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Petpet Name: Whippy
Owner: dailytimes
Pet Name: Ozuope
Breed: Birthday Babaa

About Whippy:
HELLO!” a Babaa enthusiastically greets you out of nowhere. “I’m Whippy. I suppose you want to know more about me? WELL DO YOU?!”

You stop in your tracks and examine this petpet. A Babaa clad in a cupcake costume... or is it a costume? Regardless, his cheerful demeanor and bizarre appearance certainly convinces you to know more about him.

My owner, Ozuope, found me grazing around the green grass fields of Meridell. It was a tiring day for her as she had been flying around Faerieland all day. Ozuope was on her way back to Neopia Central when she decided to stop by Meridell en route to take a short rest.

It’s not everyday you see a faerie Tonu, so I succumbed to my curiosity and approached the sleeping giant. (They are gigantic!!!) It was an amazing experience. Being up close to a faerie neopet is simply mesmerizing — their vibrant colors and soft features and graceful wings all take you aback.

While deep in thought, I unknowingly let out a loud sneeze. CURSE YOU MERIDELLIAN POLLEN!

The Tonu awakens and shifts her eyes towards me. Has she never seen a Babaa before?!

We stared at each other for a few seconds and she smiled. She asked if I would like to follow her, as she was in need of a companion in her Faerieland duties.

Next thing I knew, I was on my way to her home in Neopia Central! I have never been to another land before, I felt freer than I ever was. I can’t wait to try everything new!!!

A day after that, we were strolling around Neopia Plaza and I couldn’t help but take in the new sights around me — plenty of shops, a hospital, a huge tree with plenty of stuff, the busy sight of owners with their pets, and there’s even a wishing well!

...Wait, what’s that smell?!

I moved closer towards the origin of the aroma. My owner noticed my curiousity.

“What is it?” she asked.

“The scent wafting in the air... it’s heavenly.” I looked around to find the source.

“It’s the delightful scent of a freshly-baked cupcake!”

She took me to a nearby pastry shop. My senses were filled to the brim! Hundreds of delicacy were displayed in front of me. My mouth watered.

“Here, try this.” She handed something to me and I took a bite.





I’ve been eating grass all my life. I couldn’t believe I was missing out on this the whole time.

“What is this?” I squealed.

“It’s a cupcake, silly!” she laughed. “Do you need more?”

“I... I guess so.” I responded excitedly.

Eighteen cupcakes later and I was bloated. These things are so delicious! My cupcake addiction started, and I have never missed a day of eating a cupcake ever since.

Well, I guess I love them so much that I became one! Wouldn’t you agree that I suit this cupcake life?

The Babaa turns around and happily skips away, as if it had forgotten about you after sharing its story. You head home, pondering about the weird encounter. Perhaps a cupcake a day wouldn't hurt too...

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