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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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It's a Petpet!


With spring many people catch the Awwww disease. They find themselves looking at cute baby animals, pretty spring flowers, etc. Here are Neopets Headquarters we sometimes start to feel that also. So in celebration of this epidemic we are asking you to create Petpets from felt. (You may use foam balls, etc for a foundation) Whichever Petpet you create should be completely made by you, with help from an adult if needed. Please tell us what you used to make your Petpet and why you made the one you did in the description. We will judge entries based on cuteness (awwww), creativity, and how awesome they are. :)

First Place

Ten winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 20,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Darigan Carmariller
by __falloutgirl__
The Darigan Carmariller is my favourite Petpet, so much so that my oldest Neopet SkyeCrye owns one. Just look at how adorable it is! ^^ Made from several different colours of felt, stitched together with black thread, stuffed with cotton wool, a few pipe cleaners to bulk up the tail and wings, and animated by two black buttons (kindly donated by my dad's old shirt :) ).

Cheeky Felt Kepru
by _pandan
Kepru are one of my favorite petpets (asides from a Meowclops of course) so after trying to decide what petpet I should create, I was ecstatic when I realized I had the colours to create one of these little guys. He's small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hands and the button joints allow him to sit, stand and lay down!! He was made mostly out of felt, with a little paper and faux fur added for looks as well. - Hope you enjoy :D

by banana_lynny
This Quadrapus was made with felt pieces sewn together and foam balls and wire for support. I chose to make a Quadrapus because, personally, I think they are aww-dorable ;)

Adorably Derpy
by cenniek
This Calabat is hand-sewn out of felt, with polyester fill and fabric paint for the face. I chose to make a Calabat because they're rather under-appreciated, and I love their adorably derpy faces.

Adorable Felt Plushie Carmariller
by fireandice92
Carmarillers are one of the cutest petpets around and their lovely faerie wings and yellow and black markings are reminiscent of butterflies and bumblebees--two things that certainly make you think of spring! This Carmariller is made from craft felt lovingly stitched together and stuffed with fiberfill. His smile and black lines are embroidered with pearl cotton. He has a pipe cleaner "antenna" and is seen holding a felt bouquet of flowers to welcome in the springtime!

Mr Kadoatie
by jesselric
or making this lovely Petpet I used felt, stuffing, glue and thread. I decided to make a Kadoatie because I love them, they're very catlike! Why purple, you ask? I had this huge amount of purple felt at home and I didn't know what to do with it. Well, problem solved!

Faerie Seti Plushie
by moonwatcher
I made this cute little plushie of a Faerie Seti mostly from black, silver, goldenrod and white felt sheets. There's a little bit of wire in the wings to keep them from falling down and the blue and black of the eyes were painted on Other then that it's just felt, stuffing and thread. The pose is based off of the regular Seti but the tail, wings and colors are all from the Faerie one. He took a while to make but now he's happily watching over my room.

Needle-Felted Meowclops
by remansi
Here we have a little Meowclops, ready with a Woo-Woo Grub ingredient and eager to assist you in making whatever strange stew you have bubbling in the kitchen! This fuzzy little guy is made entirely out of wool fibers, poked with special barbed needles that turn the loose wool fibers into solid felt! A little LED in his eye lets it light up so he can find his way around at night. I chose Meowclops because they have been my favorite petpets since I first saw them in a list in one of the old Neopets Magazines. And since they're retired, having a felt one is the next best thing!

Alabriss Plushie
by ruth216
Yeah my first Random Contest entry! I used white and green felt, thread, stuffing, and acrylic paint (for eyes and mouth). This guy was sewn 100% by hand. I chose an Alabriss because they so cute (and horse-like creatures are the only thing I know how to sew).

Felt Hasee Trio
by teanix
For this Random Contest, I made a trio of felt hasees in honor of this year's Daily Dare's Super Hasee Bounce. But mostly because I think they're super cute! The materials used were felt, thread, cotton balls (for the stuffing), and fabric glue for the stripes. I drew out some templates and then cut the shapes out of the felt. I then stuffed them with cotton balls and sewed them together. The stripes were glued on with fabric glue. I also made some doughnutfruits for the hasees to enjoy!

Second Place

Twenty-five lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Faerie Baby Fireball
by alandrus
I think the Faerie Baby Fireball has one of the most adorable and spring like color themes on Neopets, so I chose to make one out of felt. I used felt, thread, stuffing, pipe cleaners for support, and felt-tipped markers for this little guy and designed the pattern for his body and wings by hand.

Pink Buzzer Plushie
by amijadedunn
Made from felt, buttons and hand stitched, I chose a Pink buzzer to keep with a spring time theme, and who can resist their cuteness.

Plushie Goople
by angel131214
I used 4 colors of felt, black thread, a sewing needle, & scissors to make my plushie goople. The inside is filled with the left over felt. I have a weird fascination with the goople in general, so I had to make myself a plush one to keep in my room!

Stitches the Hornless Zomutt
by aub13
I made Stitches out of string, buttons for eyes, felt, fluff, and a sock that's in his belly because I ran out of fluff...The reason I made him is because one day, I was waltzing around the haunted woods with my Eyrie when I heard a faint sobbing. We followed the sound, and there we stood upon a crying, ghost Zomutt.
"Oh dear, why are you crying?"
"I'm lost...and somehow I'm a ghost! My owner said I was too cold and spooky so he threw me out..." I picked the poor thing up, which he was indeed very cold and slightly tingly, but that was no reason to throw out a sweet little Zomutt like him. We took him home and thought about what to do...He needed to be warm again. We tried giving him medicene. Neoflu Jelly Pills, a Magic Cookie, Mushroom Ointment. Nothing worked! He was simply a ghost forever. We almost gave up when my little Aisha came into the room. We explained the situation to her, and she knew just what to do! "Use this stuff." She mewed, and trotted off to play with her Usukis. What she handed me was a few colors of felt and thread, I had a sewing machine, and suddenly it dawned on me. "We'll make you a new body! Like a suit your soul can go into!" The little Zomutt was hesitant at first but soon I was done, and I opened the final open seam for him to climb into. "Go on, it'll be okay." He slid into the open hole, and I sewed it closed very carefully. "How do you feel?" The little stuffed animal popped up and jumped around the room with joy. "I feel just like new! And I look normal! I'm not cold anymore I'm warm and fuzzy like before!" His new little felt tail wagged with glee, and he's been joyful ever since. The end :3

The Blue Stahkee of Happiness
by avatar_4ever11
In all honesty, I only made a Stahkee because they're adorable... :D It took me about three and a half hours,(which was way less than I thought it'd be) and about a day for the marker to dry

Mutant Ona Felt Plushie
by dekucorey
Not sure if you should aww or scream? Drawn out cut plans, Hand cut out felt, stitched, and stuffed with evil. (All eyeballed) Made from felt, mutation potion, cotton thread, & cotton for stuffing.

Felt Plushie Buzzer!
by dire_straits
My first time entering the random contest AND my first time working with felt, and it was a wonderful experience. I browsed through the plushie petpets and what petpet would be cooler to make than a plushie Buzzer? They obviously fit this time of year very well and they're awwww. Right? Plus of course their rather simple shape: I didn't want to challenge myself too much for my first felt creature. I used felt in 4 colours, thread in black and red, and stuffing.

Cute needle felted Mazzew
by drudruchu
Is there anything cuter than a real Mazzew? Yes! A needle felted mazzew. I made her out of soft purple feltingwool, which I poked many many times with a felting needle (poor Mazzy!) With those adorable big blue eyes, pointy pink ears and little paws, it's just cuteness to the max!

Blue Slorgclops
by fireflyfluff
I decided to make a blue slorgclops for my entry. Why? Well they are the best petpets ever in my eyes! Combine the clam nature of the slorg with the fierceness of the meowclops and you get the adorable slorgclops. I chose to do mine in blue because it's my uni's favorite color. I cut out felt, sewed it together with white and blue string and stuffed it with synthetic fibers. I'm not good at sewing so this took me 3 1/2 hrs (I did it all by hand). I may never be lucky enough to own a slogclops on neo but now I have one with me in the outside world!

Urgoni Awareness
by harloh
Urgonis like being around other creatures, but have trouble making friends. That's why I decided to make an Urgoni- to spread the news that they're actually super nice petpets and need some love, too! My Urgoni is made from red felt stuffed with cotton balls and hot glued together. The spines are black pipe cleaners. I cut them and tied a knot in one end to anchor, then wiggled the un-knotted end into the felt before hot gluing. The mouth is also a pipe cleaner, but the eyes are completely felt. I promise, I did TRY to make the spines out of felt... it didn't work so well. (Hot glue strings... hot glue strings EVERYWHERE...) You can't really see from the picture, but my Urgoni is completely round all the way around, not flat. Thanks!

Felt Nedler
by iciclefaerie05
Here is a Nedler I made out of felt and cotton balls. I made the Nedler because Nedlers remind me of the Ood from Doctor Who. My Nedler is a mixture of hand sewing and machine sewing, and stuffed with remnants of felt. Hope you like him!

Lil Nacky
by kasanetetoegghatcher
A tiny Drackonack plushie made from felt and fiberfill and held together with thread and hot glue. Oh? You don't think Drackonacks are very cute? I disagree. You say one nearly bit your hand off? Nonsense! They couldn't be a more friendly and loveable bunch of spikes and fins. Look at those big dopey glowing red eyes! I'm gonna go check on mine, I left him playing with a Babaa once and haven't seen the thing since..

Teeny Tiny Faellie
by lilaquapyro
I used felt, a needle, thread, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a black marker. I hand stitched the wings first. Then I moved on to make the ears, the body, and then the tail. I stitched the head last. For stuffing, I used the left-over felt bits to stuff the tail, arms, legs and part of the head. Then I cut up an old t-shirt to stuff the rest of the head and body. Next, I hot glued the white circles onto the ears - ouch! (sorry about that lil faellie!) Then glued the eyes and mouth on. For the last step, I used a black marker to add stitch lines to hold him together and pupils so he can see! I chose this faellie because I think he's super cute! Plus, now he's a plushie plushie faellie ;) and who wouldn't want to be that?!

Felty the Blorpulous
by lildevils186
I made my petpet from grey, green, black and white felt pieces that I sewed together by hand with black thread. Then I used cotton stuffing to give the body, tail and feet shape. I also used metal wires to help the wings stand upright. I chose to make a blorpulous because I think they look absolutely adorable and I wanted to have one for myself. After all who wouldn't want such a cute petpet to perch on their shoulder all day?

Springtime Fleurbik Plushie
by plain_girl
I made this flowery robot petpet in honor of springtime and all things springing! After all, fleurbiks love hiding amongst flower beds, ready to pounce on unsuspecting passers by! Please view the larger version on SueBessie 's petpage!

Tenna plushie
by pocky_of_doom
This is my first entry for the random contest! This is my little Tenna plush. He's made of felt, hand-sewn and stuffed with cotton balls. His eyes are made of felt and are attached with hot glue, and his 'eyebrows' and mouth were drawn on with permanent marker. He looks a little sad and worried, but that's nothing a good hug can't fix!

Felt Faellie
by puter809
Because I absolutley love faellies and love to sew, I thought it would be a great project to make one. Materials: felt, thread, paint, marker, 2 buttons, sewing needle, and stuffing. =) I hope you enjoy her. Note: I really do not know why she is showing up orange. She is yellow.

Purple Warf
by raindrop900
This little warf was sew together by hand with purple and orange felt and stuffed with some extra soft stuffing, to make him all nice and cuddly. I chose to make a purple warf because they have been my favorite petpet (my pet draill286882 has one!) for a long time. I think that they have the most adorable expression, and this was a great opportunity for me to make one to cuddle in real life!

Fun Faerie Kadoatie
by raykitty
What's cuter than a faerie kadoatie? Nothing, just ask a faerie kadoatie. I made this petpet out of acrylic felt, thread, and some glue. I love kadoatie, they are adorable. No wonder everyone rushes to feed them at the Kadoatery.

The Walking Tent
by ruby147
For my Island Geb I used felt, no-sew fabric glue, scissors, thread, a needle, and pipe cleaners. When I was skimming through the many Petpet's at the Petpet Puddle, the Island Geb caught my eye. It's flower reminded me of all the beautiful flowers that bloom in the Spring and it's hula skirt reminded me of the green grass regrowing after a tough Winter. When I showed my dad my finished product he called it a walking tent, which made me think of all the camping trips I went on when I was little. I made this Island Geb by myself with the exception of my mother untying the knots I made.

Kawaii Kookith Plush
by tessie_2_2_2
Hello there TNT! I made this Kookith plush, because Kookith is such an adorable petpet! I've always loved Kookith since I started to play Neopets -no tags here-3
WARNING! This plush could possibly aggravate the symptons of the Awwww disease!!

Needle Felted Mimbi
by togepi_forever
This little needle-felted Mimbi was the perfect choice - he's happy to sit on my desk and bleat at me to do my homework!

Felt Meepit
by ummagine3284
To make this cute felt Meepit, I used felt for every body part, and then I sewed it all together with pink, black, and white threads. The Meepit has polyester filling inside to keep it standing, and it also gives the Meepit that signature plump look that we all adore. The eyes were glued together with a coating of fabric glue before being stitched to the face. That way, this Meepit can stare at the world all day long!

Purple Carmariller Plush
by voiletcheetah
C: Items used- Purple felt, pink felt, embroidery thread, needle, polyfill stuffing. c: I made a purple Carmariller because I adore them. I enjoy all shades and tints of purple, so why not combine my favorite color, with one of my favorite petpets! This little guy took a few hours, but I'll be glad to have him fluttering around in my room from now on.

The Two Hungry Hasees
by 28282857
This is my first Random Contest submission. I've been waiting for a contest using felt for a while and I finally got my chance to use my plushie making talents! I decided to welcome spring by making the two hungry Hasees, Jimmi and Woogy! They are made out of polyester felt. I sewed felt pieces together with thread and a sewing needle. The Hasees are stuffed with poly-filling. I gave them button eyes and drew on their mouths with a marker.

Third Place

Lastly there were 46 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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