are a fun little snack shaped like yooyus that can easily be munched while cheering your favorite team on to victory! They were made by using sugar cookie dough and then pressing the dough into star shapes. The stars were then given an extra point, eyes, and a mouth to create the yooyus. Blue food coloring was added to the sugar cookie dough to dye it blue. The brown sugar cookies are really chocolate. Instant hot coco packets were added to dye the sugar cookie dough brown.

Team Toast!
by amijadedunn
Team Altador themed grilled cheese on toast, based off the team's logo and it's very yummy. :P

Tyrannian Emblem Quiche
by becky
This was my attempt to make the emblem for tyrannia! (the team I want to choose for Altador cup). I thought of Omelettes. They are made of eggs and the Giant Omelette is in Tyrannia! So I did this Quiche.
Ingredients: Tofu, Oregano, 4 eggs, broccoli and carrot. I attempted to draw a Yooyu on the front with tomato and barbecue sauce.

Altatdor Cup chips
by daemonyukiko
Those chips are for the fans who are very hungry. I do it with potatoes. First i 'draw' the symbol on the potatoe than i cut it out. And all together i frie them.

Maraqua Cup Medallions
by dynohawk
Everyone's a winner with these crunchy medallions! (As long as you support Maraqua) *every medallion comes attached to a handy necklace for those times when you really need to drop everything for a game of Yooyuball*
Maraqua Cup Medallions Recipe.
First I used my great grandma's secret cookie recipe (no I can't reveal it for obvious reasons), then I created a blueberry icing and used an entire pot of blue food dye. Once set I iced on my designs (it's an M for Maraqua in case you were wondering ...) and attached sacred Maraqua pearls. Lastly I attached the necklace ribbon.

Yooyu Pretzels
by gym_cat16
I made yooyu pretzels. I chose to make pretzels because they're easy to eat and a classic food to eat at sporting events. I made them into yooyus to fit with the Altador Cup theme. To make these pretzels I mixed together store bought dry pretzel mix with water and yeast. After letting the dough rise, I used a holiday cookie cutter to cut out the yooyus. Then I sprinkled them with salt and baked each batch for 7 minutes. The result is delicious pretzels shaped like yooyus!

by jlp2q
These snacks represent each type of yooyuball, with personalities (and appearances) to match. Everyone knows "normal" yooyuballs can still be exciting, despite their brown and yellow color. Snow leaves a refreshing cool mint sensation. Fire will set your mouth on fire! Darigan provides a mix of sweet, salty, tart, and bitter flavors, surprisingly pleasant despite its contrariness. Faerie evokes memories of the old Faerieland, with its soft yogurt clouds and light flavor. Mutant is wicked, making you cry when you least expect it. And clockwork... well, I wanted to take a picture of clockwork yooyuball snacks, but they had already exploded, so I had to gather their smoky remains instead! These snacks are delicious, but they're also nutritious, packed with protein to keep you in the game. Most can be enjoyed with a hand or a spoon (Faerie requires a spoon, and clockwork is best on chips). Enjoy your favorite, or mix them up, just like the game!

Finger Food
by kacheesy11
For this Totally Awesome and Completely Random Contest I chose some special Altadorian finger food! This snack can be worn on your finger, as if the finger was an arm, if you have a rubber band. It consists of carrots, peanut butter and watermelon. First I peeled and then grooved it in with a spoon to make a scoop that the yooyu is caught in. Then I cut grooves in the back just like the normal net the players use to hold the ball! The I took a scoop and scooped some watermlon to make the yooyu balls. I also scooped and then froze penut butter to also use. So when you are playing, or watchin a game during the altador cup you can relax, have yummy food and practice for the next round! :3

Yooyu Nachos
by keoshky
My entry was inspired by typical foods you would find at a sports game. Nachos! To keep in check with the Altador Cup theme, I shaped it like a Yooyu. The Slushie is there to quench your thirst from all that button mashing!
For the nachos, I created homemade salsa by mixing tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil, and a spoonful of spicy pepper paste. On top I added some bell peppers, jalapenos, and rice before layering on a mix of marble cheese and aged cheddar. After baking, I added on soy-beef garnish to act as the Yooyu's eyes and mouth.
For the slushie, I mixed orange juice, lemon juice, ice, mixed berries, a banana, and celery (you can't even taste it; it's not gross food!) in a blender.

Altador CupCakes!
by legilimensiaa
What better way to celebrate the Altador Cup than with Altador CupCakes? Possibly the most fitting, tasty and easy-to-make snack to have you amped up during the Cup! See my image for ingredients and directions.

Yooyuball Cake Pops
by loveflicka
So, you would like to make your very own yooyuball cake pops, well it's really quite simple, so follow along with me...
1. Pick your favourite boxed cake mix, like the all too wonderful cherry chip for example, bake your cake as per the instructions on the box.
2. Once cake is done let cool completely, this is a good time to do some of your Neopets dailies.
3. Once cake is cooled break into pieces into a large bowl.
4. Add one package of soft cream cheese to you cake pieces until completely combined.
5. Once combined form cake mixture into golf ball sized balls and put on a cookie tray to cool in your fridge.
6. Once cake balls are cooled stick a wooden dowel in your cake ball, it is best to stand your cake pops up in a bowl of sand or make some flower arrangement foam.
7. Roll out some store bought fondant into small circles, and form around you cake ball.
8. When your cake pop is covered feel free to decorate as you please, for a Youyuball Cake Pop you will want some brown food colour powder to brush on your cake pop, and black food colour gel to paint lines on your cake pop. Hope you enjoy your incredibly delicious cake pop!

Yooyu Cookies!
by melissquirtle
I made Yooyu cookies, resembling all seven of the Yooyu Balls used for the Altador cup. I used sugar cookie dough (I even dyed some of it with food dye), cut out the shapes of a Yooyu, and then frosted them with colored frosting. I used hard candies for the eyes. There's even a little peanut butter on the one I'm eating (I couldn't resist). They're a little messy, but I put a lot of effort into them and I hope you find them as fun as they were to make. :)

Chocolate-covered Yooyuballs
by natsha_pink
These are extremely delicious, bite-sized snacks!

Maraqua Bento
by otter_faerie
Bento is a term for a cute boxed lunch! This one is pretty simple, but I wanted to emulate the Maraquan flag. I used nori seaweed and provolone cheese for the design, and the backdrop is half brown wild rice (topped with some garlic salt for flavor) and half white rice with food dye! (It turned out a little blotchy...) To accompany the lunch, I also baked caramel swirl brownies and decorated them with cute fish candies. Oh yeah! And then I ate it all with orange slices. YUM!

Altador Sunny Egg
by smorki
A sunny side up egg with bread and corn. I cooked the egg under low heat and cut a slice of bread into many triangles. I then placed the bread around the egg and sprinkled some corn. Healthy and delicious!

Shenkuu Lily Pads
by squirrel__girl
I created this tasty dish by carefully cutting radishes and soaking them in cold water so that they would open into a flower shape. I further sliced cucumbers and cubed mango. The rest of this dish was created by being artful with food! Full detailed instructions on how to create this tasty dish accompany the pictures I took while making it. Although this is finger food, feel free to use a fork or toothpicks while eating. Please remember that safety comes first, and ask a parent or legal guardian before using anything in the kitchen!

Soft Pretzel Yooyu
by submissioned
Soft pretzels are my favorite game-day snack, so I made some yooyu shaped soft pretzels for the upcoming cup! I used yeast, sugar, water, flour, salt and oil to make the dough, then rolled out a big piece to shape. The yooyu was dipped in a baking soda and water mix to add color and shine for baking! After baking I shaped chocolate into eyes and the mouth. Since there was extra dough I made the big yooyu a few little companions.

Cheese Slushie and Quesadilla
by sweeticegirl
A mini yooyu shaped quesadilla is perfect to hold and munch on while winning the Altador Cup! To make it, I used a tortilla, salsa, and shredded mozzarella cheese, with cooked chicken breast for the mouth and olives for the eyes. My manager demanded I practice my slushie slinging skills as well, so I made him a cheese slushie using ice and shredded mozzarella. He pronounced it delicious and started eating it while I was distracted with the camera.

Yarr! a Candy Shish Kabob
by yuyuhakusho72
The Altador Cup is quickly approaching! You will need all the sugar and team spirit as possible in order to stay energized and win games. This is a Krawk Island Inspired snack. With tiny chocolate S'mores and Licorice/ Marshmallow Shish Kabobs (on toothpicks). These are easy to eat, tasty treats that represent your team colors. Complete with a KI inspired cup. GO TEAM GO!! (nom nom nom)
Treats Used:Licorice, Chocolate, and Marshmallows. Materials Used: Toothpicks, Construction paper, Black Marker, Foam Cup, and Glue.

Altador Cup Chocolates
by ziaalleanna
White chocolates shaped into squares and colored as the team flags for the Altador Cup. These were made by melting white candy melting chips in a microwave, then pouring the hot candy into a mold. After hardening in the refrigerator, the candies were painted with edible icing colors. They are bite-size, so easy to eat and play at the same time!

Third Place

Lastly there were 41 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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