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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Yummy Winter Landscape

Winter is coming...

Many people like to paint landscapes in the winter, but we have a better idea! Your task for the next couple of weeks is to create a winter scene out of food. This scene should be Neopian and it should be winter themed. Please make sure the entire scene is edible. You do need to explain why you decided to make the scene you picked and what that scene is made of in the description. We will judge entries based on yumminess, creativity, and how fun they are. :)

First Place

Five winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Terror Mountain Scenescape Cake
by creambiskit
I might be unoriginal, but when I think about winter in Neopia, I think Terror Mountain! This cake was made to celebrate one of Neopia's most iconic locales. This was a double layer cake, with rectangular tiers. Classic white cake mix was used to commemorate the official color of the season. After baking, the two cake layers were stacked on top of each other and allowed to cool. Heavy whipped frosting was then used to simulate the appearance of snow. The river was created by mixing frosting with blue food coloring and "painting" it onto the cake, before glazing it with some gelatin to give it a glossy look. Trees were made by spreading ice cream waffle cones w/ frosting, then dipping in a mixture of ground nuts and green rice krispies (colored with food coloring, of course!). The Snowager in the front was initially crafted using marshmallow fondant; when the fondant dried, I carefully painted it over with blue-colored frosting. The 'neggs' being guarded by the Snowager are actually peanut M & Ms! The chias in front of the igloo were made by wrapping M & Ms in a layer of fondant; the fur on their jackets was then created using very thin lines of icing. The igloo was formed using cookie dough that I shaped before baking; after it had come out, I covered it with white frosting and a layer of gelatin gloss. The rest of the cake was decorated using white, green, and brown M & Ms. Unfortunately my cake board was a bit too small for the bottom layer, so part of it is sitting on the table! This project in total took a bit more than 7 hours, but I think it was worth it in the end. This was definitely a memorable experience, and hopefully this cake reflects how much fun it was to make!

Yummy Snowmuncher
by elynah
The idea for this came from one of my favorite games on Neopets, which happens to be winter themed. I coated a cake crust with sugar paste. The Polarchuck was made of marzipan. Dieter's nose, pupils, claws and eyebrows were colored with food coloring. I 'glued' the marshmallows with sugar frosting and honey. Finally, I decorated the cake with whipped cream and powdered sugar. I also added some Turkinpippuri candies, as they kind of look like the gemstones from the game... (Or maybe they don't, but who cares? They're cool anyway.) The whole thing would have looked better had not the whipped cream began to melt while I was taking the photos.

Abominable Snowball Fight
by lenora1961
My inspiration for this Yummy Winter Landscape is the Abominable Snowball. The landscape is built upon a giant chocolate chip cookie made from purchased cookie dough. The Abominable Snowballs are made out of white chocolate truffles with raisin eyes. Their hats and scarves are made out of red and green fruit roll-ups. The snow fort is made from large marshmallows. The pile of snowballs is mini marshmallows. The random snowballs are yogurt raisins and white chocolate chips. The trees are purchased Christmas Tree brownies. Will they finish their snowball fight before being eaten...only time will tell!

Snowroller Winter Scene
by spotlee
For my winter scene I decided to make the Snowroller game scene. Items I used to make the base were graham crackers covered with a layer of almond bark. Over this was white whipped frosting. The snowball was made of mini marshmallows and frosting, decorated with a gummy bear, red licorice and a peanut M & M. Campfire was made from chocolate sprinkles and a candy corn. Igloo mini marshmallows and frosting, trees are frosted brownie trees. One gummy bear decorated to be Taelia, a piece of licorice covered with chocolate frosting for a log. Base was propped up by two stick cookies covered in white frosting. Should be enough sugar to last anyone a while!

Rink Runner Winter Shortbread
by waterlilyliz
Winter in Sweden is pretty gloomy, so I thought I'd make something cute and colourful to cheer us up! The shortbread skating pond is made from oat flour, butter, sugar, and salt, with icing sugar on top, and the Bruce, music notes, and Happy Valley fir trees are made from marzipan painted with food colour. I can now honestly say that I eat Neopets for dessert! Om nom nom. =)

Second Place

Eight lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Winter in the Haunted Woods
by aphrael21
When I think of a winter landscape, I always picture a sleigh being pulled in the snow through the woods and I have always thought that Dr. Sloth was the kind of man who needed to take a break from trying to take over Neopia every once in a while. That is EXACTLY what my winter landscape is all about. He's just out for a nice sleigh ride in the Haunted Woods as he thinks over how much he would like to be the ruler of this land and all of the other lands of Neopia. The Haunted Woods suits him perfectly as it is already filled with other nefarious and devious characters that he may need to 'befriend' in his future endeavours.

As for ingredients, I figured since the entire scene had to be edible, I used a Devil's Food Cake sheet cake for the base and covered it in fluffy white frosting to use as my 'canvas'. The frame is made from chocolate filled wafer cookies and the dark sky is made from dark cookie crumbs. The pathway is made from melted white chocolate chips with graham crumbs on top to simulate sand for the sleigh to travel on. Once I was finished, I sprinkled sweetened coconut over the canvas to simulate snow. The figures themselves are made from a sugar cookie base that I baked in the oven. Each character was then decorated differently: Edna's Tower: Chocolate and vanilla pudding mixed together for the base of the tower, sliced almonds dyed green for the shingles and for the eyes, dark cookie crumbs for the mouth. Brain Tree: Peanut butter, icing sugar and brown food colouring were mixed together for the trunk. Red jelly beans for the eyes and dyed walnuts for his brain. I cut up black liquorice for his mouth. Dr. Frank Sloth: Chocolate hazelnut spread with watermelon liquorice for his cape, green tinted frosting for his face and hands, a marshmallow mouth and jellybean eyes. Meepit: Pink liquorice for the body, marshmallow for the eye, tail and teeth and chocolate hazelnut spread for his pupil. The reins are made from cut up black liquorice.

Sweet Meepit
by exilha
This sweet meepit doesnt have a pinch of evil in him! Instead of plotting for world domination he spends his time building igloos for his friends at Terror Mountain to live it. The base of my scene was created from rice krispie treats - I used close to about 2 dozen cups of cereal to sculpt the meepit and igloo. Every couple hours I would re-position the arms so they would dry in the correct position. He broke 4 times through-out the process. I then made 'royal icing' to bring the scene to life. I completely covered the igloo, spreading it on thick, to allow it to slightly run and give it a snow covered look. The meepit was harder since the icing kept drying before I was able to finish covering him. I allowed them to harden overnight with the first layer of icing before I went in and added details. I used a sandwich bag to pipe the facial features and add snow drips to the igloo. I took the extra icing and thinned it out for the snow the igloo and meepit are sitting on. Finally,I topped everything off with more powdered sugar to make it seem like it just snowed!

It's a Slorg Wonderland!
by kokolith1
What are two of the best things in the universe? Slorgs and candy! Well, I've combined them to make the one and only Slorg Wonderland Park! This is a park for slorgs to have fun during the winter and just chill out. ;) What I used:
~Coconut sprinkles (the snow on the ground)
~A chocolate slorg
~Four trees made out of chocolate
~The road is made out of chocolate
~There are three marshmallows on each tree and marshmallows lining along the road
~The snowman is made out of peanut butter. I hope you like my creation! :)

Snow Wars!
by lasdarkfirewolf
To me nothing says winter, like a good ol' snowball fight. Here I went with a Lupe and a Gelert creating their own SnowWars game atop Terror Mountain. A Kougra, dressed in his warm scarf, wants to make his way through between the forts but, he figures it's best to wait till the snow wars is over. The base that all this scenery sits on is a oatmeal cookie. The forts/trees/Neopets are made out of gingerbread cookies, with frosting and detailed hand frosting of the small facial features. The trees have a light dusting of powdered sugar. The front sides of the forts and the snow mounds are marshmallows, with frosting and powdered sugar. The Kougra in front has on a bubble gum scarf.

Meepit Winter Cake
by purkarella
I decided to make a meepit cake because meepits are my favorite petpets and pink is my favorite color.

Yummy Happy Valley Landscape
by rrrachlynne
I chose to make an edible Happy Valley because that is my favourite place to be in Neopia when the holidays draw nearer! The entire scene is on top of a delicious butter pecan cake & the "snow" is cream cheese frosting. I used gummy candies to make the lamp posts& topped them with a marshmallow brushed with yellow food dye to create a nice glow inside the "lamp." The Bruce on top of the "ice" is skating on blue jello. The Bruce himself is made of sugar cookie dough& food colouring. His beak is a mini gummy bear. That section was inspired by the Rink Runner area of Happy Valley. The pile of "snowballs" is really a pile of sixlets (chocolate candies).

terror-mountain not so terrifying
by thisuri123
ingredients: cake and vanilla butter icing(for taelia's house), blue jelly(frozen pond), meringues and sugar coated jujubes (jubjubs), melted chocolate (jubjub's face), icing sugar(snow), ice-cream cones with whipped cream (supposed to be mountains) so as you can probably see, this scene shows 2 jubjubs enjoying the snow on top of terror mountain.I spent ages on this and I'm just sad that I couldn't get a better picture.(I had problems re-sizing the good pic).anyway I enjoyed making this a lot, and it really did look good enough to eat. so I'm hoping that you like it too.

The Snowman and the Yellow Chia
by vitorplemes
Ingredients: Salt (represents the snow), rice (represents the snowman), cocoa powder (represents the snowman's bonnet, and his arms), peanut hulls (represents the chia's hair and the autumn leaves). The chia was made of tangerine peel and his feet are peanuts. And finally the green are chopped onions that shows the new grams of the end of the autumn. It is simple but was hard to do. And the plate is essential because everything was made by foods!

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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