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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Time to Paint Some Neggs!

Well actually... painting neggs is so boring... there has to be something more interesting to do! Ah... inspiration strikes! Your task for the next couple of weeks will be to create neggs out of trash. Take your used bottles, bags, containers, etc and use them to fashion yourself a pretty negg. You can fashion your negg after one on the site or create a new pattern, but the negg should be completely made by you, with help from an adult if needed. Please tell us what you used to make your negg and why you made the one you did in the description. We will judge entries based on resourcefulness, creativity, and how awesome they are. :)

First Place

Twenty-five winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

A Coconut and a Krawk
by acdcer
This is a watercolor painting of my coconut Jubjub, Anyoun, and his petpet Krawk, Mal taking a care-free swim. This painting took around three or four hours to complete, and was very fun to do!

Thumbelina_, the little Zafara
by alfheim
Thumbelina_ is my adorable zafara. She is the smallest zafara in Neopia! And, you know, when you are 5in tall is hard to find a friend to play! :( Thumbelina is so sweet, kind and lovely that I was very sad for her. Luckly, when she and I were walking in the forest looking for pansies, guess what we found? A tiny harris! His name was Milk and those too little buddies became best friends quite quickly. What a happy moment to see her smiling like that. I didn't have a camera so I painted them. ^^ Cute, cute!

A(r)n afternoon nap
by arrish
Arn the Camouflage Krawk with his petpet Paul the Snorlkin is having an afternoon nap in the woods yet again. We decided that he will be the one that I will be painting among my pets because we want to show to the whole Neopia that even creatures with fearsome reputations like Krawks are can also be cute. I told him the other day that he was supposed to think of an innocent and sweet pose for his portrait but I guess he just cannot get out of his daily routine - sleeping in the afternoon after eating a big lunch. *Groan* Krawks and their big bellies. Anyways, I still took a painting of them. Isn't he cute sleeping with his petpet on his side?

by asyanica
This is a portrait of my Faerie Xweetok Eithre looking wistfully into the distance. I chose to paint Eithre because Xweetoks are easy to depict being cute, and because her colour scheme is the most aesthetically pleasing to me.

Too Much Water to Colour
by bbslick
Here, CinnaJay is trying to enter the Random contest, but unfortunately, living under water has it's limitations. :( I selected CinnaJay to paint, because he's pretty awesome, don't you agree? Also, the bitter pain of irony is never lost on me.

Hide and Seek
by betti666
My sweet Gnorbu, Pilirt, is making use of his latest colour to try and blend into this hedge. It is the first time he has played Hide and Seek though and is not yet aware that only half hiding will not win him the game!

I CAN squeeze through!
by codswobble
In this picture Ocaginga, the silliest pet in Neopia, has gone and got himself stuck! Funnily enough he said he was chasing some fishy flakes - and his petpet is nowhere to be seen. Only Ocaginga would fall for a blatant trap like that! Anyway, I suggested to him he paused for a picture, and here is the snapshot. Hope y'all enjoy! I chose Ocaginga because he is silly and small and has big eyes and my other pets seem to have a bit of dignity. :)

by dee_jude
When she was little Darkayla really wanted to go stargazing one night, so she picked up her broken heart plushie, and called for her Neucloop Squishy, and headed for the surface. She found a really comfy rock (yes rocks can be comfy!) and nestled in. Soon enough the moon had risen and the stars were shining bright as can be. Darkayla was so happy she could share the wonderful experience with her friend Squishy. Even if he did fall asleep first. I chose Darkayla to paint simply because she's Darigan. Altho most of the Darigan neopets look evil and mean, it's what's inside that counts.

"Secrets Between Friends"
by eveydarling
It's harder to paint a magma pet with watercolours than it is to actually paint your pet magma! This is my darling magma Xweetok Luxullianite listening to her petpet Ember the Magmut whisper a secret in her ear :)

First Moments on the Draik Nest
by foaler
This is Skorh, my new Draik, born on April 27th, 2012.

Letting Go Day
by grimagog1971
Many_Jars took care of a little bird with a sprained wing until it was all better, and finally it's time for it to go back into the world. I selected Many_Jars, my blumaroo, because I found it easier to make him to look cute. My other pet is a skeith. She looks so feirce with those big sharp teeth I wasn't managing cute in my attempts to draw her like that, and I did try.

Curled up with a rock
by inuyasha13522
Normally, Nircoit the Island Bori spends his days lazing about and sleeping from dawn til dusk with Tumbles, his petpet. A lazy bori to his very core. Yet he's as innocent as a Christmas Zafara whenever he wakes up; with his eyes drooping slightly and a small, drowsy smile to greet any friend.

What do you mean, "bad"?
by killuasama
This is Cylhan, being told that he can't keep the big bag of neopoints that he "found", and giving the puppy eyes, because the puppy eyes solve everything. I chose Cylhan, because not only is he the only adorable pet I have, but he also has an incredibly innocent mind, which more often than not causes him to do not so innocent things.

Losing Weight Needs Some Bait
by kuramas_kitsune
I used small and large brushes to try my hand at watercolor. I painted my white xweetok Yoko_my_spirit_fox using a cookie attached to a headband as motivation to lose some weight! I chose to paint Yoko because he had eaten quite a few neggs in celebration of the Negg Festival. And nothing is more cute than an xweetok chasing a cookie!

Darign Lupes, Evil? Never!
by lasdarkfirewolf
Most people think that if they have a Darigan pet, it will turn into this evil little creature. But, really how can you resist those eyes?! That it why I choose my Darigan Lupe, to prove that yes, it's easy to forgive them no matter what trouble they cause. It seems though in her owner's absence, she decided that the room needed a little bit of redecorating. Of course it wasn't her doing, one of her brothers did it. Even though the tracks lead right up to that innocent face. Oh well, guess it's time to find a bucket of soapy water and a sponge.

Santiahgo and Lysander
by laura_solitudine
This is Santiahgo, my Royalboy Gnorbu. He's a king, but he's.. Uhm.. Scared of.. Pretty much everything. For example, look at him now! He's having a really hard time because his petpet, Lysander, decided it was a great day to "explore" around him. Poor baby...

Exploring the world of nature
by mysticqi
Watercolor painting of my Gnorbu, Ghorse_Superstar :) She is seen here exploring the woods, and curious about another world which is free from prejudices, and free from the expected conformity of society.

by nastja_xx
This picture shows Feracy -my Baby Shoyru- eating a lollipop. I choose her because she's one of my cutest neopets. =) I used aquarelle and a black pencil for the outlines.

Topsy Turvy! :D
by noellalala
You: Is winglet jr going to fall? Winglet Jr: *sniggers* Hisasiah: No way! :P Hisasiah is a fun loving neopet that always sees the good in others. In this painting, she plays with her favourite petpet Winglet Jr.! She balances on her head with Winglet Jr. sitting happily on her tail. Tilting left and right, but winglet jr. is always safe when Hisasiah is around. This is their favourite past time, playing in fields where the flowers are always in bloom.

Sweet Spring
by paws265
My Rainbow Kacheek, Wran, has a wonderfully amiable personality which made him an obvious choice for this theme. He's been sitting in the meadow all day, waiting to share spring with you. He believes that more people should take time to stop and appreciate the simple beauty of nature. He even picked some flowers for you, so go out and enjoy this lovely spring day!

Calpes and Company
by pikemaster1
Nothing could be more cute and innocent than a picture of your Neopet playing with his petpet and petpetpet in a flowery environment. Here we have Calpes the Desert Krawk with Angel his Winged Kookith and its Veespa.

Qwuh and Quincy
by tiptoeboo
In this portrait of Qwuh, my usukiboy, with Quincy, his weewoo, Quincy is replacing the feather in Qwuh's hat with some more .. seasonal decorations. Qwuh wasn't entirely happy about this, but weewoos can be very persistant! I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting it!

Serene in the Sky
by vampie_cat
This is Crystalean, my Faerie Shoyru, relaxing in the clouds with her Faerie Kadoatie as she often does after a long day of quelling arguments between her sisters. Patient and sweet, she is the perfect mediator for disputes -- the kind and nice need not be pushovers, after all!

A Nap At Tea
by winterwoowoo
A delicate lady must have her rest, and after her mid-morning tea, Dutchess Winterwoowoo laid down her head upon her favorite postage stamp pillow, to dream of castles in the sky. I quietly grabbed my watercolors, pencil, and a sheet of hot-press paper to paint a portrait of my dear aisha!

Unconventional Cuteness
by yorkie
Did you think mutants couldn't be cute too? Mekkiru the Mutant Aisha begs to differ! I chose him as my subject for this portait to show the people of neopia that unconventional cuteness is still cute! We seem to have caught him off guard while he was painting a portrait of his Feepit, Snuggles. He's shy, so don't mind his blushing.

Second Place

Fourty lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Jubble Bath
by 37_basil_
I chose to paint my Shoyru, WorldCrisis, who thinks he's the hero of Jubble Bubble. Unfortunately he's nowhere as fast, so he has to settle for being cute.

Heroes and Villians
by _espy_
Similar to Cops and Robbers, I decided to paint Luxsie and Tom (her petpet) playing Heroes and Villains. This idea came to mind instantly when I saw what this week(or so)'s random contest was about. Since Luxsie already had the costume, I saw it as being quite fitting. :3

by amijadedunn
My adorable baby Kougra, kichikichi72 playing in the grass, sticking her tongue out playfully at a mootix she's found. :P

Island Sweetie
by amyerita5
Hualani is an adorable little Bruce who can make you smile from ear to ear and she is just perfect for a watercolor portrait. Here she is finishing a lei to greet you with. How sweet!

Portrait of An Angel
by angel_of_heaven84
Angels are an icon for innocent, and who better to bring innocence out than my bruce Angelitzcuintli. Angel lives on clouds and loves to grow and pick flowers. Her big eyes with curly long eyelashes ake her look even more sweet and innocent.

Kerryba's Neggspedition
by arruruerie
This is Kerryba the Aisha - Kerryba enjoys hunting for treasure, and when meeting others, Kerryba would RUN AWAAAY! And a shy young lass purely excited fulfilling her favorite activity for real for the first time surely ought to qualify as a cute, sweet scene - and so I painted a commemorative picture for the Aisha at the end of her first treasure hunt. We went looking for Selvin and not Rutu, and we didn't have time to solve the puzzle, but, we did "find" it, if not "discover" it, and she's happy with that! Perhaps this picture isn't so sweet and innocent looking in the usual way, but I do enjoy it and did enjoy painting it. I like watercolor, and I hadn't painted a Neopet before.

Tea Time
by brahminy

Deave the Cute Little Plushie
by centrifugeuse
This portrait represents when I first met Deave. She was playing and enjoying the many different flowers that we can find around Neopia! Deave is my favorite pet; the fact that she's made of the silkiest fabric makes her the perfect friend to invite if you plan on watching scary movies because she will always be there, ready to be squeezed and hugged when you get scared. I chose to paint her because I knew that the little hearts on her arms, ears and tail would make your heart melt. I made this portrait with: watercolor paint kit, water (duh!), a small and big paintbrush and markers.

Innocent little painter
by chihibiki
Kekkomaru painted on my secret lab map. And she did it with a brown paintbrush! Double arrgh! But I can't be mad at her because she looks so innocent.

But, I didn't do it!
by derpywantsamuffin
I decided to paint my baby uni because she is a baby and babies always look so adorable and innocent! She is just looking at you, with those adorable pony eyes, probably, in her mind, asking for a cookie. She loves cookies. I used paint, paper and tape. With a bit of marker and pencil to guide me.

Kravir the Tyrannian Bori
by desinence
Who says Tyrannian pets can't be cute? Kravir was the perfect choice from all of my pets, and personally I think he looks quite darling here (but don't tell him that!) I sketched the picture and then outlined it by hand with a small brush and India Ink. I had some struggles when my palm accidentally got into the wet paint (see the right side -_______-) and messed it around, but no worries! I used 5 layers of washes to get the rich brown, and then I went back over and detailed the fur (very fun!) He's not a baby nor a faerie, but he tries hard!

Good Morning!
by dragonicoverlord
He sleeps well into the day on most days, but today he woke up early just to wish a "Good morning!" to his fellow Neopians. Rentan is my favorite pet for his tiny, plump stature. I often neglect him when I do paint, so I decided to try something new-use watercolors and paint him in an adorable light.

Innocent Hex
by fuzzymonkey31
Aw, look what my darling bori Hexthen brought me! But wait, aren't those from the garden? And hasn't it been raining all afternoon? I chose to portray Hex in this portrait because he really is innocent, and would be genuinely sorry if he knew what he'd just done - but would probably do it again without thinking. *sigh* such a sweet boy...

Muffins From Mero
by goldennightfox
Who says a Darigan pet needs to be scary? My Zafara Mero (maraneo69) is one of the nicest, sweetest pets you'll ever meet. He really loves cooking and baking, and even though he's kind of shy around strangers, he made some yummy muffins just for you! 0:) -no tags here-3

Is it beddy time?
by ilovecookis
Baby Arbelor is holding her favorite bear to sleep and has her thumb in her mouth.

Cybunny in Trouble
by jadorablack
My pet Cybunny was trying to paint a portrait of himself for this weeks Random Contest. Things kind of got out of hand when he decided that he needed A LOT of green paint. Needless to say, he accidentally knocked them over. Now, he's doing his best to look innocent in the hopes that we'll forgive him. What do you think?

by jen_12_34
I painted my Kacheek, Athalia_, because she is the cutest pet I am lucky enough to have. I adopted her from the Pound and have not stopped spoiling her since. I used watercolor paints and mixed my own colors. I think I painted three different versions before settling on this one. All in all, took me about a day to draw and paint.

What NP?
by lil_jen_aside
PerfectBiscuit thinks I didn't notice that she somehow managed to take ALL the Neopoints in Neopia in order to sit on them because she thinks she's something called a dragon! D= As if I would let her get away with such a thing! After all, she still has to read the Grimoire of Affluence! HARUMPH

Celebrating Negg Festival Y14
by lilbuddycheeseit
This is Starry_Bright13, celebrating the Negg Festival!

Misunderstood lone wolf
by littlemisscurious149
Whilst everyone thinks of Captisso as a bad-tempered goon, he is actually somehow... innocent. His fondness for leather wear and his pirate-ish look as well as the facts that he prefers beeing on his own and barely talks to anyone may lead to the false impression that he is rude and somehow odd. Thats why most neopets avoid his company and he has a bad reputation amongst most of them. But none of them knows about how he spends his time when he isn't strutting down the streets with a lugubrious look on his face. No one has ever seen him strolling trough the woods, whisteling the joyful melodies of lovesongs, picking and arranging the most beautiful flower bouquets and looking for funny shapes in the clouds. Except for some petpets who cross his way maybe, but they won't tell anyone about his innocent side.

It wasn't me!
by luckyblackcats
It looks like littlerubberboots, my cybunny, has been into the chocolate neggs... but she's so cute and innocent, it couldn't have been her! ;) Sometimes underneath fluffiness is mischievousness... but, aw, how can you not love those eyes?!

Carefree Fun
by mattysam
What is cuter then a baby in flowers? Not much, that's what I've learned. This is a picture of my favorite Mattsamy the Baby Xweetok. He was turned into a baby recently by a random event and has never been more sweet or innocent.

Kougra Kitten
by meblackittymage13
As a kitten my kougra Oak_of_the_eathtribe loved to play with yarn, so when this contest came up I just had to enter. In this portrait he is playing with his favorite ball of yarn on the ground. With huge ears and paws it sure makes hunting yarn a bit easier. I chose to enter Oak in this contest because not only is he my favorite pet he is also the easiest to draw.

KestrelSoulHunter - So Innocent!
by mousymouse38
Meet KestrelSoulHunter! People are sometimes quick to judge her based on her appearance and her unique name. She's really quite sweet! To show you how innocent KestrelSoulHunter is, I painted her picture with all the hallmarks of innocence: big eyes, a big head, and clothes so big the sleeves hang off her hands. She's even cuddling a Petpet! Can you get more innocent than that? I made this picture with watercolors, paintbrushes, and a sheet of printer paper :)

Sweet Khiwo
by orieugallab
On a sunny day I called his name for the first time: Khiwo!! He was with that sweet looking that he didn't get what was going up on the world around him, I need to do something about it! This portrait was made after doing a sketch on a paper, and after that, I painted it with a mix of water and ink. When it got dry, the outline was retouched by pencil again. It was made on a common paper!

Ponchits bath time
by pequenuques
There is nothing more tender than my Kougra (gold) Ponchits take a bath with her favorite toy. :) I used watercolor and imagination to portray this wonderful moment.

Lookie There
by pesticide
Here is jejetheknight sporting his fancy halloween gear in the middle of spring. He's checking out a butterfly for the first time. The poor butterfly has no idea what to think of him! I selected Jeje at random through a session of "eeny meeny miny mo" between all of my pets.

It Wasn't Me
by pinkgnome722
As you can see Aarietty just loves her annoying..I mean sweet little bro Gavin and would never do anything mean or rotten to him. I used regular water colors on regular sketch paper. It only took a couple of hours to complete from drawing to painting. :)

Pouncing Through the Flowers
by raykitty
Coudae loves taking her plushie buzz out for walks and Stitches loves it too. I chose to paint my baby lupe because really what's cuter than that face? I've had Coudae for nearly ten years now, she's precious and an old baby.

HenshuRisu Cute Portrait
by razrroth
I was trying to think of who my cutest pet is, and the only one that came to mind was HenshuRisu. This is just a simple picture of my ever-adorable mutant meerca (Yes. He is mutant!) shying away from the camera to pet his protective werhond, Jacque. I sketched the picture with a pencil and painted it with watercolors (I think it took a total of 3 hours to keep repainting the blue!), and I hope you enjoy his super-cute and adorable sweetness.

Innocent Malevolent Plushie
by ruthyli
I chose my malevolent sentient poogle plushie to portrait, because for the most part he looks like a bad boy. But when he did something "bad" like eating all cookies alone and forgot sharing them to all the other pets (truely he likes the whole family), he looks more innocent than any other pet of mine could.

by skayl
This is my Royal Kyrii Pinkydoodlepie with her favorite Soft Magical Hair Usuki Plushie. Usuki was her first word as a baby, this is a painting of that moment.

by soggy_cardboard
My Lutari hiding behind his tail. :) I chose this pet as I love Lutaris, and all my other pets are hideously disfigured thanks to various potions!

by sugar_sweet_cane
PRlM is my faerie shoyru and my favorite pet. (She is quite the spoiled little one, I mean..who can resist her big googly purple eyes?!) In this piece, she is in flight and hugging her leaf umbrella. She is a bit shy so sometimes she'll hide underneath her leaf umbrella when first meeting others.

Pretty, pretty, please?
by svv33tdr3anns
1s0t0p3 couldn't believe the apple she had laid eyes on! She had never seen anything that could ever come close to her own spectacular glow! So of course she begged me to have it! It was just so adorable! So I knew a painting of that time would just be perfect for this competition! I used: one pencil, water color paper, water color pencils, one regular yellow color pencil, one black ink pen, water, one paper towel

The Broken Vase
by sybil_toraxim
I had to take a photo of it because it was just the tiniest bit too big to fit in the scanner.

Ahribell Finds a Box
by taiyoumiko
Hey TNT! For my entry, I chose the cutest thing on the internet: cats in boxes. This features Ahribell, my Disco Aisha, trying to find the perfect box to snuggle up in. I included step-by-step photos as well, using the real life Ahribell to model what I did. I chose Bellsy out of all my pets because Aishas are the most cat-like and I had a real Bellsy to help with the how-to pictures :)

Blossoming Smiles
by twigitsez
This is Daba, and although she may love Christmas more than any other time (being as she's a Christmas kacheek), she loves to romp in the soft flowers and sweet grass of spring. Daba can charm anybody out of their socks with her cuteness.

Grey Meets His Namesake
by wingedwithfeathers
This is a watercolour pop-up portrait of the day Grey met his namesake, the grey faerie named Baelia. Grey is usually a very upbeat little Uni, but when he heard Baelia's story he couldn't contain his tears. Don't worry though, Baelia dried his furry cheeks before she said goodbye. Grey asked me to paint this picture so he could always remember the day he met his role model. This watercolour was done using paints, brushes, paper, cardstock, tape, and an ink pen to add some clarity to Grey's body. The Faerieland backdrop is done in several different layers to add depth to the portrait. The entire picture can fold down flat. (Don't tell Grey I painted him crying! He's training for the battledome, so he doesn't like people to know he has a sweet side.)

by xxsakuranekoxx
In his orchard, Cyjil will gladly offer you an apple or two. And while he may look innocent, no one really knows what he's got planned. (Or what he's got behind his back.) ;)

Third Place

Lastly there were 91 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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