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The Rainbow Pool

All Petpet Colours

We will continue to add more and more combinations to this page. If you don't see your Petpet here, please keep checking back.

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Showing all Stealthy Petpets:

Stealthy Meepit

Stealthy Feepit

Stealthy Erisim

Stealthy Candychan

Stealthy Angelpuss

Stealthy Ghostkerchief

Stealthy Mazzew

Stealthy Magtile

Stealthy Schmoonie

Stealthy Rock

Stealthy Noak

Stealthy Symol

Stealthy Slorg

Stealthy Wherfy

Stealthy Gwalla

Stealthy Cobrall

Stealthy Miamouse

Stealthy Muyang

Stealthy Kookith

Stealthy Bubblebee

Stealthy Goldy

Stealthy Jowlard