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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chaucer
Owner: x_peppet_x
Pet Name: NikoIas
Breed: Weewoo

About Chaucer:
The cool morning air felt refreshing under Chaucer's wings as he soared through the clouds hanging above Neopia. From his position in the sky he gazed upon the neohomes nestled together below him, their tenants still sleeping soundly in their beds.

The weewoo's favorite game to play was to fly as fast as he could and soar through as many clouds in a row as he could. He liked to pretend he was playing Faerie Cloud Racers. His high score so far was 10!

Chaucer played his game for a couple moments before focusing on the task at hand. He had to finish his job before his pet woke up! Based on the position of the sun in the sky, he knew he didn't have much time.

Letting the wind flutter through his feathers, he slowly descended to the ground. A large, white building towered in front of him. Black letters, standing even taller than his pet, hung on the front of the building. Chaucer couldn't read (he was only a weewoo, after all!), but after years of being a faithful petpet he knew the words said The Neopian Times.

He wasted no time in finding a small door in the side of the building. It was only about 1 foot tall by 1 foot wide, but it was perfect for a weewoo like him.

Cheep! Cheep! He announced his presence.

Seconds later, a white weewoo popped its head out the small door. It held a copy of the weekly copy of the Neopian Times. Chaucer took the Times in his claws, and with a final cheep, took to the sky.

Now that he held precious cargo in his talons (weewoos take their jobs very seriously, you know), he wasted no time in getting home.

Soon, he found himself being warmed by a ray of sunlight as the clouds broke through he caught a glimpse of Brightvale below him. His heart swelled with happiness at the sight of his town,and he cheeped with happiness.

Nestled between a clump of trees, only 12 or so feet away from Illusen's glade, was a small squat cottage that he called home. As always, he was able to sail through a partially open window in the side of the cottage.

The room he found himself in was small. It was barely big enough to hold a tiny desk, an overflowing chest, and a small bed on which a small figure lie curled.

Cheep! Cheep!

With his announcement, the small figure roused itself. The young cybunny smiled when he saw Chaucer sitting on his desk, one foot extended toward him, offering the Neopian times.

"Good boy, Chaucer." The cybunny praised.

He opened the Neopian Times and scanned it while the weewoo waited patiently. After a moment the cybunny started.

"Oh Chaucer, this is great! They posted my short story!" The cybunny exclaimed, finally feeding Chaucer his treat of one weewoo pellet.

Chaucer watched happily as his pet bounded out the door and let his sleepy eyes drift closed. His duties were done until the next week.

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