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Petpet Name: Virnehn
Owner: wolfang_24_13
Pet Name: Mihris
Breed: Faerie Ukali

About Virnehn:
Deep in the mountains to the northwest of Meridell, in a dark cave, there laid a nest of ukali hatchlings within a dark cave. Four of them crawled about a round bedding of twigs, stretching their legs and their wings. Instinctually, they all knew their first step in life would be to wander off on their own and beginning learning the world around them. Well, all but one.

This ukali watched anxiously as her siblings one by one left the nest, exited the safety of the cave, and took off down the mountain towards the plains below. Quite different she was, clinging to her place of birth and fearing the outside world. For months she remained there in solitude, only ever leaving to cautiously search for nourishment near and around her cave. She hoarded any berries and leaves that she came across, even occasionally munching on little insects. She avoided other creatures whenever she left to search for food and hid whenever others discovered her nesting place. Fear dictated the poor ukali's life.

She knew one day she would be forced the leave her cave and the mountain altogether, for winter was soon approaching on the mountain. Other creatures would be preparing for hibernation (which ukali didn't do) and there would be an immense shortage of food, so finally, one day in mid-autumn, she left her home. Because she had rarely practiced her flying, it took her days to trek down the mountain on foot, through rain and wind and chilly fall temperatures. She would take shelter in the nooks and crannies for only a few hours a day before continuing her journey.

She had no intention of making any friends as she headed for the plains but along the way a little mootix had clung to her back, likely searching for warmer weather. She warmed up to the bug rather quickly, squeaking and chittering together while they travelled.

Before long, after passing through the open plains and under a treacherous-looking rock in the sky, they found themselves within a peaceful forest. Neither the ukali or the mootix had never experienced an environment so peaceful that it was nearly suspicious. All the creatures were friendly, so they asked about the forest. "This forest is where Illusen the Earth Faerie lives! Her magic cares for all the creatures in this forest," said the creatures, "and you should definitely visit her Glade to the north of here!"

And so, the ukali and the mootix did.

When they arrived, Illusen welcomed them into her home and cared for their minor traveler's injuries. When she learned that the ukali couldn't fly because the muscles in her wings were never used, she even used her magic to give her new wings and as a result, her white scales turned a light green.

"That's better! Now you're a faerie ukali," she said warmly, "I can give you flying lessons as well but it takes lots of practice."

They happily remained in Illusen's Glade for the winter months while the ukali learned to fly, became friends with the others in the forest, and welcomed Illusen's many visitors. During these months, the ukali and the mootix learned to get over their fears and became outgoing, friendly little forest creatures.

They wouldn't leave the woods until one fateful day in the early spring. A young, sad-looking draik came by Illusen's Glade for a quest but stopped short of her cabin when he noticed the ukali and the mootix playing and gliding over the grass. He approached them and sadly smiled, his cherry blossom necklace rustling in the light breeze, and said to the ukali, "You kinda look like me, but way prettier... and you look like you're such good friends..."

He sighed and walked off to receive Illusen's quest.

The ukali tilted her head at the mootix, "He seems so lonely, like he needs some friends... that sounds like something we can do!"

The mootix squeaked in agreement.

As the draik was leaving the Glade, the ukali and mootix quickly flew after him, squeaking and chittering in excitement. "We'll come with you! We'll come with you! We can be best friends!"

"Really? You want to leave the Glade and.... come with me?" The draik was more shocked than he had ever been in his life! He broke out into happy little giggles and the smile on his face was the brightest they had ever seen.

"Wow, thank you," he said, "I feel so honored! My name is Mihris! What are yours?"

The ukali and the mootix looked at each other and then back at Mihris, shaking their heads. Illusen had never given them names.

"Oh... well then, what if I gave you names?" Mihris asked, which was immediately followed by ecstatic squeaks.

"Ok, ok! You," Mihris pointed to the mootix, "are.... Thelhen! And you," he pointed to the ukali, "you are Virnehn!"

And from that day forth, the three of them became the closest and most inseparable of friends!

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