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Faeries Quests (NP)
Faeries Quests (NC)

Faerie quest FAQ

1. What is the Faerie Quest event about?

The Faerie Quest event is all about helping the faeries keep the mystical bond between faeries and Neopets going strong - this in turn fuels the barrier spell which keeps wraiths from entering Neopia. It is very important to keep the spell working at its optimum level and right now, it is weakening. A weak barrier spell means a possible wraith attack that could plunge Neopia into deep darkness and despair. You can stop that from happening by going on frequent quests! So, what are you waiting for?

2. How long does the event last?

The event begins on March 01 and will end on the midnight of March 18th. After the event is over, regular faerie quests will resume via Random Events, so keep an eye out for those fluttering wings!

3. Can I choose which kind of faerie quest I go on?

Sadly, no. You never know which faerie would require your help at that moment hence the faerie quests are still given out at random.

4. Can I cancel a quest once I am on it?

Yes, you can choose to abandon a quest at any time. However, if you decide to abandon a quest, you will not have the opportunity to replace it with another quest. You'll need to wait until the following day for another quest to be offered to you. If you abandon a quest on the final day of the event, you will not have the opportunity to complete a quest until a quest is randomly offered to you through a regular Random Event.

5. If I cancel a quest, is there a penalty?

Nope! You're free to abandon a quest if you like. However, you won't be able to accept another quest until tomorrow if you abort today's quest.

6. How many Faerie Quests can I receive in one day?

Every day during the event, when you visit the Faerie Quest page, you can receive a random Faerie Quest. You can choose to complete or abandon this quest. Upon completing or abandoning the quest for that day, you will be given the option to complete a Delina quest. You can choose to complete or abandon this quest as well. If you have a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, you can also receive that quest. So, for each day, you can receive up to three Faerie Quests during the event.

7. Can I use the Shop Wizard when I am on a faerie quest during the event?

No, the Shop Wizard will still be unavailable to you while you are on a faerie quest unless you are on a quest for the Crafting Faerie, in which case you would need to visit the NC Mall.

8. Can I choose which Neopet receives the reward from the faerie quest?

The reward for completing a quest will be applied to your active Neopet.

9. Do I have to complete a quest every day?

Nope. You're given the option of completing a quest every day, but you don't have to.

10. Can I participate in the event on my side account(s)?

For the event, I'm afraid, no.
Since regular faerie quests are given out in Random Events, you may participate in those on your side account(s) if you happen to receive one, so long as you earned the NP for the requested item on your main account. (Remember, earning NP or items on side accounts isn't allowed.)
However, since the faerie quest event -- where you receive a "free" faerie quest every day -- gives out extra daily prizes, it is treated like any other event or daily and you may only participate on your main account.

11. Do I have to complete a quest in order to receive a prize?

You receive a gift each day just by visiting the page. No questing needed! That's how nice the Faerie Queen is. ;) However, the faeries will also reward you for completing their quests, so you might consider helping out.