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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Luna and Maria
Owner: _the_spardel_queen_
Pet Name: LuCCiCoSa
Breed: Faerie Kadoatie

About Luna and Maria:
Picking the perfect petpet isn't easy. It was Lucci's first day in her new home, and her owner was very excited about getting her a new little friend to take care of. Lucci and her new sister QueenAphridite walked through many petpet stores: Ye Old Petpets, the Rock Pool, Krawk Island Nippers, Fancifal Fauna...the list goes on. For some reason, Lucci couldn't get attached to any of them.

QueenAphridite decided they should take a break, and went to the Coffee Cave for a quick pick me up. On their way out, they walked passed the Kadoatary, a large cage-looking shop filled with the cries and screams of little Kads.

"What is that place? It looks like prison for Kads if you ask me." Lucci asked QueenAphridite. QueenAphridite explained, "it's where Kadoaties stay when their owners are on vacation, Kadoatie's are extremely fussy and demanding, they will cry until they get whatever food it is they are craving. Pain in the neck I tell you, our owner and I had to feed 75 of them for the avatar. I can still hear their screaming." she said with a shiver.

"Huh. I've never been, let's go in!" she said, pulled QueenAphridite in. Queen felt an immediate headache, she had not missed this place.

The two began to look around, they were greeted by the usul receptionist, whose hair was a mess and arms were scratched up by the Kads. "He, hello, my I help you?" she asked in a hurried voice while chasing around a Kad named 'Princess'.

"Oh, we would just like to look around." Lucci said.
"Oh, oh, okay...COME BACK HERE PRINCESS IT'S TIME FOR YOUR BATH! Go ahead, Kads are in the back!" the usul said as the kad ran into a small hiding spot, and she ran head first into the wall.

In the back, there were about 20 cages stacked up onto each other. Each cage had a tag with a circled menu item, identifying what it was the Kadoatie wanted to eat. They were almost trampled as dozens of Neopians came in, running to give them their item with the hopes of getting a trophy and avatar. They watched in amazement, the Kad's stopped crying once they got their item and were happy until their owners picked them up. The feeding rush was over and everyone left.

They looked and saw that one Kadoatie had not been fed. Luna is very sad. You should give it Illusens Family Recipe Cake, the sign hanging from her cage said.

"Hmm, must be an unbuyable." Aphridite said. "Means it's a pretty expensive item, must be a high maintenance Kadoatie if you ask me." QueenAphridite said.

"Oh that Kadoatie has been here for about a month, asking for the same thing. She was brought here about two months ago, and her owner has never come back." the usul receptionist said.

"Really? But she looks so calm and relaxed, nothing like these other ones." Lucci said looking at all of the Kads bouncing off the walls with energy.

"If you like her that much, then she is yours! I was about to take her to Petpet Rescue and see if they could adopt her out."

"Oh, I don't know, I..." Lucci said, before the usul threw the small Kadoatie into her arms. Her fur was slightly matted, nobody was allowed to bathe her, her owner didn't want to pay for the additional service. Lucci looked at the Kadoatie who instantly snuggled up into her chest.

"Alright, I'll take her." Lucci said with a smile.


The calm and innocent Luna would only stay that way for a few days, until she got over her shyness and began to display her typical Kadoatie traits. She would howl and meow all night, scratch the carpet, beg for food and drive the entire house insane. The only way to get her to stop was to cave into her demands.

Two weeks passed by and the whole house was getting an average of three hours of sleep. Luna terrorized everyone, she ran full sprints around the house and launched off doors to wake people up so they could feed her. Everyone yelled at Lucci, who was still new to the family and very sad she was causing them trouble.

As she sat on her bed and wept, the Kadoatie walked in. She began purring and rubbing her head on Lucci's silk dress. Lucci reached down to pet her and Luna scratched her in response. Lucci sighed, this petpet was impossible. "I should have just gotten a Goldy instead" she thought.

The Kad ran out of the room and then came back with a picture, and dropped it on Lucci's lap. She opened it and it was a picture of a faerie petpet paint brush, who she forced another petpet in the family to draw for her.

"You want to be painted faerie?" Lucci asked. The Kadoatie nodded her head and then began wailing and crying, the highest pitch cry Lucci had heard yet. "Okay, okay stop, I'll get it for you. Just stop crying!" she said covering her ears, but it was no good. It was obvious Luna wasn't going to stop until she had her way.

Lucci emptied out her neopoints jar, it was a lot she had saved but not nearly as much as it would take for a faerie petpet paint brush, which had recently inflated in price. She searched under every couch cushion, every drawer, every find any change she could. The Kadoaties screams making it unbearable to be in the house any longer. She ran out with her hands covering her ears to head to the bank.

She ended up cleaning out her bank account, using every neopoint she had in her jar and every one she could find. After a non-stop and restless day of trying to find a trainer, she came home late that night. Her hair frizzed out and her makeup smeared, she presented the Kadoatie the paintbrush and took her to the rainbow pool.

Luna seemed happy, but Lucci doubted she would be satisfied for long. She had the unfortunate thought of bringing her back to the Kadoatary, she didn't know how much more she could take. Her new brother Shurbneo2 yelled at her about her petpet, and it was the breaking point for her. She went in the bathroom and sat on the edge of her tub, tears pouring from her eyes from exhaustion, stress and disappointment as she heard the Kadoatie manically flying around the house, running into everything getting used to her new wings. Tears dripped down her face and onto her silk dress, this was a nightmare.

The Kadoatie was mewing down the hallway, looking for her owner to start begging for something else. She body slammed into the door to open it and saw Lucci sitting there with tears running down her face. Luna looked at her, then came back to the ground. She walked on all fours and sat in front of Lucci, tilting her head in confusion.

"Please go away Luna, I can't handle any more crying or temper-tantrums right now."

The words hit her like a ton of bricks. For the first time, Luna felt bad. She jumped onto her lap and began to snuggle in her arms, just like she did the first time they met. Lucci did not reciprocate the affection, but Luna began to purr. She now realized the error in her ways and decided it was time to be a good petpet.

She left that day, and worried Lucci by not coming home until midnight that night. Luna dragged in a heavy bag and scratched the front door. When Lucci answered, she realized it was a bag of neopoints. Luna stayed out all day playing games to try to repay Lucci for the paintbrush.


"Come on Luna!" Lucci said as she ran around the yard with a kite. "You gotta be faster than that!"

Luna flew around trying to catch the kite, but she was still much too clumsy with her new set of wings. She accidentally flew into a tree and got stuck into the branches. She took a deep breathe as she was about to let out a cry to alert the Warf Rescue team to come rescue her, but then she changed her mind. She instead, got out on her own, and flew over onto Lucci's shoulder and rubbed her head against hers.

"Good girl, Luna." she said, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

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