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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Stormy
Owner: kuroi_muchi
Pet Name: Rainbird
Breed: Valentine Cirrus

About Stormy:
In the Happy Valley of Terror Mountain a powder snow falls, frosting neopets and petpets like icing sugar as they walk down cobblestone streets and between warm glowing doorways. The lutari ice cream vendor is wheeling his cart to his spot for the day, hoping the still grey morning turns to a clearer, warmer day. The ice skating rink is a silent expanse of mirror-like ice, mist edging it like fine lace. The windmill wheel at the ski-lifts creaks, turning slowly in the calm air. It's cold, but it's been colder and the residents of the Valley can relax - the only storm in the valley today is a little purple cloud named Stormy.

Technically, she's not a cloud anymore. The Valentine's petpet paint brush changed her to a soft purple plush with large dark button eyes and dangling yarn ends in little felt hearts. She drifts lazily after a plushie bruce, the two matching in colour scheme. The bruce shovels snow from the walkway a short while before dropping a shovel-full of fine snow onto the little cloud with a laugh. Stormy objects with a squeak that quickly turns into a giggle, the cloud floating down to the snow and quick-firing three tiny snowballs at her bruce friend, using the little felt hearts as hands.

"Sorry Stormy." Rainbird grins, "I just wanted to make sure you were awake, you were a little dreamy. You're awake now, though!" the bruce chuckles, earning another tiny snowball that explodes on their beak. Stormy swirls and twirls about Rainbird, blowing up snow in the process.
"Oof, no no I just shoveled that!" Rainbird groans, taking the little Cirrus by one of their heart-shaped 'hands' and tugging her like a small child might tug at a balloon's string, "I get it, I'm sorry."
Stormy seems to accept the apology, sinking to rest on Rainbird's head like a hat.

Rainbird finishes shoveling and the pair head inside - the bruce hangs up their coat, brushing snow from it as Stormy floats through the cabin and over to the kettle, filling it and putting it on the burner with a practiced ease. The cirrus retrieves two mugs from the cabinet and pours small sachets of hot chocolate powder into them as the bruce makes their way into the kitchen. Stormy hums to herself, a sound like distant grumbling thunder mixed with a purr.

"What would you like to do today, Stormy?" Rainbird asks, leaning on the counter and watching the kettle begin to boil. Stormy tilts in the air, a little like a person tilting their head in thought. She thinks on it a moment and flashes with lightning as she decides.

She mutters like softly-falling rain and Rainbird nods in understanding, "Sure, we could go to Faerieland. I don't think we've been since it fell. Hm. I met you in the old Faerieland, didn't I?" Rainbird tops off the mugs with hot water and milk, handing Stormy one of the mugs.
Stormy squeaks and twirls in the air, and Rainbird laughs, "Quite a few things were different then, I suppose. But you still want to go?"
The cirrus bobs like a jellyfish in water, her version of nodding.
"Alright, let's finish our drinks and go buddy. I have to stop by the bookstore, so we can stop in at the Faerie Petpet stall if you like and maybe make some friends."
Stormy purrs her thunderous purr into her mug as she sips her hot chocolate. Today will be a good day.

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