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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Month of Celebrating Calendars

Time to Celebrate!

Just like on the site, this month we would like you to create your own Advent Calendar. This calendar should be Neopian themed and last the entire month of Celebrating! You can use different materials for building it, so be creative! You do need to explain why you decided to make the calendar the way you did and what you used to make it in the description. We will judge entries based on creativity and how fun they are. :)

First Place

Five winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Maraquan Advent Calendar
by bastos_11
Every place around Neopia should have your own Advent Calendar. Here I presents the Maraquan one. This advent calendar is full of Maraquan themed prizes, one better than another, to make all the Maraquans happy. Hm... what should be the big prize for 25th of Celebrating? What about a Paintbrush? And what about 31st? Maybe a gorgeous dress for the New Year Eve... You just need to take off the small card of the day you are and see what is the prize you win. And have a great Maraquan Christmas!

The Snowager is hibernating...
by dedags
Materials: 1kg of bisque clay, blue and white gouache ink, black permanent marker, colored paper, gold ribbons, ball of twine, nylon yarn, assorted candies.
During the month of Celebrating, the usually violent Snowager is hibernating. He's (almost) completely harmless during this magic time of the year, so anyone can come to his pile of treasures and pick up something with no fear! That's why I thought that the Snowager would be such a perfect theme to an Advent Calendar: he's practically distributing little gifts to everybody everyday during this month, like an Advent Calendar does. But instead of just doing a little house with 25 doors with a stupidly drawn Snowager on it, I've decided to do something more original. Since Snowager's shape is like a tube, I thought it would be perfect if I did a Snowager sculpture with little gifts tied on it. To do my Advent Calendar, I've made a Snowager sculpture in a spiral shape using the bisque clay and, after waiting 4 days to let it dry, I painted it with gouache ink, added details with the black marker and glued a little tong made of paper. Then, I did 25 origami boxes with the colored paper, filled them up with candies, tied the gold ribbons, made the numbers with white ink and black marker, and tied them on the Snowager with twine. And then, finally, I tied the finished Advent Calendar with nylon yarn at a nail in a wall of my living room. My brother and I are doing this Advent Calendar; we're holding ourselves to not just open all the boxes and eat the candies all at once... well, Merry Christmas, neopets!

Seasonal Cybunnies
by harloh
Materials used for candy bunnies: chocolate "kiss" candies, poster board, red and black permanent marker, scissors, sparkly pompons, and hot glue. (Also cotton ball bits for the bunny with the Santa hat.) Materials used in calendar: 12x18" piece of floral-arranging foam (it's the base of the calendar itself), poster board, black permanent marker, pencil, colored pencils, red marker, scissors, ruler, hot glue, glue sticks, white construction paper, contact paper, x-acto knife, butter knife, glitter glue, pearl beading, gold ribbon, cardboard, stickers, hours of measuring.
Contact paper is basically a giant piece of tape that comes on a roll the size of gift wrap. You cut out what you need. I used it to cover and protect the bunny-with-carrot drawing and "December" drawing. ALL the doors have bunny candies behind them but I kept most shut for the picture. A shout-out to my husband who kept me sane through the whole tedious process, And those adorable Cybunnies for inspiration! You can't have a holiday celebration without Cybunnies! Sorry for the terrible camera-phone quality. I hope you enjoy it! :D

Month of Presents!
by lucky_hearts
The Advent Calendar has long been my favorite site event of the year. Collecting the prizes each day is exciting like opening a present, which is exactly what my Advent Calendar is - presents! 31 origami gift boxes topped with origami bows displaying the date, and highlighting the various holidays during the Month of Celebrating.

Origami Box Advent Calendar
by whales_rock_37
31 Origami present boxes arranged into the shape of a Christmas tree (there's even a star nova on top!). Inside the boxes are the gifts that have been handed out by the real Advent Calendar, too. The words 'Advent' and 'Calender' are spelled out and the special days are in gold. The only materials used were paper and ribbon, Happy Holidays!

Second Place

Seven lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Tarla and Her NBI Minions
by a_fire_inside_1985
It looks like this year Tarla and her "minions" from the NBI Guild are in full swing getting ready for Christmas. Using my basic drawing skills, colored pencils, and pencil sketches, I created this image showing Tarla helping to decorate the Christmas tree in one of the guild living rooms. As a couple of our pets and petpets help her our other pets were more interested in playing with ribbons, sleeping by the fire, or just sitting by the tree. After drawing out the picture and coloring it in I created the illusion of a few of our pets "popping" out by placing cardboard behind them, followed by using construction paper to make a border. Then I created the calendar itself, made a border for that as well, and used glitter on the entire project. Once the glue was dry I hung it up on my office wall and placed Christmas garland around it that was in my Christmas box. This entire project was a lot of fun and once the month of giving is over I will be placing it in my art portfolio to remind me of the awesome time I had making this. Hopefully others still appreciate traditional art like I do, instead of only doing designs on the computer.

Christmas Sledding Calendar
by aiting_10
Physical description: Overall, it shows a calendar on a Christmas sleigh. On the sleigh, there are presents, a pair of Christmas boots and a Santa Claus. The side of the calendar is glued with a lot of different coloured pom-pom balls. The back of the sleigh is also glued with pom-pom balls. There are also a lot of pictures on the calendar related to Christmas, especially the stocking. In total there are 13 neggs in each of the respective stocking and 6 notes with 6 different languages of the words "Merry Christmas". One negg or note in each stocking. The different number of the days is written on the pictures. On the side, is a picture with the different Christmas neopets drawn on a paper, holding a cloud shaped paper writing "Month of Celebration" which signifies December, which is the month of Christmas. On the 25, in order to emphasise it is the date where Christmas is on, a Christmas kacheek is drawn and the number 25 is bolded in red. There are also white feathers around and in the sleigh, and sweets together with the feathers around.

Inspiration: The first thing that comes to my mind on Christmas is definitely SANTA CLAUS! Then, the sleigh that santa used to give presents. The sleigh is also partially inspired by Y13 advent calendar day 4, where the neopets go sledding. The stocking with neggs or Christmas wishes inside is inspired by the stocking stufftacular. The neggs inside the stocking is inspired by the neggery in Terror Mountain: Ice Caves. The neopets holding the "Month of Celebrating" cloud is inspired by the different Christmas neopets. Another thing that comes to my mind about Christmas is snow, to represent the white snow, I used white feathers. Everyone wants a sweet Christmas for sure, and together with the feathers are some sweets! :3

Neopian Calendar
by analia__2008
I chose this design because it seemed fun to find a note "forgotten" under each cap, and say 'today is day of X thing' or 'ups, I had forgotten that today is...' The character for the calendar is a Plushie Chia, because it seemed the most * cof* *cof * easy to draw *cof** cof * I say the most charismatic for this kind of work :) When you lift each lid, you can write a note referring to that day, or discovering the special days celebrated in Neopets, taking as a warning to the latter, the word "to open". The work is made from 100% paper. First he drew and painted in 2 different sheets of paper. one would be the notes and hidden surprises, and caps other would then, once drawn, painted, trimmed, then paste it into the paper, where the notes are sly.

Candychan Inspired Advent Calendar
by fikshunpink7
I decided to make an advent calendar for a family member who had never heard or seen one. I used matchboxes, glue, xacto knife, Candychan striped wrapping paper, foam core board and Neopets pet images to add to a tag image for making tags.

Advent Calendar Pyramid
by fix_you
Winter is nearly here and it's time to celebrate! When I made my advent calendar, I was inspired by Terror Mountain. For the pyramid, I prepared thirty one paper boxes and glued them together. Afterwards I added the winter drawings. I hope you enjoy my calendar as I enjoyed making it!

Flowered Neo Calendar
by leopardoah
My Advent Calendar was inspired in the Neopets logo, instead of site items, as we see often. I started making a placard written NEO, and used it as base to put the days. I used some candies for the prizes, if not the calendar would become too heavy. Decorated with fake flowers (come on, I wouldn't kill some cute little flowers, we need to preserve nature) because here in my country Christmas happens in summer. When I finished it, I put in my living room with the rest of Christmas decoration, and I am going to have a yummy candy every day! Hope you guys like it so much as I did. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

Goodbye Year 13
by lute248
This year has been a memorable year for all Neopians everywhere. So i decided to make an Advent Calender that takes a step back into all major events that made year 13 a very successful year for all Neopians.
Of course, my guest host/co-creator for today is none other than the Meepits! *sigh* yes they are my favourite petpets after all.
Basically my Advent Calender consists of: ~31 individually colored square paper pieces, each containing a printed image and caption representing an important neopian event of Year 13.
~A few hand drawn square paper pieces of my favourite neopians characters (Sloth, Snowager and yes of course the Meepits!!)
~Red streamers and Green Christmas shreds to decorate the sides of the Advent Calender
~Red and Green glitter pens to draw out the borders for the 31 Advent calender days.
~Paper balls and numerous
~colored jewelry beads (Star and Opal shaped) to decorate my Advent Calender
~Last but not least a handmade Play-Doh figurine of a Pink Meepit on the top of my calender (The meepits like to make their presence known in the making of this calender)
I enjoyed making this Calender and hope you like my Calender too. Goodbye Year 13. *sniff*

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!