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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Paper Portrait

Wrapping Paper Crazy!

The holidays are upon us and as is true with many holidays, there is usually a bit of wrapping paper and ribbons that are left after everything has been opened. Your challenge for the next few weeks is to keep that lovely paper that was covering your gifts and create a portrait of one of your Petpets from it. The portrait should be done in a collage style, so be creative, and have a bit of fun! You do need to tell us which Petpet your portrait is of, why you chose that Petpet, and what you used to create it in the description. We will judge entries based on creativity, beauty and how fun they are. :)

First Place

Six winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Have Urchull A Merry Little Xmas
by blondiekatie12142
I love Barclay, my Urchull, who in turn loves the holiday season and roasting chestnuts by an open fire. In this collage is... an assortment of wrapping paper, an array of different colored wrapping ribbon, cardboard from packaged presents, twine, glitter, old discarded garland, present pom-poms, and even more wrapping paper! Hope everyone had a happy holidays!

Faellie Gift Wrap Collage
by coco6468
This is a portrait of Spillaine's Faellie, Tricky, being all festive. I have always viewed Faellies as energetic little balls of fur who love to celebrate and have fun. So, I added a Santa hat and a scarf to Tricky. I used green wrapping paper to cover an entire cardboard, and then outlined the basic drawing of Tricky on another piece of paper that I sadly couldn't fit due to the file size limit. I put a picture of my hand next to the portrait to give a general idea as to how big it is. After having the cardboard wrapped, I just cut up the wrapping paper and glued them on. The entire thing was done in around six hours.

Hegelob Paper Portrait
by qelato
Materials: Leftover wrapping paper, tape (or glue), ribbon, a pencil, one sheet of printer paper With my leftover wrapping paper this year, I chose to make a portrait of a Hegelob. I decided on this petpet because my Draik has one. There are only two steps involved. One, sketch a Hegelob on some printer paper using a pencil. And two, tape your leftover wrapping paper and ribbons within the lines in a collage style. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Maltuus the Present King
by report_my_name
This portrait is of Maltuus the Niptor. I chose to do him for the contest because he is my longest owned petpet and one of my very very favorites! Beyond that I thought it might be fun and a little challenging to do a collage with wrapping paper out of him as wrapping paper isn't primarily brown normally in my experience! Maltuus made this cute pose for me too when I was trying to decide and his eager little face just made it too hard to say no! For materials I used a piece of thin cardboard from a shoe box that I got for xmas as the backing. The green, blue and dark reds are all bits and pieces of wrapping paper as well. I also used green and red tissue paper in places such as his hat and scarf. The white fluffiness is also a combination of wrapping paper and tissue paper that was in the shoe box as well. The brown itself is a combination of wrapping from a "vintage" gift that I got in said "vintage" brown bag wrapping paper as well as paper that I found inside a box that a gift came shipped in. As a final touch I figured i would wrap the whole thing with the pretty silver ribbon i got on one of my gifts. I hope you enjoy my entry, I had a lot of fun making it and i honestly probably wouldn't have even tried if it weren't for this contest so thanks for the challenge as well! I can't pass up a good challenge!

Angelpuss Pooka
by spektra7
My pet Alusulla has a royal angelpuss petpet named Pooka. Pooka seemed like an excellent candidate for the holiday portrait - after all, she is an angel! She is portrayed here sitting upon the clouds on a snowy holiday eve. Her portrait is constructed of strips of gift wrap and ribbon. The background - including the trees - was completely constructed from one piece of double sided wrapping paper. Pooka's dress, shoes and headdress were created from another piece of wrap with ribbon trim. A few Christmas cards were also deconstructed to create the clouds and Pooka's wings, halo and some facial features. Two glue sticks gave their lives in the making of this portrait. Luckily, Pooka was a patient model and stood still for me the entire time :)

Snow treats
by sweet_lolly411
This is my first random contest entry ever! I decided to make a portrait of my cybunny Zissue's petpet, Mini Zi the snowbunny. I made it from sparkly tissue paper, plenty of festive wrapping paper and a few scraps of fabric (left over from when I made home-made gift tags) and to top it off, a pretty abalone button for an eye. Here Mini Zi is trying to catch snowflakes for a snack without much success, admittedly I can't really think of witty title right now so "snow treats" had to make do.

Second Place

Eleven lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Rudy the Raindorf
by elegant_soul
My entry is a portrait of Miyeni's petpet, Rudy the Raindorf! Rudy is a recent addition to our neo-family and we absolutely adore the little guy. I mean just look at those big, bright green eyes and cute antlers - what's not to love? Most importantly, he has brought our family great warmth and joy during this holiday season. I thought, "What better way to welcome Rudy to the family than to hang a portrait of him in our neohome?" The portrait was made collage style using leftover gift wrap paper, scissors, glue stick, clear tape, and a lot of love! :)

by fairyxhearts
I used wrapping paper, folding paper, ribbon and two beads to create a portrait of Alissanthea's petpet Meredy. Meredy is a Kazeriu, one of a rare magical breed of petpets said to appear only to those who believe in them. I chose to depict Meredy as I believe she represents a reminder to dream and believe in things and possibilities that may at first seem impossible as doing so can result in something amazing, which is an especially important idea to remember in entering a new year.

Frankincense the Felf
by i_heart_xweetoks
What better Petpet to choose for this challenge than a Christmas themed one? So, I opened my box of gift-wrapping supplies and made a portrait of Frankincense, my Felf. I cut slits in the side of every individual piece of red wrapping paper for Frankie's pants and hat to give it a fuzzy look, and pasted them onto a piece of plain white paper. I had no solid green wrapping paper, so I cut out the background of some snowman-patterned gift wrap and used that for Frankie's head and body. It seemed a shame to let those cute little snowmen go to waste, so I took some creative license and gave one to him to hold. For the white fringe on Frankie's hat and pants, I used the underside of any scrap I had (can't let it go to waste!) and crumpled it to make it look soft and fluffy. Merry Christmas!

Sock the Plushie Slorg
by landmass
This is a portrait of my Christmas Shoyru (Owenta)'s petpet, Sock the Plushie Slorg. I chose to portray this petpet because he has always been one of my personal favorites, and the holidays are a fun time of year for Owenta and Sock. I used scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon, along with lots of glue, to construct the collage on cardstock. The ribbon was used for bows on the tiny gifts, the tie on Sock's tail, and as a border. I used several shades of blue wrapping paper bits to create the sky, and about six other kinds of scraps to create Sock himself. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this portrait, and I hope you like it as much as I do! (:

Feepit Paper Portrait
by mandy_255
Feepits are one of my favorite petpets. They are chubby, adorable, and even tough enough to take on a Meepit in a fight. When I received a gift over the holidays that was covered in a light blue wrapping paper, I knew I had to make a portrait of a Feepit for this week's random contest. Seeing the portrait would be made from wrapping paper, I came up with the concept of a Feepit being unwrapped as a present. It is definitely a gift I would be happy to receive. To create this portrait I started by layering cut pieces of wrapping paper onto a purple construction paper. I used three different colors of wrapping paper: blue, green and red, and I also used the opposite side of the paper for white. Two pieces of old tissue paper were also layered to make it look like they were emerging from the present. After gluing the layered pieces in place, I used a black marker to create lines and define edges. I also added some detail for the eyes using white paint. For finishing touches, I tied some old ribbon into a bow and glued it to the top of the present. I also added a golden bow, and some glittery snowflakes to complete the portrait.

Cougi Collage
by marissa_is_lost
I chose my wintery petpet, a Cougi named Spiffy, to star in my collage because his reindeer-like appearance and bright red and green colours reminded me of christmas.
I first drew my Cougi onto paper in pencil. Then after getting wrapping paper scissors and a hole puncher, I cut out and hole punched pieces to fit onto the drawing. I glued everything down and decided my portrait needed something more so I added a background of wrapping paper and some beads and decorations I found on some of my cards to his tail, hooves, eyes, and nose.
Happy Holidays!

Dave the Angelpuss
by milaza
Here's my Xweetok's petpet, Dave! He's a plushie Angelpuss. Dave was chosen because I can't draw aquatic petpets which was what my other Neopets petpets were. I made this collage with wrapping paper and cardboard.

Ode, A Yellow Mallard
by petzrockz
The collage features 'Ode', the yellow mallard petpet to my usul, Fluffcoat. The reason behind this petpet portrait choice derives from the fact that Ode was one of my earliest petpets, back when I was fascinated by the concept of petpets and getting a petpet was my goal at Neopets. Hence creating a collage based on Ode, seemed to me as a nice gesture to remember those days of Neopets. Saying that, Ode is also an embodiment of joy and celebration characterised by her bright yellow feathers and cute appearance. Hence, I thought that choosing Ode as my subject matter would fit the festive season and the welcoming of the New Year :) In terms of materials, the collage is crafted with wrapping paper, coloured paper/cardboard, ribbon and tissue/crepe paper to imitate the yellow, orange and red colours of Ode. In depicting the scenery, the items mentioned before were used plus a brown paper bag. An A4 sheet of paper was used for the base. Utensils used in the process included scissors, glue and a pen. A photo frame is also featured as on the right-hand image.

Pferde's Christmas Spirit
by renatazapara
Quite the lively one, Pferde, Reddfin the Koi's Airax, certainly loves the holidays doesn't he? Being as active as he is, he always enjoys examining the shiny wrapping paper strewn around the floor during present wrapping time. Often times he ends up wrapping himself up in a beautiful display of the colors of the Christmas season. It is Pferde's festiveness that makes him stand out the most to me.

Christmas Yooyu!
by sheena_baby_the_cat
The Christmas Yooyu,
With holly and spirit bright,
Glows of Christmas cheer.

My entry is of a Christmas Yooyu (though I hope you can tell!), which I chose because not only are they my favorite Winter petpet, they are perfect for this time of year as well! :3
The piece was done on the back of a white gift box lid (how appropriate!). Using red, green, and white-ish tissue paper, I laid out the base of the Yooyu, then went back over it with more to give it a paper mache look. The eyes and mouth are of black construction paper, that we use more making holiday greeting cards every year. Finally, I cut the faux holly leaves and berries off a leftover decoration and glued them on (that was way harder than it looks), with my mom's permission of course! ;)

Plushie Ownow
by the_princess_z
For my petpet portrait, I chose the plushie Ownow. I chose him because I thought a plushie petpet would be perfect with the collage of all the pretty colored wrapping paper, and look at all the pretty colors he is! To create my portrait, I used: a piece of cardboard covered in white paper, a picture of my petpet for reference, scissors, tape, a permanent marker, and tons of fun colored wrapping paper!

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!