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Petpet Name: Oliver
Owner: linnipooh
Pet Name: Quinlin
Breed: Schnelly

About Oliver:
The life of a schnelly, so laid back and care-free. Naps in the sun. Cuddles with your owner ... except this little petpet did not yet have an owner.

Oliver was your typical schnelly. He spent his days in the Haunted Woods chasing little critters or wandering through the trees. Most cute and adorable petpets would be terribly frightened to be a denizen of such a spooky land, but not Oliver. His big feline heart always saw the best in people (even in Count Von Roo, but that's another story for another time). One day his love changed his life forever.

It was an average day in the Haunted Woods. The sun was shining through old, twisted tree branches. The wind eerily sang as it danced through the bushes. Oliver was enjoying a game of chase with a tiny psimouse (who obviously did NOT want to get caught)!

Oliver heard loud footsteps coming from behind the nearby bushes. A zombie kacheek was stumbling through the brush. Oliver could tell that the pet was newly zombified by the hungry look in its eyes and the dirt embedded in its fur. The schelly decided that he should help this poor creature out. He rubbed against the zombie's leg as if to say "hello." The kacheek was confused. Why was breakfast rubbing on her leg? Despite the pangs of hunger, the kacheek decided that she could not eat the first being to show her new zombified form some love. The kacheek moved on in search of a different meal. Oliver followed, to make sure his new friend didn't get herself in to trouble.

The zombie slowly stumbled along. She spotted a werhond napping under a tree. The kacheek attempted to tip-toe over to the sleeping meal. She bent down with her mouth wide open and then stopped. Oliver's big green eyes were staring up at the kacheek. She just could not do it. The zombie kacheek could not share her fate with an innocent petpet. Her stomach roared in protest.

"What am I supposed to do now?" the zombie despairingly questioned.

Oliver rubbed against the kacheek's leg with a soft purr. The schnelly knew what to do! He guided the zombie to the Deserted Fairground and led her right to the Spooky Food Shop. The zombie ate, and ate, and ate until she could eat no more. The shopkeeper was kind enough to put it on her tab. Oliver had rescued his new friend from a life of hunting and eating citizens of the Haunted Woods.

Six years have passed, and Quinlin is the best owner Oliver could have imagined. She came to terms with her zombie form and soon learned to live her life as a normal inhabitant of Neopia. Quinlin and Oliver spend their time together reading the Neopian Times, learning about the history of the Haunted Woods, and learning to cook healthy, vegan meals (no brains allowed).

Oliver finally gets to spend his days doing what he had always dreamed of. Taking naps in the sun and enjoying long cuddles with his very own owner.

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