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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Maru
Owner: dark_lady_gray
Pet Name: Starr_16
Breed: White Noil

About Maru:
Maru yawned as he shuffled on Starr's squishy lap, feeling the stuffing within her fabric covered leg moving slightly as he did so. He glanced up with his tearful eyes to glance upon the buttons on her face, cold and ever staring.
This was his owner, and he would never leave her.
She wasn't always a plushie, and Maru certainly wasn't always alone. Together they would wonder across Neopia in search of treasure and adventure alike, but those were better times.

"C'mon, sweet Maru! I've heard amazing stories about the haunted woods! And you aren't really afraid of ghosts, are you?" Starr laughed, as they headed towards their next destination. He frowned and a grumble of discomfort echoed in his throat, but he would follow to make sure they would return together. So they made their way, through the outer confines of Faerieland and watched as the light purple trees and their fluffy foliage slowly melted away and decayed to a dark blue mossy mess, with stretching branches that seemed to be pointing them back from whence they came.

"H-hey Maru, this is pretty cool, r-right?"
Maru wasn't sure if she was trying to convince him, or herself, but he licked her hand in reassurance anyway. They ventured forwards through the opening gate that was being smothered in vines and dirt, the sign reading 'Haunted Woods' barely visible in the dull moon light.
Maru took the forward lead as they ventured towards the inner center, eyes darting all about for danger as well as eagerly hoping for the fun adventure they were in search of.
Maru would defend her, he would make sure they returned. This was his duty as her companion, and as her friend.
But Maru could not have expected the hill they had been crossing to rise upwards in a scream of fury, knocking them both sideways and sending Starr screaming further into the woods.
"FEEEEED MEEEE!!!" it seemed to yell,
but it didn't matter, Maru and Starr went sprinting from fright, past the tombstones, around a decaying tower and towards the only light they could find.

They collapsed near an open fire of a camp, shaken and lost. There wasn't anyone near by, but the fire seemed fresh and there were logs and twigs prepared in a stack. The place was uneasy, the peaceful surrounding had the eerie feeling of being watched by hundreds of less than welcoming eyes.
"W-what do you t-think, Maru? Do we stay or head home? I wonder if we need to---"
And then it happened.

A bolt of green that came streaming through the trees and hit Starr in the back with the shock and force of lightning.
And there she fell, changed completely and yet not at all.
"AWAY!" screamed a voice,
Maru could only grab his owner by her now fabric arm and drag her far as he could on his back, back towards the safer realm of Faerieland. He didn’t understand magic, he couldn’t have known what had befallen his beloved owner, he only knew his duty. He had to get her home.

Maru shuffled back to his original position on her lap. They sat within the faerie castle as Fyora herself tried to work on and understand the curse that had been cast upon Starr.
But Maru didn't care how long they had been waiting as all hope was fading. He wouldn't leave.
A squishy arm came to rest within his mane, unable to apply enough pressure to fully pat him but the gesture was just as pleasant.
This was his owner, and he'll make sure they return together.

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