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Petpet Name: Socrates
Owner: smooches_
Pet Name: ari_g
Breed: Tomamu

About Socrates:
Socrates wished for one thing in life: fish. So long as he had fish, we was happy. Without fish, he was left to question his existence.
'If I have no fish, does that mean there are no more fish? If there are no more fish, for what should I wish?'
To the average passerby, these questions sounded like the average squawks of a hungry Tomamu. Indeed to Socrates, the average squawks of his neighbors sounded like the same type of probing questions. He began after a time to question his neighbors, to see if they had discovered answers he hadn't.
Alas, it seemed he was destined to go without either fish or answers as his fellow Tomamus simply squawked a perfect reflection of his queries.
Socrates wandered on in search of answers. Years or perhaps minutes passed when he caught a hint of the scent of the truth. A purple Zafara dawdled past him, a book in one hand and some kind of fishy pastry in the other. Socrates waddled after her, squawking to no avail.
"Oh my," she sighed at her book. "If only..." The Zafara trailed off dreamily, taking another bite of her pastry. Socrates waddled faster, stepping on her trailing dress.
She stopped, finally taking notice of him. "Well, hello, little Tomamu-friend. You should beg my pardon for getting my hem dirty."
"What a gentlemanly apology. You are forgiven, of course. Do, in turn, forgive me for my rudeness. My name is Ari," she declared, bowing.
The pastry dipped low, but not low enough. "Squawk!"
"Why, certainly, sir, you may share in my luncheon. Please, sit here beside me in this garden and I shall portion out your piece."
Socrates flapped and landed on the bench beside Ari watching intently as she broke off a generous hunk of flaky fishy goodness. He waddled forward as she placed it between them and began to eat.
"I'm so glad you enjoy it, my friend. I do hope it is not too cold." She watched him for a while. "I wonder, sir, if you have ever realized what a noble bearing you possess."
Socrates glanced up between bites.
"You're too modest by far. I noticed it immediately! You're a prince among Tomamu. With petpets queing up as far as the eye can see for an audience. They perceive your wisdom and desire that you answer their deepest questions."
Ari's gaze travelled away from Socrates who was still intently enjoying the answer to his own deepest wish.
"But you don't always make them come to you, oh no. You travel the world, visiting 'pets across the world - even in space!" She paused. "Have you ever been to space?"
Socrates spared her another glance.
"I see it, yes, the vastness of the universe all around you. You have deep questions in your eyes, as if you have seen the edges of existence and returned to share your journey with the rest of us."
He swallowed the last of the pie. "Squawk."
Ari tilted her head, considering him. "Tomamu-friend, would you consider sharing your journey with me?"
She jumped up. "Wonderful! Let's start right now."
And away she went, skipping down the path, the rest of her piece of the fish pie forgotten in her hand. Socrates blinked, staring after her.
'If I wish for a fish, but I have no fish, but she has a fish, then can she give me that for which I wish?'
Ari turned around and waved her fishy hand. "Come along, silly, it will be dark before you know it."
"Squawk!" Socrates waddled after her.

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