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Petpet Name: Epsilon
Owner: daniel_santos09
Pet Name: Klaenderes
Breed: Snorlkin rojo

About Epsilon:
Sometimes the owners may look less like their petpets ... this is the story of Epsilon the Red Snorlkin. A not so ideal pet, but with very few feelings (like you and me).
Let's start ...

Every night of cloudy sky a horrible creature appears from beyond. If you are not lucky enough to hear very strange sounds under your bed you should escape as quickly as possible.
Because a dangerous creature is nearby.
That entity amused itself by stalking the poor neopets of the town. He made them suffer with the worst misfortunes. Because the little one used to become invisible, he was almost never seen during his day of mischief.
The entity had almost scared and cursed any unfortunate for 20 years. There are even neopets who claim to have seen it in their dreams!
He used to appear in the darkest corners of the village homes. It did not matter that the doors were closed, the little one would always enter on his own. And if maybe he had the luck to enter a house with a big banquet ready ... he would only eat it in the blink of an eye.
Not many knew her well. It had a terrifying red color and a smile that looks like a disgrace. This was accompanied by eyes that warned you of danger. Apparently it was a Red Snorlkin. What curious? This petpet was a savage. But things were not going to be that way for long.
Hardly the night appeared. A rookie Xweetok magician was returning home. The poor man barely got enough to sleep early. Although he did not feel bad, he was quite sleepy. So as soon as he got home, he slept like a princess. It is at that moment when the Red Snorlkin appears. And apparently it was easier to enter the house for the little one. Because the awkward magician had left the door open.
As soon as he entered, his party began.
I throw a red cloud so that the Xweetok does not sleep well. But this did not work. So the little one hid under the bed to scare him with a roar (typical of the monsters ...?). But at the moment of roaring hard the magician did not react. So the little boy started to destroy some of the Xweetok items and eat his food in front of his face. But that less worked. The little red in an act of rage got into the wizard's dreams. There in the inside everything looked ... in 8-BITS!
The overwhelmed little boy decided to look quickly to the magician to extinguish his happiness during sleep. In that way creating a nightmare. But on a hill with very bad graphics found someone. It was the magician Xweetok. He was doing something very strange. The little red could not understand well. But then he realized that he was trying to create ... a Spooky Petpet. The magician tried to create a good friend.
The little red was able to escape (since he feared being caught as a pet) but he could not help but ruin the tea party for the magician. The little red already had something in mind to scare him ... he always had something in mind ....
The Xweetok when making his last attempt to create his ideal petpet .. he noticed the appearance of someone. Nothing more and nothing less was the Red Snorlkin !! That at the appearance of the cloud of steam roared with all its strength (an act that did not give fear).
* It really worked! I have my petpet dreamed! I do not know ... I'm going to cry ...
* ...
* What's your name, little one? I'll give you a good name ...

... That was very strange ...

The Xweetok was very sad. I knew I was not going to see Red Snorlkin again.
But he was puzzled to see the same little red on his side.
The Xweetok grabbed the evil entity, but it did not react. The Red Snorlkin could escape, but he felt pity. So he decided to stay with the magician (without first checking some things from home).
The Red Snorlkin was amazed with the variety of food that was in the wizard's house. It went from being a domestic pet. The Xweetok was happy with his new pet. But it was not easy to raise her.
Every night that simple petpet snored loudly. He ate 4 times his kilo.
Besides, he stole the pillows and ate them too.
The thinking Xweetok asked him something:
* I'm going to put S E R A G L E M.
* ...
* As you can not speak you will keep that name.
* You could shut up, my name is Epsilon. Nothing of that nonsense ...
*You can talk...?
* Ya, I can talk. But... *chep.

From that moment they talked about any topic. And apparently they were not so different. Both earned their living in the same way. For something I was in a hole all the time ...
Now every time the magician comes home from work someone expected it ... it was EPSILON!
* I can not believe it, I have such a perfect pet.
* Forgiveness Epsilon.
Every day were the same discussions:
* Have you laid your bed?

* Have you brushed your fangs?

* Have you eaten my lunch?

* Have you spent all my life savings?

* Why do not you like pistachio ice cream?

* Please Epsilon ... listen to me?
Such was the life of the two. Despite their differences, good times passed. Maybe it was not a common petpet. But together they lived great adventures together. Once they were lost in
Meri Acres Farm and they had to ask for information from more than 30 DIFFERENT NEOPETS. They also sold their shoes.
On another occasion they bought 50 Bad Seeds by mistake, and had to sell them on the street
but the most fun happened when Epsilon locked Klaenders in the bathroom just to watch television.
That's how happy they were, and if you do not think so ... you can think a little better. goODBYE!

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