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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Sign of the Games

Woo Hoo!

The Altador Cup is fast approaching so your task for the next couple of weeks is to make a sign to support your favourite team. This should be a sign you could hold in the bleachers with you as you watch the game. Ask for help from an adult if needed. Please tell us what your team is and why you made the sign you made in the description. We will judge entries on creativity, team accuracy and how awesome they are. :)

First Place

Ten winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Shenkuu Support Sign
by adrian13_56
I'm joining Team Shenkuu for the Altador Cup! *cue fan noises* I made this sign because Shenkuu is a very awesome team so they need a hardcore fan with a hardcore sign. Go Shenkuu!

Roo Island is the Best
by aymmee
My team for the Altador Cup is Roo Island! I made this poster because they've been my favorite team since the beginning. The supplies I used were poster board, construction paper, card stock, glue, scissors, a sharpie, black paint, yarn, and red, yellow, green, and blue glitter paint.

Lost Desert Go!
by golden_pineapple
My favorite Altador Cup team is undoubtedly the Lost Desert. I made this sign out of cardboard, paint, and glitter glue to help support them! This sign incorporates many Lost Desert elements, while using the colors of team Lost Desert and resembling the team's logo.

Techo F-aerieland-anatic
by jagocianka
This year even the greatest Altador Cup's fan and cheerleader, Techo Fanatic supports Team Faerieland! Thus, he is wearing a pink top with team badge, a sash with a supporting cheer and he has pink spots on his face to aid Faerieland even more! He's made of a blue cardboard with use of paints to give him more shape, and of pink cardboard (his T-shirt). For the decoration, I also paint, pink and silver glitter glue, and flowers punched with a puncher. This Techo also has a pair of Babolino-like faerie wings, to commemorate his accomplishments in Ferieland's Team (and because of light, vivid, suitable colours ;)) ). To make them, I used orange cardboard, yellow tissue paper (for middle parts of wings), butterflies-like decorative accessories, also some silver glitter glue and green feathers. I've fixed fingers-like cardboard holes at the reverse side to make it possible to take it to the bleachers and support Faerieland with it.

Victory Goes to the Moon!
by kittie_orion
My team is and always will be Kreludor. I made the sign an easy to hold 12x12 on stiff black cardstock. Using my team colours, I cut out letters in a shimmery silver purple and bright orange. The orange stars were painted with sparkling craft glue, which I also used to paint comet tails under the large stars at the bottom. I used the same glue to accent the orange letters. I put a motto at the bottom in silver, which is also accented with glitter. Finally, I used orange and clear gems to add a special sparkle to the sign. I used purple and orange jute which I braided, to make a sparkly star spinner which hangs from the bottom of the sign. I plan on using this as a poster in my room!

Go, Go Maraqua Sign!
by neomaemae
My team is Maraqua, and this is my sign. It has lots of glitter, paint, and wood. To make it, I nailed two pieces of wood together and added embellishments like glitter, paint and words. Hope you like it, and I hope I win!

GO Mystery Island!
by sukecchitouhou
GO Mystery Island!

Go Kiko Lake!
by terancetrancedance
Even though I'm not the best at arts and crafts, I decided to make a Kiko Lake sign due to the fact I've been a fan of Kikos since I was a little kid. Admittedly, it's not the most original sign, but I put a ton of work into it using multiple pieces of paper, tons of glue, and I even had to start over a couple times. I hope you judges have as much fun judging it as I had making it. Go Kiko Lake! You can win it this year!

Pirates are Winners!
by thejinjer
My Team is Krawk Island - I've been a Pirate supporter since AC3! I thought an inspirational sign would be a great way to provide moral support, plus I figured that a paper-mache skull emblem would make for a lovely effect ;) I created it with a plastic foil as a basis and after it hardened removed the foil and glued the skull to the main piece of cardboard.

Potato Power!
by wuv_shadow
I am for Team Meridell. Meridell are known for its crops especially potatoes and potatoes are tasty. I made the sign with paint, markers and a giant piece of cardboard that I found. There is a Whinny because Whinnies are loyal and are my favorite Meridellian petpet.

Second Place

Fourty-six lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Haunted Woods Welcome To our Woods
by _sumojoker_
You don't want to mess with the team that has Meepits.Just remember...they will be watching... Supplies used:Cardboard,acrylic paint,glue,and team spirit!

Shenkuu are bright stars!
by amhaou
GOOOOOO SHENKUU!!! So first I bought a flag of my neighbour country *gigles* and cut away the above part, So I had only the colours red and yellow. THen I cut a part of the flag to make the shield in the center (also used a permanent marker for the black lines). Then I drew the Yooyuballs on paper cut them out *a little magic here a little spark there* and voil! After I was done with the yooyuballs and shield I glued them on my flag. And for the last part, I had to brainstorm for a slogan! (most diffucult part ever haha)

This is our year!
by babypursell
I made this sign because Faerieland finally needs some respect! I thought the golden trophy was a perfect way to bring into the picture so that the other teams can see that we are going to win this year, No more last place only first! It took me 2 hours to color and draw and countless hand washings to make sure the ink wouldn't leave marks all of the lighter colors! Also the purple marker smells like grapes so my sign smells magnificent!

Roo Island FTW!
by basketcase1228
I support Team Roo Island. I made this poster because I like the team roo island colors and I thought it'd be fun to show King Roo supporting his home team. Materials used: Poster, construction paper, glue, scissors, glitter paint, paint brush, black puffy paint

We're Here for the Cup
by boise_girl
My team is Mystery Island, the underdogs who hail from a tropical paradise. This year, Volgoth means business... just look at that war paint!

Aim for the stars!
by dark_husky
My team is Kreludor and it always has been for me ever since the first Altador Cup. Through Kreludor, I've met and played with some really awesome people. I just wanted to show my appreciation for them by telling them to aim for the stars because I know we're all 'dork stars!

Moltara on fire!
by falzer098
Beautifully hand drawn and painted. Moltara will burn up the competition for the Altador Cup!

Krawk Island Support Sign
by guik44
My sign is based on the team Krawk Island. I've been supporting and giving my best for the team since I my first Altador Cup, so nothing fairer than making them a sign! I chose to make a simple sign, not really complex or complicated, but instead, I added some cool pirate elements, yarr! It made my sign unique, and hopefully I can make Krawk Island proud!

Pirates for the win, arr.
by isachatterbox
My team is Krawk-Island. I chose it because it was the team I chose for my first Altador-Cup and I'll stick with it til the end. I made the sign I made because it should remind us of the Krawk-Island team flag. Then I added a quote to make fun of the other teams, who will lose, of course, and some significent signs. One, the Krawken, who is holding the trophy, for the re-newed Krawk-Island, and the Yooyu as a well-known representative of the Altador-Cup. Hope you like it, smugglers ;)

Krawk Island #1
by kevkutout
Obviously Krawk Island is my #1 team. I made this sign by cutting shapes out of paper. I wanted the letters and the Krawk Island logo to have a bone texture as well as looking like bones. Krawk Island is a formidable force when it comes to Yooyuball so I included the flying Yooyu to represent that. The members of the Krawk Island team are indeed the #1 pirates AND the #1 team.

Lost Desert Rulez!
by matthewmon9
Hi I'm MatthewMon9 and I love the Altador Cup. I joined Neopets last year because I wanted to play and this year I'm joining the lost desert. I think they're the coolest team because they have both a draik and a kiko on it. I think they will win this year because I'm a really awesome Yooyuball player and I think I can help them win this year. Go lost desert!!

Makaizo Darigan
by ninalaiun
This is my Darigan sign for Altador Cup. Every single year we play for it. It's our heart team. And this year won't be diferent! Me and Makaizo are going to give our best supporting Darigan at Altador Cup, because WE ARE DARIGAN!

Lost Desert Sign
by redpomegranate
My favourite team in the Altador Cup is Lost Desert because I love the atmosphere there. In making my sign I used water colors, pencils and pens.

A hat for the faeries!!
by stellaperduta86
I have made a hat for my favorite team, to support it as much as possible! I choose a hat so my hands are available for drinking slush and make other support! Go Faerie!! Gooo!! Win the cup!

Lost Desert for the Cup!
by strumminbeagle
My team is the LOST DESERT!!!!! I made this sign because the front of it isn't too crazy. It's simple so the other fans can read it and see that the Lost Desert will win! It has two Lost Desert flags and a Lost Desert yooyuball! The back is the Coltzan's Shrine saying that the Lost Desert will win the cup!!

The Queen Shows her Support
by teacuppbones
Fyora says "GO Faerieland Fighters!" made with colored pencils, construction paper, and glue.

Kreludor for the Cup!
by the_real_poetess_123
I've been a die-hard Kreludor supporter since ACI. I practically bleed purple and orange! I wanted my sign to be eye catching, so I decked it out in my team's colors, and added some shiny embellishments to put my own spin on the logo. Kreludor for the Cup! Materials: Cardboard, construction paper, craft foam, crepe paper, tinfoil, glitter, and glue.

Fly, Faeries, Fly!
by tiara_relica
I used a cardboard from our box of milk (after all Faerieland 'went green' in the ACVI) and painted it with poster paint. I wrote hundreds of Faerieland cheers from songs to jingles to simple cheers of 'Go Faerieland, GO!!!' with similar coloured pens all over the sign such as the one shown on the inset which featured a close-up of a part of the Faerieland logo (the writings maybe just faintly visible from the big picture). It is to prove that Faerieland are specific in their strategy plannings to the minutest detail. After all, a picture does paints a thousand words (literally) here.

Darigan Citadel For The Cup!
by vanilla_paw
Get your game on, and hold up your Darigan Citadel signs with pride! Jump and shout and cheer on the fiercest team of the Cup! This is a glorious sign for the equally glorious team Darigan Citadel. I made it for DC because, obviously, I am a hardcore DC fan--have been since ACI and will be forever and always! After all, once a Minion, always a Minion. ;)

by volcanic
My team is Kreludor and I made this sign because I love my team! Qlydae Wegg is our top scorer, so I wanted to honor him with a pun and a handsome likeness to wave while I cheer him on. I made this poster to recognize the uniqueness of Kreludor and its players, both on the five-man team and the wide base of neopian fans. Win or lose, Kreludorks shine on!

Third Place

Lastly there were 91 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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