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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Daisy
Owner: milkbear
Pet Name: Adech
Breed: Yellow Barlow

About Daisy:
“Hello!! Welcoming you to the garden, friend!!”

A little yellow Barlow hops up and down excitedly to greet you, pawing at your legs. You push the gate open and scuff your feet at the dirt, kicking up a bit of gravel. A slight breeze rustles the leaves nearby, reminding you of the coming autumn. A large garden meets you at your right, and a field of sunflowers to your left. The barlow runs in circles to get your attention.

“Daisy is nice to be meeting you!! Please follow Daisy to be showing you around!!” She exclaims, tongue lolling out. Her speech is a little awkward, but at least she has manners right? You trail after her to the vegetable garden, where an unusual looking skeith is working somewhat haphazardly nearby. His tan skin is rough and bumpy, with little scarred wings on his back. A mop of brown hair covers his eyes, which you do not get a good look at. He seems to know what he’s doing, regardless of if he can see or not.

She runs to greet the skeith, circles a few laps around him, and comes back to your feet. He waves to you briefly and introduces himself, “Adech. Pleased to make yer acquaintance.” You assume he’s a bit shy, as he goes back to tending to the garden with some mumbling.

“Daisy likes to help big friend with the dirt and the vegetables!! And the WEEDS!! Daisy does not like weeds, they do not let the food grow. Daisy is here to teach you a bit about gardening, and about big friend!!” She seems very excited about Adech and her job around the garden, so you listen.

“Big friend is blinded!! Not so good at seeing. Daisy helps big friend get around, and helps with garden.” You look surprised, but do not say anything. They seem an unusual pair, a semi-blind skeith and an overactive barlow. The garden is full of healthy plants and life, so it does not seem to hinder him. She gets distracted, looking happily at a Springabee buzzing by in the shade. It flies past her quickly and startles her, but she resumes her talking.

“Garden is big and good to take care of. We grow lots of foods, like radish, and tomato, and lettuce. We pick out of ground to eat, Daisy like carrots best.” She wanders over to the wooden sign marked with a crudely drawn carrot, and starts sniffing at the patches of leaves sprouting out of the ground. All the bundles sit neatly in a row, healthy and tall, giving off a fragrant scent that wafts over to you.

“Daisy is good at picking big one!! Can sniff if they are ready to say hello!” To demonstrate, she sinks her teeth around the leaves and digs her feet into the dirt, tugging backwards. A hefty sized carrot pops out of the earth, sending dirt flying and surprising you.

“Lookie! Look! A carrot! A carrot!!” She runs around you with it dangling from her mouth, and drops it at your foot.

“Carrots like lots of sun, and lots of space. Carrots also hate weeds!! Just like Daisy.” She lifts her nose to the air, looking proud. “Daisy brings watering can out many days, and gives lots of water. Carrots also like when ground is cold!!” You’re not quite sure what she means, but now you feel like you could grow carrots too. If this small round thing can do it successfully, why not you too?

She takes you around to each vegetable in the plot, and gives you a strange care guide for each. You weren’t sure about gardening before your visit, but little Daisy has struck your interest. At the end of your tour, you follow her back to Adech, who gets up from the ground to shake your hand. Dirt smudges and granules transfer onto you from his claws that had been digging in the dirt.

“Great thanks for listening to her. She’s mighty eager, and a darn good seeing eye Barlow. We’re lucky to have her here ‘round the garden.” You hadn’t seen anyone else on your visit, but enjoyed it all the same, thanking the skeith too. You’re carrying the large carrot the little barlow had pulled up, your souvenir from the day. You tuck it into your coat pocket, and you look to Daisy, who is rolling in the dirt excitedly before shaking off and jumping up on your leg as you make a motion to leave.

“We thanking you! Please come to visiting again!! We hope you like garden too!!”

You just might, you smile to yourself.

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