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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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The Masks of Valentines Day

Happy Valentine or No?

There are some here at Neopets HQ that love to celebrate Valentines Day, while others prefer Anti-Valentines Day. As such your task for the next couple of weeks is to choose which you favour and create a mask for the holiday. These masks should be themed to the holiday that you choose (either Valentines day or Anti-Valentines day). The masks that you make should be completely made mainly by you, with help from an adult if needed. Please tell us what you used to make your mask and why you made the mask the way you did in the description. We will judge entries based on creativity and how awesome they are. :)

First Place

Five winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Cupidpuss :)
by aeallen
I took clay, poster board, scissors, glue, paint, pipe cleaners, an old paper fan, and construction paper to make this mask. To start this mask I drew it out and labeled everything I wanted to do and what I wanted to make it out of. After the drawing I cut the shape of the head and eyes out of the poster board. Then I went on to make the clay halo, ears, and heart bow and arrow. Once I had finished those off I drew the face on with paint and put the whiskers on that I made out of construction paper. I then glued everything onto an old paper fan so I could make it into a proper mask. Lastly, I glued the pipe cleaner wings on the back. Voila! A cupidpuss Valentine's Day mask was born!

The. Mask.
by lowerman
Okay, This is my millionth time trying to submit this darn thing. However. How I made this was I found a mask laying around the house and tore everything and anything off of it. I brought it down to the bare bones. I revamped it by painting it back to a nice pink colour and adding some paint details. I then attached an old piece of wood(also found around the house) with a nail like thing. I then spent the time of the paint drying cutting out felt hearts. I attached them with hot glue and then I added silver ribbon. There are also awesome danglingly hearts off the right side of it. It looks slightly creepy, but, ya'know sometimes valentines day is creepy.

The 'Aisha'll Always Love You' Mask
by mayonise
This Valentine Aisha Shopkeeper inspired mask was made of aluminium foil (moulded to my face), followed by paper mache (newspaper shreds), a layer of kitchen tissue and plenty of paste (PVA glue and water). The Aisha's ears were constructed from bended wire, foil and paper mache. After that, poster paints gave it colour while gold glitter and lacquer added pizazz. The final touch was the craft ribbons - red and pink to match the mask. They go just above human ears (or below bear ears as you see on the model)! Making it out of foil and paper mache was great since most of the materials were things I found around the house (recycling for the win). Also, while I tried to follow the patterns of traditional Venetian eye masks, the shopkeeper with the sweet smile was just the inspiration I needed for that Neopian Valentine twist. C:

Recycled Red Rose
by murderousandy
The Valentine's gift that keeps on giving; A Valentine's mask, with red rose and 3 hearts detailing, made entirely out of the materials from my Valentine's day box of chocs.
Cardboard from the box.
Coloured foil.
Green netting.

Korbat heartbreaker
by patry_kudry
Anti-Valentine mask ideal for those who like to break hearts. Inspired in a Korbat heartbreaker, with large wings and wicked smile, and painted with the colors of Jhudora because she hates Valentine's Day. Materials:
Green card
Glitter glue
Fiber red, black and green
Plastic bag
Purple and green tempera
Happy Anti-Valentine's Day ;)

Chocolate Factory Kiko
by simflossity
The Chocolate Factory celebrates the day of love in true Valentines spirit! Materials used:
White glue
Hot Glue
Balloon (Mask base)
Red ribbon (Mask band)
Cardboard box (Top hat)
Acrylic paint
Red glitter
Colored feathers
Chocolate Kisses
Peppermint candy
Artificial flowers

Two Cheeks
by sw33t_simplicity
The "Two Cheeks" Kacheek mask, for those who have no idea if they're for or against Valentines day. We either love it or hate it. Materials used:
White Glue
Hot Glue
Acrylic Paint
Pipe Cleaners
Wiggly Eye
Red Cupped Sequins
Purple Party Lei (Mask Band)

Masque D'Amour
by yongsoo
Ideas from Valentine's Day site theme Valentine's themed items. Materials: Red ribbon, silver ribbon, cardboard, construction paper, acrylic paints, nail decoration gems, hot glue gun

Second Place

Ten lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Warf Love
by cuteaisha12
Items used:
1. Construction Paper
2. Paint
3. Cardboard
4. Glue
What inspired me to do this mask you may ask?
Just the nice spirit and atmosphere of Valentines Day.
What is a Valentine's Day without love in the air?
Without those giant over stuffed teddy bears for someone special?
Without a hundred balloons floating everywhere?
...and more importantly, without puppy love?...errr I totally meant warf love!

Dark Nova's Anti-Valentine Mask
by digicookie
For the mask, I drew it on the manila card by using a pencil. After that, I shade around the mask by using the permanent marker pen. For the red color, I used the oil pastel crayons that gives the look as a fire was burning the dark heart. I also add some glitter and gel pens for a nice, glittering looks at the cracks and the love's side. The big, cracked heart was made by using the permanent marker pen, too for the gloomy look. The Dark Nova resembles as a darkness at the middle of the mask. There were also two little black stars on the left and right below the eyes with the broken pink heart. The last one is I put the little, fake eye balls as a decoration. Furthermore, the mask almost looks like a Mutant Acara in Neopets.

Pretty Flower Mask
by drkmggrl25
I chose to make a Pretty Flower Mask because a few years back, my sister sent me one as my Valentine's gift on Neopets. It seemed very fitting to actually make one. I used cardboard for backing, green card stock over that, lots of paper colored with colored pencil, felt for the design, sponge for the yellow flowers, paper clips to hold the flowers together, and tons of glue.

ValeNTine's Day!
by ellbot1998
This is my Neopian Times themed Valentine's Day mask! All I used was different bits and pieces of felt, thread, and two black beads for the Weewoo's eyes. I like to sew, so I gave it a patchwork look, too. We all love the NT!

Broken Hearted Anti-Valentines Mask
by envysquirrel
Some say to wear your heart on your sleeve.. Inspired by Holopaw my Zombie Moehog and the 'Broken Heart Tombstone' Made with leather, ribbon, paint and thread.

Have a Grey (Anti) Valentines
by fairyxhearts
I decided to make a Grey Faerie-inspired mask to celebrate Anti-Valentines Day as the faerie automatically came to mind when I thought of it. I accordingly included features like shadows under the eyes, snapped feathers, bent antennae and old, ripped lace to give the mask a Grey Faerie-ish tattered feel but also included some beads, sequins and cotton flowers so that it could also have a touch of elegance as befitting the grand occasion. To make the mask I used an old black plastic mask, elastic, black, white and purple acrylic paint, a red cotton heart I painted black, small cotton flowers, paper (to make the larger flower), beads, sequins, stick-on jewels, feathers, lace and wire.

Aisha Love
by ka5ssi
I made a valentines day mask. It has an Aisha face with a phantom of the opera style mask made of hearts covering half the face. I used paper mache to cover the whole thing, sticks for the antennas and yogurt containers for the hearts. I finished it off with water colors.

Valentine's Mask of Luv <3
by lunathegirl
Presenting...The gothic looking mask of Valentine's day! I spent a little less than a week on it. It's kind of dark, but it's definately NOT Anti-Valentines day. See? There are lots of glitter, two flowers, and six hearts :D Oh yeah, I didn't have time to paint the back, but it's not like anyone will see it ;)

Dreaming of Love
by mary_stern
Are you dreaming of Love but to proud to show it? With this mask you can admit your feelings without losing your face!
This mask is for those Neopets who secretly really like Valentines Day. Since your face is hidden you can wear stuff you usually wouldn't wear. Like a lot of glitter =)
Materials used to create this mask: Paste, Glue, Cardboard, Old Newspapers, White paper bordure, Red rhinestone heart, Red heart embellishment, Red and white Paint, Red ribbon, silver and red glitter, aluminium foil, scissors.

by mellybean05
Being alone on Valentine's Day can often leave you feeling a little sour. I took this idea and formed it into the perfect Anti-Valentine's Day Mask of Bitterness. The prickly feathers on the edges represent the sharp sting of loneliness that the unattached feel on the Day of Love. The glitter depicts the tendency of people to try and minimize their negative feelings by insisting that they don't care about Valentine's Day anyway, even though they're just a little bit sad at being all alone. The following materials and tools were used to make this mask: black mask base, all-purpose clear glue, black goose biot feathers, black craft feathers, seed beads, silver and red nail polish, flat-back Swarovski crystals (red, black and silver), black glitter strips, scissors

Mask Anti-Valentines day
by ohiime_sama
As I was out of time and i saw the competition last night very late, I had to do with what I had at home. I used a cardboard to make the mask and spiders, cotton shredded to give the impression of webs. I painted the mask with purple ink and the spiders with crayons black and red. For the lashes I used a black ribbon. Around the eyes i used cotton also. It was quite simple because did not have much here. :)

Valentine Kookith Mask
by rs_rbn
I decided to make a Valentine Mask by designing a new Valentine painted Kookith! I first drew out my design in pencil, then I colored it with oil pastels. Then I cut out my Kookith mask, taped on some wooden sticks and Viola! My beautiful, pink & red Valentines Paint Brush Kookith mask was complete!

The Broken Heart Mask
by sansnano
I made this mask in Anti-Valentines way because I prefer dark things. It is made of:
*washable glitter paint
*black ink
*wood stick
*paper tape
Hope you like it!

Cherub Themed Mask!
by saudadesdagripe
Well, it was a bit hard to choose which one to do: valentine or anti-valentine. But after searching some valentines-themed items, I found the Cherub NC Mini-Pack and I loved it! So I decided to make the mask theme as the Mini-Pack. It took me some days of hard work and patient (mainly because of the glue). I hope you guys enjoy it, because I loved it. The Materials Used:
- Glue.
- Scissor.
- Colored Pencils.
- Spit.
- Ink.
- Glitter.
- Creativity!
Now you guys should be asking "why did you do the mask that way?" Well, the upper part of the mask is golden because of the wig of the Mini-Pack. The lowest part of the mask is silver because of the wings! And the staff is an arrow because of... well, you know, because of the bow! (captain obvious strikes!). Unfortunately there weren't enough space to make something that reminders me of the wrap. Happy Valentines day, Neopets!

Faerie Pteri Pretty Valentine Mask
by snowdenofyesteryear
This is my Valentines Day mask. I based it on the look of the Faerie Pteri because they are so pretty and pink! I changed a few things to make it more Valentine-y, like the hearts around the eyes. I started by making the base out of cardboard, and then covered it in papier mache for durability. Then I painted it and added accents with gold and red glitter glue. Finally, I glued on the feathers and string. I made this mask to show the love and happiness of Valentines Day!

Cupido Aisha <3
by tessie_2_2_2
Every 14th of February, Cupido Aisha pulls his classic valentine costume out of the closet. But this year, he made a brand new one! He used pink fabric, glue, thread, rubber band, tape, scissors and a very creative mind :). Aisha was determined to make a costume everybody would say "Wow!" to, so he also made a beautiful mask that matches with his heart-shaped jacket. This valentine, cupido Aisha is ready to shoot all his valentine-arrows into the hearts of all love-searching Neopians!

My Super Anti-Valentine Mask
by totalvideogamefreak
Who needs love? Not this hero. The bearer of this mask is a heart breaker in every sense of the word. Be careful who you call upon this Valentines Day! Materials: glitter craft foam, feathers, ribbon, tape, and scissors. Inspired by the My Super Valentines Mask in the NC Mall.

Sloth *hearts* Valentine's Day!
by x_mystichorse_x
*I'm sorry! I don't have "proof" that it's a "mask" as no face is shown, but please, do believe me, it is a mask. (Full face) that holds by two pipe cleaners. *So, to create this delightful little PRO-Valentine's day mask (represented by Sloth's happiness) I used:
1) Glue
2) Crayons and glitter
3) Paint
4) Thick art paper
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!