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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nao
Owner: sunndere
Pet Name: Haruhira
Breed: Plumpy

About Nao:
It was a warm summer evening when the young Royal Draik, Haruhira, was sitting in her garden, eating neggs while gazing at the stars. The Draik was so immersed in counting the stars lighting up the sky, that she did not notice a sneaky Plumpy had made it's way into her garden.
"44, 45, 4- Huh?" Haruhira was suddenly interrupted when the Plumpy jumped on her lap... and stole her negg!!!
"OI that's my negg!" she yelled, but before she knew the mischievious Plumpy had ran away from her, and before really taking off the Plumpy had stopped and stuck out it's tongue at the Draik, mockingly.
"Oh that's it." Haruhira said. She jumped up from her stargazing spot and charged at the Plumpy.

The Plumpy's eyes widened for a moment there, but it soon regained it's normal posture and ran inside Haruhira's house. The young Draik was right behind the Plumpy, who was now jumping around in her house.
"No that's my couch and OH, don't you dare to ruin the plants!" Of course the Plumpy ignored the yelling, and seemingly showed off it's tiny claws before putting them in the couch. "NO!"
The Draik threw herself at the Plumpy, but the little cat was faster than she thought, and she landed in her now scratched couch. Haruhira was now panting, remembering that her condition is quite poor. However, the Draik was not planning on giving in to a mere Plumpy.

"Come here you!" The Plumpy seemed to be amused by Haruhira's determination. It probably also understood that it was really getting on the Draik her nerves. The Plumpy purred and smacked down a jar of plants, making the Draik absolutely fuming.

The whole evening continued with the Plumpy destroying even more belongings of Haruhira. Even neighbours heard about the fuss.
A few blocks further an Elderly couple Bruce and Ogrin have grown worried of the noise. "Oh dear, should we call the Petpet Authority?" "Yes I think that'd be a great idea..."

-several destructions later-

Before Haruhira could even attempt to throw her -unscratched- pillows at the little cat, the doorbell rang. The attention of both snapped towards the door, and the Draik hesitated for a moment if she should continue fighting the fat little cat or if she should just answer the door. Luckily the Draik knew better, and decided to open the door.
"Why yes hello, I was just fighting this little-"

"Hello miss, we're from the Petpet Authority. We had received a call regarding this address." In front of Haruhira stood a huge Tonu with his partner Xweetok, both dressed in uniform.
"Uhm, there was?" Both of the Petpet Authority nodded, then the Tonu seemed to notice the little cat hiding behind Haruhira and pointed at it. "That must have been the problem. Miss, if you mind." As the Tonu was trying to reach for the Plumpy, the Draik stopped him.
"Uh, mind me asking but what are you gonna do with the Plumpy once it's in your care?" The Tonu and Xweetok turned to look at each other hesitantly, the the Xweetok said with a apologetic look on his face "Miss, how should I put this... This Plumpy is quite known within our records, as this petpet has caused some great trouble since it's been roaming around. So ideally, we'd have to lock it up."

While the first meeting with the little cat wasn't ideal, the Draik could not believe that something like that would happen to the petpet if she did not do something right now. Spontaneously she said "Uh well, this Plumpy hasn't been a bother to me- at all!" this surprised both the Xweetok and Tonu, and even the Plumpy.
"We were just uh, redecorating my home... I needed a new couch anyways haha!"
The Tonu seemed more or less convinced but the Xweetok was not, at all. Staring at the cat and then at the Draik he asked "Are you sure Miss?" The Draik just nodded her head and made shooing motions with her hands "Oh yes everything's fine, but thank you for looking into this! Bye!" And with that Haruhira closed the door. "Phew, that was close."

Suddenly she felt light pawing at her feet, huh? The Draik looked down and saw a rather confused Plumpy staring up at her, as if asking her why she did that. Without realizing she said "Well I couldn't let them take you and lock you up!" Then little beads of water formed at the Plumpy's eyes and Haruhira felt the need to comfort it. Taking the little cat in her arms she chanted "I think me and you are gonna be great friends! But first I gotta find a new couch, hmm."


Little did the Draik know that the Plumpy had been running around for 2 years, after it's old owner had abandoned it.

What the Draik also didn't know was that the Plumpy felt loved again, and had found a new home.

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